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  1. Barbarian Wrath

    Barbarian Wrath Dawn Of The Deaf

    Halloween sale \,,/
    From Oct. 31st 0:01 am to Oct. 31st 11:59 pm CET all BARBARIAN WRATH, WITCHES BREW and NAZGULS EYRIE CDs are just 6.66 EUR a piece over at

    A perfect time to complete your collection, wouldn't you say ?

    Next week, 2 new releases each on BARBARIAN WRATH and WITCHES BREW will go to pre-order status with an official release date on November 15th 2014. It's:

    WARHORDE "Kiss The Goat" CD (WRATH056) -- Cold wet mist drifts across the land as the Hexing Hour draws near and with it comes the foul stench of the sin of "Witchcraft". "Four White Horses" draw the chariot of the Master and under a pale full moon the WARHORDE assembles to kiss the goat and renew their infernal oath of allegiance. None may stand in their way. Human language fails to describe this work of unholy depravity...

    ORDALIA "The Return Of The King" CD (WRATH057) -- A very promising band along the same lines as Italian legends like ADRAMELCH or DARK QUARTERER, ORDALIA are located on the island of Sicily in the shadow of Mount Etna. At the crossroads of 3000 years of various civilisations they are predestined to tell tales of "Blood And Fire". "The Return Of The King" was originally recorded in 2000 and almost buried by the sands of time but a lucky run-in over at G+ got me in contact with the mastermind behind the band which recently reformed and will record a brand new album in 2015 CE. Raise the Black Sword "Mormegil" in anticipation !

    I didn't bother with a YouTube video this time around but you can listen to songs at either
    Soundcloud @ or
    BandCamp @

    The 2 new WITCHES BREW releases will be
    PYÖVELI "Still Underground" and
    ACID AGE "Drone Shark Ethics"
    Since both releases pretty much defy human language and multiple attempts to pen an ample description have failed utterly I urge you to check out these Thrash eruptions from Hell on the Witche's very own SoundCloud page @

    Proceed at your own peril.

    Other than that, wherever you read this, do join BARBARIAN WRATH at one of our official news outlets which are:

    Our forum @
    Facebook @
    Google+ @
    LinkedIn @
    Goaty, Iron Ulf und M.T. Quatermass gefällt das.
  2. M.T. Quatermass

    M.T. Quatermass Redakteur Roadcrew

    Die ORDALIA muss ich unbedingt haben. Übergabe nächste Woche bei Bier und Brotzeit?
    Barbarian Wrath gefällt das.
  3. Barbarian Wrath

    Barbarian Wrath Dawn Of The Deaf

    Gerne :) Ich meld mich wenn's Packet da ist :)
  4. Anon12

    Anon12 Guest

    Gibt's von der schon was zu hören?
  5. Barbarian Wrath

    Barbarian Wrath Dawn Of The Deaf

  6. Goaty

    Goaty Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Geniales Angebot - ist zwar eigentlich das falsche Unterforum aber trotzdem: Wer sie noch nicht hat, sollte sich die neue Countess in diesem Zug sichern!

    Edit: Und natürlich die Iron Void (und da passt auch das Unterforum wieder ;))
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 30. Oktober 2014
    Barbarian Wrath gefällt das.
  7. Anon12

    Anon12 Guest

    Barbarian Wrath gefällt das.
  8. Anon12

    Anon12 Guest

    Wie geil sind denn bitte die beiden Songs von ENDLESS RECOVERY?! Ich dreh am Rad!
    Barbarian Wrath gefällt das.
  9. Barbarian Wrath

    Barbarian Wrath Dawn Of The Deaf

    Ich kann mich ja schlecht aufspalten :D
  10. FriendOfTheSuncross

    FriendOfTheSuncross Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Empfehlung meinerseits: Die DEVIL LEE ROT-Alben, die Gelegenheit zuzuschlagen!
    Und natürlich COUNTESS!
    Barbarian Wrath und Goaty gefällt das.
  11. Eddie

    Eddie Deaf Dealer

    Coole Aktion! Ich hab soeben etwas Doom geordert. So auch die von @Teutonic Witcher angepriesenen Iron Void. :D
    Barbarian Wrath und Teutonic Witcher gefällt das.
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