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  1. Still Thrashed

    Still Thrashed Deaf Dealer

    Gab es ein Neues?
    Ansonsten war das gestrige Statement sowohl hier im Thread als auch im negative Randerscheinungen schon zu lesen.
  2. TillManiak

    TillManiak Deaf Dealer

    Vom %#%%Fest selber, hab ich jetzt die letzten Seiten hier nicht gesehen…

    Hello all!

    We have been contacted by some (not all) artist agencies/managements, these agencies represent some of the bands which should perform in Steelfest 2022.

    NOTE! So we havent talked with BANDS straight about this issue below. We do not know what all band`s or its member (related to these agencies) think about this situation.

    These 2-3 agencies had mainly one message. Steelfest should re-consider its lineup “or”.

    As I have asked from these 2-3 agencies "I understand completely your point of view, and would like to hear your opinion on which bands in particular you feel are the problematic” we got two lists of bands, some of the agencies didn’t reply.

    So, we got different lists which included totally 12 different bands what Steelfest should “reconsider”. 12 bands I should “reconsider/cancel” and then maybe more lists to come.

    Steelfest can not negotiate or let “third party” effect/decide, which band can play or not in Steelfest or any our events. Also, realized that I am guilty of creating a way too controversial mix to handle for these agencies. This genre is just money to them.

    So, we have to stop this. We cannot be tied to this kind of conversation and controlled by any “third party” and we cannot allways check from agencies or etc. and their “professionals”, or measure any kind of social pressure might some artist receive, which band is ok to play in Steelfest or not.

    As we “cut” this conversation it means that we will have cancellations to come for Steelfest 2022.

    Social media pressure specially on parts of world is strong and as one wise guy said to me “it all goes nuclear, no one will want to be in the blast zone with you”. We are staying and we know may of you are staying with us. Never ending support of Steelfest audience, volunteers, artists, staff and support of local community etc. etc.

    Again we do not have accusations towards the bands, for some of them this is their job, agencies decide big part of that and in the end its all about money and social pressure. We do know that many do not want to cancel but thay have a lot of pressure from many sides.

    Steelfest have made it extremely clear in the past that we reject any political movements or racist ideologies that people want to portray our artistic creations as parts of.

    We are and will be targeted as we will not pick a side as all sides are equally repulsive, nor will we ever apologize for our past, present and future artistic choices.

    The performers at a typical music festival are mostly chosen based on their popularity. A popular artist draws more audience in, thus increasing the profit margin for the festival organization. This will often lead into a situation where a typical music festival chooses only risk-free and typical artists year after year, causing everyone to lose in the long run.

    Steelfest, however, is not your typical music festival.

    When we started Steelfest in 2012, we wanted to bring more choice and diversity to the metal festival audience as a fan and a music lover myself. To bring forth and support bands I personally liked or bands that had caught my interest, and simultaneously to offer a meaningful choice among the then-stagnated Finnish metal festival field. As Steelfest has kept growing steadily for the past nine years, I believe this has been a good and welcomed decision.

    I consider myself being a creative person, and I think Steelfest as one of the vents I channel my creativity into. Like a painter sees the empty canvas in before him, I always think what new thoughts, feelings and possible discussion the artist roster of each festival year could also bring besides their music.

    Whenever choosing the artists, I always want to dive deep beneath the surface, and sometimes the results aren’t beatiful or easily digested. The content may feel controversial, tearing or even infuriating to some, especially for them who are not willing to comprehend any deeper meanings behind it or share the same possible interpretations. Nevertheless, it is impossible to imagine me personally sharing the same vision or even understanding it with each of the tens and hundreds of artists I have been working with during the last nine years. The artists, who have always been selected solely due to their art despite of my personal worldviews.

    As Steelfest is purely a music festival, it has been confusing at times to see how much discussion and debate it has caused in a non-musical discourse. Not surprisingly, during the years we have received our own share of controversial feedback from the both extreme sides of the political field. The criticism towards such issues as artist roster and artists’ personal lives has reached us at times, but we also haven’t avoided getting threats from people who think that artists from certain nationalities or artists having a certain skin color shouldn’t be allowed to perform. The latter example may sounds baffling to some, but among all this it is a good reminder that Steelfest has never been about catering to certain extremist groups but always about musical aesthetics.

