[Biete] CD Verkauf Heavy Metal u.a.

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  1. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Aus meiner umfangreichen Privatsammlung verkaufe ich mal wieder ein paar CDs aus dem Heavy Metal und Rock Bereich. Diese habe ich entweder doppelt oder entsprechen einfach nicht meinem Geschmack.
    Die CDs befinden sich meist in einem guten-sehr guten Zustand. Natürlich gibt es auch einige Ausreißer nach unten.
    Bei den CDs handelt es sich ausschließlich um Originale, keine Bootlegs.
    Die Preise der CDs sind unterschiedlich. Am besten daher eine PM nebst Preisvorschlag.
    Abholung und Versand möglich; Bezahlung per Überweisung oder Paypal an Freunde.
    gelb=neu dazu
    220 Volt-Lethal Illusion
    Aborted-The Necrotic Manifesto
    Aborted-Retrogore Box
    AC/DC-Let There Be Rock (Albert 1993)
    AC/DC-Highway To Hell Digipak

    Aeternus-Burning The Shroud
    Amorphis-The Beginning Of Times
    Anathema-The Silent Enigma
    Andi Deris-Come In From The Rain mit Poster
    Angel X-Welcome To The Soul Asylum

    Anger-The Fourth Coming (Eigenproduktion 2005)
    Angus McDeth-Revolution Single im Cardsleeve (DM Records 1996)
    April Wine-Animal Grace (Aquarius 1993)
    Arch Enemy-Dawn Of Khaos
    Armored Saint-Raising Fear
    Armored Saint-March Of The Saint

    Asgard-To A Golden Age (Morbid Metal 1996)
    Axel Rudi Pell-Magic
    Axel Rudi Pell-The Wizards Chosen Few 2-CD Digipak

    Bastard-Falling To Pieces
    Belphegor-The Last Supper (1999)

    Belphegor-Infernal Live Orgasm
    Big Star-#1 Record / Radio City
    Black & White-Come Together EP (BKB Records 1993)
    Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell (Vertigo 1987)
    Blind Guardian-Battalions Of Fear
    Blind Illusion-The Sane Asylum (UOF 1988)
    Bolt Thrower-Honour Valour Pride Digipak
    Brazen Abbot-Guilty As Sin Promo

    Broken Hope-Grotesque Blessings Digipak
    Burden Of Grief-Above Twilight Wings (Eigenproduktion 1997)
    Burning Starr - Burning Starr
    Cadillac Tramps-Tombstone Radio
    Cathedral-Forest Of Equilibrium (1991)

    Catherines Cathedral-Flowerdust
    Celtic Frost-Vanity/Nemesis Remastered
    Celtic Frost-Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying Remastered
    Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales Remastered
    Celtic Frost-Monotheist Digipak (Pappschuber fehlt)
    Celtic Frost-Cold Lake (1988)

    Charade-I & II
    Chroming Rose-Garden Of Eden Limited Box (Sticker fehlt)​
    Civic Monster-Civic Monster
    Colour Haze-Chopping Machine

    Corporal Punishment-Nonconformism
    Crimson Thorn-Unearthed (Morphine Records 1997)
    Crown Of Thorns-Eternal Death

    Damien Thorne-Wrath Of Darkness (Criminal Records 2004)
    Darkthrone-Under A Funeral Moon (Peaceville 1993)
    Deaf Indians-Deaf Indians
    Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers

    Deicide-Legion (1992)
    Demolition-...Of Hate
    Denial Of God-The Ghouls Of DOG
    Dew-Scented – Invocation Digipak
    Dew-Scented – Icarus Digipak
    Dew-Scented – Impact Digipak
    Dew-Scented – Issue VI
    Dew-Scented – Incinerate
    Dimmu Borgir-Godless Savage Garden
    Discharge-Massacre Divine
    Disciples-Alive 2-CD (Eigenproduktion 1999) Prog Rock Schweiz
    Dismember-The God That Never Was
    Dodge Main-Dodge Main
    Dragonfore-Inhuman Rampage
    Dreaming In Red-Silence Before...
    Edenbridge - Solitaire Digipak
    Edguy-The Savage Poetry
    Emerald-Forces Of Doom (Shark Records 2004)
    Eminenz-The Heretic & Preachers Of Darkness Digipak
    Emperor-Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk (1997)
    Emperor-Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk (2004)
    Emperor-In The Nightside Eclipse (2004)
    Ethereal Scourge-Judgement And Restoration

