BERLIN! Singer wanted for 70s Rock/Metal Project.

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  1. Doomon

    Doomon Deaf Dumb Blind

    I'm looking for a Singer in the vein of Beatles, Pink Floyd or Ghost! I play drums, bass and guitar and want to create a new project and did already some recordings for it. I would describe the music as mix of atmospheric Melotron parts, some Pink Floyd and Sabbath/Candlemass-fukking Doom Guitars! As you can see, I love the old music like the bands above and also love Heavy Metal, Doom and some Black Metal.

    I'm 43 years old and originally from Berlin. I have a little studio, a rehearsal room and bunch of Band and Live Experience.

    You also want to start something new? You have no Nu Metal oder Core Background? ;) Perfect! Don't hesitate and send me a message. Please write me some lines about you (Age, experience, links of your recordings or gigs etc.)

    No beginners, politically activists or narcissists, please.:) Here it's just about Idealism and Glorification of good old Rock n 'Roll!
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