    Some of these extremist groups, however, seem to imply that by pressuring, accusing and even sabotaging the festival will finally bring a consensus on who is allowed to perform at the stage. When a band shares the same stage with an ”artista non grata”, they are condemned for ”accepting the artist’s views” by some twisted logic, and are carrying this eternal stigma from then on. And at the end, we are facing a situation where the only acceptable artists are the ones who are approved by these extremist groups- until the criteria changes and the rope gets a bit tighter, of course.

    It would be intellectually rather lazy to just state that ”by not booking controversial artists you avoid all the criticism and threats”. I understand perfectly well that some of the performers at Steelfest may have caused irritation, anger and even sheer hate based on how they have expressed their personal thoughts. Yet, I don’t believe that by only booking bands based on their approval from certain groups would bring us a sustainable festival or musical diversity.

    A Finnish politician once brought up the concept about ”art based on well-being” in opposite to ill-being, and expressed her concerns on it’s absurdity as a possible societal demand. I would kindly ask the opposers of Steelfest to think for a second what that would mean in a democratic society and how we would live in a dystopia where the purpose of art is to be solely odourless, flavourless and perfectly safe.

  3. Fire Down Under

    Fire Down Under Redakteur Roadcrew

    Richtiger Rechtfertigungslord, wer soll das lesen
    Barabas, kariert, ManicPreacher und 8 anderen gefällt das.
  4. Eisbein

    Eisbein Deaf Dealer

    Nein,natürlich ist nicht jeder für mich direkt linksradikal der Kritik gegen Rechts äußert.
    Ich lehne generell jedes extreme Gedankengut ab egal ob von rechts oder links.
    Ob es einen größeren Aufschrei geben würde weiß ich nicht,das war eine Vermutung.
    StarRider, gggarth und Thomson gefällt das.
  5. Bierchen

    Bierchen Deaf Dealer

    Sodom haben abgesagt. Für mich ist das ok. Die erste Rechtfertigung war nicht so schlau, aber es ist Onkel Tom.
    Thomson gefällt das.
  6. Eisbein

    Eisbein Deaf Dealer

    Jeder der Musik für extremes Gedankengut missbraucht ist gefährlich egal aus welcher Ecke das ist.
  7. Andy81

    Andy81 Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Nur gibt aus der "linksextremen" Ecke keine Metal-Festivals, auf denen Bands zum Sturz des Kapitalismus, Teeren und Federn von Audi-Fahrern oder was auch immer aufrufen. Ich warte hier übrigens auch auf die Nennung einer einzigen Metal-Band, die man überhaupt auf so einer Veranstaltung verorten könnte.
    Barabas, ManicPreacher, Aloka und 11 anderen gefällt das.
  8. Eddie

    Eddie Deaf Dealer

    Jakob Zurawinski und Freunde.
    El Guerrero und Braininavat gefällt das.
  9. Bombenleger

    Bombenleger Deaf Dealer

    was ein Haufen Bullshit
    buxtebrawler, gggarth, c0nn0r und 3 anderen gefällt das.
  10. Still Thrashed

    Still Thrashed Deaf Dealer

    Aber wie kommst Du zu deiner Vermutung?
    Wenn die Kritiker für dich nicht automatisch Links sind, wieso sollte deren Toleranz gegenüber linken Extremisten höher sein als gegenüber rechten?

    Und zur letzten offenen Frage: Was für Linksextremistische Bands meinst Du?
    Mir ist keine linke Propaganda Maschine im Metal bekannt die dazu aufruft das stalinistische Russland zurück zu holen und alle Andersdenkenden in den Gulag zu packen?
  11. Necrofiend

    Necrofiend Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Glaube es gibt fast alles:

    Aber keine Ahnung wie extrem die wirklich sind...