    Falkenbach-Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty Digipak
    Falkenbach-Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri

    Fighter-The Waiting
    Fist-Loud, Loud, Loud
    Frontline-The State Of Rock

    Gehennah-King Of The Sidewalk

    Gladiators-Bound To Steel (Black Arrow 1999)
    Godkiller-The End Of The World
    Graveworm-As The Angels Reach The Beauty

    Great White-Recovery Live
    Groms-Ascension (Pleitegeier Records 1996)
    Haggard-And So Shalt Trust--- CD-R
    Hair Of The Dog-Hair Of The Dog

    Hammerhead-Ethereal Killer (Amphetamine Reptile 1993) Noise Alternative Rock
    Hateful Agony-Existence Is Punishment
    Heads Up-The Long Shot
    Huntress - Spell Eater Digipak
    Hypocrisy-Inferior Devoties
    Illdisposed-To Those Who Walk Behind Us Digipak
    Imagine This-Love
    Impaled Nazarene-Pro Patria Finlandia Digipak
    In Flames-8 Songs
    Infestdead-Jesusatan Digipak
    Instant Flight-Colours & Lights
    Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast
    Iron Maiden-Powerslave

    Jois-Source CD-R
    Jois-The Prince Of New Utopia CD-R
    Judas Priest-Painkiller

    Kane-No Sun Rising (A Band On...Records 1996)
    Kataklysm-Temple Of Knowledge Digipak
    Kataklysm-Iron Will 2 DVD+2 CD
    Kataklysm-Heaven's Venom
    Kataklysm-Cross The Line Of Redemption
    Kataklysm-The Poetry Of War
    Kataklysm-Serenity In Fire
    Kataklysm-Shadows & Dust
    Kataklysm-The Prophecy
    Kataklysm-Of Ghosts And Gods Digipak
    Kevin K Band-Nightlife

    Killers-Killing Games
    Killers-Murder One
    King Crimson-Red
    Kiss-Paul Stanley
    Kiss-Gene Simmons
    Kiss Of The Gypsy-Kiss Of The Gypsy
    Klank-Still Suffering

    Korrozia Metalla-Nicht Kapituliren
    Kreator-Phantom Antichrist CD+DVD Digipak

    Letter X-Time Of The Gathering
    Lizzy Borden-Love You To Pieces (Metal Blade 1994 US Pressung)
    Love And Rockets-Love And Rockets

    Love And Rockets-Express (Bellaphon 1986)
    Lunar Eclipse-Abnormities CD-R
    Manowar-Battle Hymns
    Melechesh-Sphynx Digipak

    Mercury Tide-Killing Saw
    Metallica-Kill 'Em All (Music For Nations)
    Metallica-Master Of Puppets (Music For Nations)

    Mind Odyssey-Schizophenia
    Mortification-Envision Evangelene
    Motörhead-Rock 'N' Roll (Roadrunner 1987)
    Motörhead-Orgasmatron (GWR/Profile 1988)

    Naglfar-Ex Inferis
    Necromantia-Crossing The Fiery Path
    Necrophobic-Darkside (Hammerheart)

    Nemesis-The Day Of Retribution
    New York Dolls-New York Dolls
    Nidhogg-Siegeszug der Götter
    Obituary-The End Complete Digipak

