BRANT BJORK - Mankind Woman (VÖ: 14.09.2018)

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    Bisherige Alben:
    • 1999: Jalamanta
    • 2002: Brant Bjork & the Operators
    • 2003: Keep Your Cool
    • 2004: Local Angel
    • 2005: Saved by Magic
    • 2007: Tres Dias
    • 2007: Somera Sól
    • 2008: Punk Rock Guilt
    • 2010: Gods And Goddesses
    • 2015: Black Power Flower
    • 2016: Tao of the Devil
    • 2017: Europe '16
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  2. Cypher

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    Ist ein Guter, der Brant Bjork. "Saved By Magic", "Black Power Flower" sind Alben, die ich gerne höre, und das Live-Output "Europe '16" macht enorm viel Spaß.
    Freu' mich auf die neue Scheibe!
  3. Shatter

    Shatter Till Deaf Do Us Part

    dann hier auch nochmal


    RELEASE DATE: September 14th
    PRESALE STARTS: July 3rd - 6 pm C.E.T.

    50 Test Pressing Vinyl (Only on HPS webshop)
    100 Limited edition "Colour in Colour" Brown in Orange Vinyl (Only on HPS webshop)
    250 Limited edition "3 colours A/B side Burs"t Yellow / Red / Brown Vinyl (Only on HPS webshop)
    250 Limited edition "3 Colour Segment" Orange / Purple / Yellow Vinyl (Only on HPS webshop)
    750 Limited edition "Splatter Version" Transp. Background / Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red, Brown
    Black Vinyl
    Digital Download

    Kyuss & Fu Manchu-legend Brant Bjork is back with a brand new record! Today the godfather of Desert Rock unveiled the hotly anticipated details about his thirteenth solo album titled 'Mankind Woman', set to be released September 14th 2018 on Heavy Psych Sounds Records!

    Although this is indeed a Brant Bjork record it is the first record Brant so closely collaborate with a producer and co-writer; his Low Desert Punk Band guitarist and friend, Bubba Dupree. Brant and Bubba wrote and performed the music along with guest appearances by bass player Armand Secco Sabal, Nick Oliveri and vocalist Sean Wheeler who has been a touring member of the Low Desert Punk Band. The recording took place in March of 2018 at Zainaland, a creative villa owned by Brant Bjork's wife, Zaina Alwan, in the California desert town of 29 Palms. The record was recorded and engineered by Yosef Sanborn who also owns and operates Massive FX pedals in Los Angeles. Multiple pedals designed by Yosef were used by Brant and Bubba for this record. Additional tracks were recorded by Bubba Dupree at Brant Bjork's home studio in Venice beach California.

    Brant and Bubba describe the sound of 'Mankind Woman' as modern classic. It is evidently clear that both Bjork and Dupree specialize in the craft of the sound and feel of the music spawned in the 60's and 70's. This record is inspired by this great era, however the intention was not to try to recapture or mimic in retro terms these influences but to strive for a contemporary quality. Brant Bjork might have gone deeper in the lyrics than on any record before. Focusing on personal sensitivities, elite hypocrisies, racism, sexism and the daily struggle to find peace, love and understanding in today's American society. Once again, Brant Bjork created a record that reminds the listener that it is the ingredients of the jazz, blues and funk, that makes rock music taste so good. A must-have for all collectors, genre-fans and beyond!

    1. Chocolatize
    2. Lazy Wizards
    3. Charlie Gin
    4. Mankind Woman
    5. Pisces
    6. Swagger & Sway
    7. Somebody
    8. Pretty Hairy
    9. Brand New Old Times
    10. 1968
    11. Nation Of Indica

    Album Art by Robin Gnista.

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  4. Shatter

    Shatter Till Deaf Do Us Part

    More announcements! We are re-releasing all of my catalog on HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records - with new art, new LP & CD art, rad colored vinyl options - and the first art reveal is Tres Dias! Release date 21st Sept 2018; Presale starts 3rd July!

    Full announcement below.

    Heavy Psych Sounds Records&Booking is really proud to start the reissuing of almost all the Brant Bjork music catalogue. The first two reissues will be Tres Dias and Local Angel.

    Tres Dias is the fifth solo album released from desert rock musician Brant Bjork.
    The album was recorded in Joshua Tree, California, USA, before Christmas 2006. The 8-track album is a mix of old and new tracks

    “Some days I just like to sit outside under the sun with my guitar and sing my songs to myself. It relaxes me. It also reminds me of what my songs are about.
    ...went to Tony's house when I got back to the desert last October...put up a mic and rolled tape. It took 3 days to make this we naturally called it Tres Dias. Dig it.” Brant Bjork

    The album was produced, recorded, and mixed in tres dias by Tony Mason at Back of the Moon Studios, Joshua Tree, CA.
    All songs by Brant Bjork 2007 Dune Boogie Tunez BMI.
    Original Art by Bunker/Bjork.
    Reissue by Heavy Psych Sounds Records in September 2018. New reissue Art by Marcello “Rise Above” Crescenzi.

    30 Test Press (only on HPS site)
    250 LTD Vinyl in Green/Yellow Quad (only on HPS site)
    500 LTD Vinyl in Gold
    Black Vinyl

  5. Sandman

    Sandman Till Deaf Do Us Part


    Presale: July 3rd - 6pm c.e.t.
    release Date: September 28th

    "Local Angel" reissue on HPS Records will be available in:

    - 30 x Test Press (only on HPS webstore)
    - 600 x "Side A/Side B" in Orange/Blue with Black/Alt cover (only on HPS webstore)
    - 250 x "3 Colour Stiped" Red/Blue/Orange
    - Black Vinyl
    - Digipak
    - Digital

    New Artwork by the mighty: Maarten Donders !!

    Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking is proud to announce another exciting re-release from Brant Bjork's music back catalogue! The first two reissues Heavy Psych Sounds are going to release this September will be the legendary records 'Tres Dias' and 'Local Angel'.

    'Local Angel' is the fourth solo album by Desert Rock Godfather, Kyuss- and Fu Manchu- legend Brant Bjork. It is considered as his most intimate, peaceful and laid back record to date, mixing acoustic guitars and haunting melodies. Take a step back into the groove of the desert, tracks alike the folk of “Beautiful Powers”, the classic rock in “The Feelin'” to the laid back psychedelic funk of “Hippie”, 'Local Angel' was a soul spirit that stands alone in Brant's catalogue and outside of it.

    Says Brant Bjork “Been a long time since i celebrated these recordings. Couldnt think of a better time to re-release. Fresh art to represent "brand new old times". Enjoy!”

    The track list of 'Local Angel' reads as follows:

    1. Beautiful Flowers
    2. Hippie
    3. Chico
    4. The Feelin'
    5. Bliss Ave.
    6. Fly to Haiti
    7. You're Alright
    8. Spanish Files
    9. She's Only Tryin'
    10. The Good Fight

    'Local Angel' has been produced by Brant Bjork and Tony Mason. This Brant Bjork classic has been recorded and mixed at Rancho de la Luna in February 2004 and was mastered by Mathias Cornelius von Schneeberger at Donnor & Blitzen.

    'Local Angel' is set to be re-released by Heavy Psych Sounds Records on September 28th 2018. The new reissue artwork comes by Maarten Donders. The pre-order will start July 3rd 2018!

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  6. Sandman

    Sandman Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Alles so schön bunt im Bjork-Universum. :feierei:
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