    Aber "Revolution T-34"!!! Das Tape will ich.
    c0nn0r und Still Thrashed gefällt das.
  12. HellAndBack

    HellAndBack Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Voices shouting 'forward!', The revolution calls!
    Marching towards our goal, united by the struggle
    In war against the bourgeois, who await their destruction
    Enemies of the people will rot in prison or hang

    When we take over fascists will cry, parasite exploiters will die!
    cop pigs will taste lead, right-wing politicians end up dead
    Imperialism crumbles under the people's hammer, USA paper tiger burns
    Leninist socialism and finally world communism! (world communism)

    Our sun is rising, shining it's light
    We bathe in the beautiful glow our red flags waving
    Hills, forests and streets echo our victorious song
    People's Revolution triumphs once and for all
    Once so powerful western imperialists now grovel at our feet

    Armed with ideology and guns the revolution triumps
    Marching towards our goal, united by our cause
    to a war against the bourgeois we devote ourselves together
    Proletarian armed revolution is the only solution!
    The only solution!

    Das ist schon irgendwie Katastrophentourismus, sich so nen Sermon durchzulesen, aber witzig.
  13. Onno

    Onno Moderator Roadcrew

    Und hier erneut die Aufforderung, in diesem Thread beim Thema zu bleiben und alles andere an geeigneter Stelle des Forums zu diskutieren. Da kann dann ganz ohne Hufeisen weiter galoppiert werden. Danke.
  14. Eisbein

    Eisbein Deaf Dealer

    Ich bezog das auch nicht generell auf Metalbands.
  15. Paynajaynen

    Paynajaynen Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Mondkerz gefällt das.
  16. Iced_Örv

    Iced_Örv Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Um auch ein wenig mit zu spekulieren:

    Eventuell hat man anfangs gedacht, dass es sich um typische SM-Shitstorm-Mob-Mentalität handele und da ein Fass aufgemacht wird, das an und für sich nicht einmal ein Shotglas sein dürfte. "Die werden ja noch ihre Meinung haben dürfen." oder so ähnlich.
    Dann hat man aber doch mal nachgeschaut, was die angesprochenen Bands so treiben und sich gesagt, "Oh shit! Nee, das ist ein anderes Kaliber als wir gedacht haben. Da will ich nicht auf der gleichen Bühne stehen.".

    Und auch wenn das der ein oder andere "Ihr habt euch und eure Fans verraten, indem ihr ein paar Snowflakes und SJW nachgebt"-Rufer nicht gut finden mag, so ist es doch auch eine Form der Anerkennung, wenn deine Fans sich wegen deines geplanten Auftritts auf einem dunkelbraunen, dennoch "völlig unbedenklichen Kulturevent" richtig Bambule machen, einfach weil für sie eine Welt kaputt geht, wenn ihre Faves plötzlich bei so einem Mist spielen sollen/wollen.
    Das zeigt auch, wie sehr sich die Leute mit ihrer Band, in diesem Fall Sodom, identifizieren, dass es eben nicht nur eine von vielen Bands ist, die sie hören.
    Thomson und Jackattack76 gefällt das.
  17. Eisbein

    Eisbein Deaf Dealer

  18. Jackattack76

    Jackattack76 Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Hat der für das Statement n Ghostwriter gehabt? :D

    Bissi angefangen zu lesen.....war mir dann doch zuviel mimimi :D
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 4. September 2021
  19. Paynajaynen

    Paynajaynen Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Süß. Beschwerst dich über die Neuzeit und ihre schändlichen Gepflogenheiten, fühlst dich mit dem Facebook-Duktus des Unreflektierte-Meinung-in-den-Webspace-Kackens aber augenscheinlich pudelwohl. I'm out, soll ja wieder um Sodom gehen.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 4. September 2021
  20. SacredNicaragua

    SacredNicaragua Deaf Dealer

    Wer hat denn ausser Sodom noch abgesagt? Das Statement von dem Steelfest-Vogel ist mir zu lang und zu viel Geschwurbel aber da steht es nicht oder?
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