    Obituary-Slowly We Rot/Cause Of Death 2-CD
    Obscenity-Where Sinners Bleed Promo
    Onirik / Grimfaug-MMXIV MMXVI
    Osh-The Sweet Sound Of Greed
    Overstep-Karrig An Ankou (Brennus 2001)
    Pantera-Original Album Series 5-CD
    Paragon-World Of Sin (Blue Merle 1995)
    Paramaecium-Exhumed Of The Earth
    Paul Shortino-Back On Track
    Pentagram-Be Forewarned (Peaceville 1994)
    Pentagram-Turn To Stone Digipak
    Pestnebel-Der schwarze Tod
    Phil Keaggy-220

    Picture-Marathon (Touch Down 1987)
    Pink Cream 69-Sonic Dynamite Digipak (Booklet fehlt)
    Poltergeist-Nothing Lasts Forever (Haunted Hause 1993)
    Praying Mantis-Time Tells No Lies
    Precious Death-Precious Death
    Prostitute Disfigurement-Deeds Of Derangement
    Pungent Stench-For God You Soul...
    Pungent Stench-Club Mondo Bizarre
    Rage-Secrets In A Weird World

    Rainbow-Difficult To Cure
    Ratt-Invasion Of Your Privacy
    Ravage-To Kill And Destroy Demo CD-R
    Renegade-Time To Choose
    Riot-Riot Live
    Riot-Rock City
    Riot-Fire Down Under

    Robin Trower-Victims Of The Fury
    Robin Trower-In City Dreams
    Robin Trower-Caravan To Midnight

    Rocka Rollas-The War Of Steel Has Begun (Stormspell 2011 nummeriert)
    Romero's Nation-Romero's Nation
    Royal Hunt-Land Of Broken Hearts (Japan Pressung ohne OBI)

    Röskun-A Bruninni Digipak Metal Island
    Running Wild-Under Jolly Roger (Noise MPO FRANCE Pressung)
    Running Wild-Black Hand Inn
    Running Wild-Port Royal
    Sacrosanct-Recesses For The Depraved (1MF 1992)
    Sadus-Swallowed In Black (Displeased Records)
    Sadus-A Vision Of Misery CD+DVD (Displeased Records)
    Sadus-Out For Blood

    Saint Vitus-V
    Sargeist-Disciple Of The Heinous Path
    Satyricon-Now, Diabolical

    Savoy Brown-Savage Return
    Saxon-A Collection Of Metal
    Saxon-Heavy Metal Thunder 2-CD
    Saxon-Coming To The Rescue 2-CD
    Saxon-Strong Arm Of The Law/Denim And Leather Digibook
    Saxon-Into The Labyrinth CD+DVD Digipak
    Saxon-Destiny Remastered 2010
    Saxon-Rock The Nations Remastered 2010
    Saxon-Innocence Is No Excuse Remastered 2010
    Saxon-Power And The Glory Remastered 2009
    Saxon-Strong Arm Of The Law Remastered 2009
    Saxon-Saxon Remastered 2009
    Saxon-Metalhead Box
    Scorpions-Virgin Killer
    Scorpions-Lonesome Crow
    Screwball-Believe It
    Seelenfrieden-Rufe aus dem Nirgendwo
    Seventh Son-Dangerous Kiss (Iron pages 1999)
    Shutgun Marriage-Joy...Pride
    Sinner-Touch Of Sin (1994)
    Sinner-Dangerous Charm (Noise 1987)
    Six Feet Under-13

    Skagarack-A Slice Of Heaven
    Sodom-Get What You Deserve

    Sodom-Aber bitte mit Sahne!
    Solicitude-Regnum Irae
    Steeler-Undercover Animal

    Stratovarius-Fourth Dimension
    Stratovarius-Fright Night
    Sudden Death-Infernal
    Suffocation-Effigy For The Forgotten

    Tad Morose-A Mended Rhyme
    Tad Morose-Undead
    Tad Morose-Matters Of The Dark

