ATTACK-'Destinies of War' rerelease in cd & vinyl by Lighten the Underground label

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    Lighten the Underground is metal label based in Athens (Greece).

    Our releases so far are:
    (1) POWER CRUE-The Sign Of Rage (rerelease in vinyl)- 2010
    (2) 3FOLDPAIN- Into Your Depths (7'' vinyl)-2011
    (3) ATTACK-The Secret Place (rerelease in vinyl)- very end of 2011
    (4) POWER CRUE- Wreck The Eternal Tyranny (2012)

    Lighten the Underground, continuing the legendary ATTACK's albums rereleases series, after:
    • The Secret Place rereleased in vinyl by Ligthen the Underground
    • The Secret Place rereleased in cd by Steel Legacy
    • Seven Years In The Past rereleased in vinyl by Steel Legacy
    • Return Of The Evil rereleased in cd by Steel Legacy

    will release in both cd & vinyl, the masterpiece of '80s metal, ATTACK's-'Destinies of War'.
    CD will be available in 1000 copies and will include 20 pages booklet with photo stuff and lyrics.
    Vinyl will be available in 500 copies, will include 4 pages leaflet, while 100 of the vinyl copies will be coloured.
    Additionally, Eat Metal Records will rerelease Seven Years In The Past in 1.000 cd copies. All the three releases will be out at the same time.

    Expect the pre-order period to be officially announced.

    Of course, Mr. Ricky Van Helden himself will have some copies of the albums available, on his own.
    So, you will be eligible to pre-order the album either through L.t.U. or directly through Ricky Van Helden.
    Stay connected for more info (regarding pre-orders and official release date announcement) soon !

    Here is also our page:

    Metal regards,


    PS: Deaf Forever forum is the first one, chronologically, in which we announce the news of our release (after, of course, the announcement in our page).
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