Dark Tranquillity & Ensiferum Tour 2022

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  1. hulud

    hulud Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Dark Tranquillity kommen mit Ensiferum (lol....) auf Tour:


    Quelle: Century Media Records Facebook
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  2. SirMetalhead

    SirMetalhead Till Deaf Do Us Part

    da hätt ich auf jeden Fall Bock drauf.
  3. MartinDortmund

    MartinDortmund Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Nervige Double Headliner Touren...
  4. hulud

    hulud Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Vor allem, wenn eine Band (Ensi) absoluter Müll² ist. :(
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  5. TwistOfFate

    TwistOfFate Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Als Vorband würden die reichen.
  6. Othuum

    Othuum Till Deaf Do Us Part

    In Siegburg im Kubana?
    Das ist...klein!
    Wenn dann aber eher wg. DT, Ensiferum brauch ich echt nicht zwingend.
  7. hulud

    hulud Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ja, dann wüsste man, dass man später hingehen könnte. :D
    Othuum gefällt das.
  8. What's Metal

    What's Metal Deaf Dealer

    Beste DT tour ever:

    Live DARK TRANQUILLITY 1995 - Atak, Enschede, Netherlands, 01 Dec
    Back to 1995, when Dark Tranquillity played their first European tour. Here is the full gig from the legendary Atak in Enschede. Great crowd response and a good bit of stage diving action. At the time, "The Gallery" was not yet released, but a couple of songs off that album can be found in the setlist. The posted video was ripped straight from the master VHS tape (a copy of which was sent to Mikael Stanne back in the day).
    Taurelin und SirMetalhead gefällt das.
  9. What's Metal

    What's Metal Deaf Dealer

    Hier noch ein lockerer und aufschlussreicher Plausch von der aktuellen Tour aus Stuttgart.

    Interview ENSIFERUM (Sami) 2022 - Swordfights or handshakes?
    Catching up with Sami of Ensiferum ahead of the gig in Stuttgart allowed us to do a longer interview on current and recent matters. In addition, we squeezed in a couple of questions on the very early days of the band. Also, we figured out who would win an epic battle of the bands swordfight between Ensiferum and Amon Amarth. Lean back and enjoy.
  10. Tom Pariah

    Tom Pariah Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Würde DT schon gerne mal sehen. Gefühlt aber seit 20 Jahren nur mit Kackbands unterwegs.
  11. What's Metal

    What's Metal Deaf Dealer

    Letzter Tag der Tour heute. Hier noch der Plausch mit Mikael.

    Interview DARK TRANQUILLITY (Mikael) 2022 - Critically looking back

    It has been quite a while since we last spoke to Mikael, so here we caught up for a chat on the Moment tour in Stuttgart. This interview includes some early days nerd talk regarding the band and their photographer. In addition, Mikael took some time to critically look back at the high points of the band´s career as well as the probably worst decisions ever.
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