    Testament-Souls Of Black
    Thirteen Days-Blue Murder

    Thor-Thunderstruck Tales From The Equinox (Star USA Records 1998)
    Thunderhead-Busted At The Border
    The Absorbed-Jesus Freaks Vol. II
    The Breeders-Pod
    The Dogs D'Amour-Dogs Hits & Bootleg Album
    The Dripping Lips-Ready To Crack?
    The Dubrovniks-Audio Sonic Love Affair
    The Hustlers-X-Trem Rhythm & Blues
    The Princess Project-A Glow In The Dark Age
    The Strangemen-Over The Ocean

    Tiamat-The Sleeping Beauty Live In Israel Digipak
    Tidfall-Instinct Gate
    TNT-Three Nights In Tokyo (OBI fehlt)
    TNT-Knights Of The New Thunder

    Totenmond-Reich in Rost Digipak
    Trance-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
    Trans Am-Unlimited
    Trimonium-Blow The Horns

    Trouble-Manic Frustration
    Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry
    Tyka Nelson-Royal Blue
    Union-The Blue Room
    Unleashed-Live In Vienna 93
    Unrest-By The Light Of The Moon

    Venom - Black Metal (Castle Classics 1992)
    Verity / Dead Man's Fun-Invisible Lies Molten Metal The British German Connection
    Vicious Rumors-Word Of Mouth
    Victory-Temples Of Gold
    Victory-That's Live

    Vintersorg-The Focusing Blur
    Virgin Steele-Noble Savage (Steamhammer 1988)
    Voivod-Nothingface (Noise 1989)
    Wet Paint-Shhh..!

    Whitesnake-Saints & Sinners
    Whitesnake-Slide It In
    Wolf Spider-Kingdom Of Paranoia (1990)
    Wolfen-The Truth Behind
    Wretch-Make This garden Burn
    Wretched-Psychosomatic Medicine
    Yes-Yes (Atlantic 1992 Japan Pressung mit OBI)

    A Touch Of Fringe
    Peace-Eater Vol. II
    Peace-Eater Vol. III
    Heavenly Metal-Ballads
    Mayhem Club Vol. 1

    Vaginal Incest-Cuntcore
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  2. ProfessorHastig

    ProfessorHastig Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Gibt es echt Leute, die für den Schrott von Störmtrooper 200€ auszugeben bereit sind? Erstaunlich!
  3. Siebi

    Siebi Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Die Katagory V wäre cool, wenn ich Geld hätte. Sind tolle Sachen dabei.
  4. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    So, unabhängig der Resterampe CDs, sind nunmehr alle zum Verkauf stehenden CDs in den vorherigen Posts aufgeführt.
  5. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Ja, danke!
    Viele Sachen davon habe ich ja doppelt, aber die Katagory V ist mir ein bisschen zu proglastig. Brauche ich nicht.
  6. interzone78

    interzone78 Dawn Of The Deaf

    Sind ja ein paar sehr interessante Sachen dabei, für die teils gute Preise aufgerufen werden. Fände ich besonders hier interessant ;-) Kaufinteresse bestünde.

    Coroner-Coroner (Noise 1995)
    Rose Tattoo-Pain (Steamhammer 2002)
    Sacred Blade-Of The Sun+Moon (Othyr World 1999 Limited nummeriert)
  7. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    PM ist raus.
    interzone78 gefällt das.
  8. comanche

    comanche Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Angel Witch - Re
    Attacker - The
    Chateaux - 2
    Exodus - Bonded
    Hawaii - One

    Gesteigertes Interesse. Bitte nenne den Preis. Alles weitere per PN.
  9. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    PN ist raus.
  10. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

  11. TillManiak

    TillManiak Deaf Dealer

  12. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Update. Neue Sachen sind blau unterlegt.
  13. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

  14. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Viele Sachen weg, ein paar hinzu.
  15. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Update :)
  16. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Update :)
  17. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Update :)
  18. Daskeks

    Daskeks Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Sind „No Longer Music“ aus Australien? Oder Neuseeland? Und sind die „Drop Out“ so Hardrocker aus Remscheid?
    Falls ja, würde ich mich gerne für beides anstellen.
  19. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Du hast eine Nachricht :)
  20. Cyclone

    Cyclone Deaf Dealer

    Kleines Update :)
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