[Biete] DYING VICTIMS- pre-order: Midas, Crypt Dagger, At War, Bütcher, Schizophrenia

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  1. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Dying Victims Production goes into hibernation – Expect news late 2016.

    Due to travels the label will be on hold until my return.
    Until then get in touch with the bands in order to buy their releases on the label, I made sure all of them have plenty of copies.

    Moreover, aside from various distros which have been trading with me, there are also some distributors who carry more of the releases. Their supply won’t last until DVP is back, but still.

    Heavy Chains Records (www.heavychainsrecords.com)

    High Roller Records (http://www.hrrecords.de)
    Into Dungeons (http://into-dungeons.de)
    Iron Bonehead (http://ironbonehead.de)

    Apocalyptic Empire Records (http://www.apocalypticempire.com)

    All open orders will be shipped early next week.

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    perkele gefällt das.
  2. perkele

    perkele Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Hör auf hab sovieso zu wenig Kohle *GG*
  3. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer


    DVP 49 Whipstriker – Black Rose Killz 7“

    The Brazilian one man metalpunk machine delivers yet another 7” with 3 new tracks. This time it is dedicated to the Belgian Porn Actress Black Rose who has been under his whip for quite a while!


    DVP 50 Condor / Töxik Death – Victims of burning Death 7”
    Will take 2-3 weeks more since the pressing plant fucked something up.
  4. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Next releases:

    DVP 51 Bastard Priest – Under the Hammer of Destruction MC
    DVP 52 Bastard Priest – Ghouls of the endless Night MC
    DVP 53 Axe Battler – Axe Battler MC
    DVP 54 Convent Guilt (aus) – Guns for Hire MC
    DVP 55 Iron Force – Dungeon Breaker CD

    DVP 56 Whipstriker – Seven Inches of Hell DLP/CD
    DVP 57 Iron Kobra – Might and Magic LP/CD/MC

    Moreover I am about to get a vinyl deadstock of original copies of the forgotten thrash metal jewel DRESDEN– Too many Skeletons!
  5. kilmister666

    kilmister666 Deaf Dealer

    schöne Lps ,besitze ich aber schon alle durch die bank weg :)

    aber die shirts von metallica sind geil ,leider keins mehr in s da :-( naja hab ich lange gesucht so en reprint ,hab jetzt l und xl bestellt - muss ich se kleiner machen
  6. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Ja das shirt ist cool! werde vermutlich nochmal welche holen

    Distro Update:


    Desaster – Tyrants of the Netherworld
    Desaster – The Arts of Destruction
    Grave Desecrator – Unblessed B. France live
    Insane – Interment of Life
    Power from Hell – The true Metal
    Sacrificio – s/t
    Zerstörer / Vae Victis – Split

    Eaten Alive / Putrid Yell – Vicious Manifestation of Horror and Death
    High Spirits – High Spirits
    Mabuse – Necromagic
    Possession – Anneliese
    Reptilian / Inculter – Split
    Trap – Assassinations
    V.A. – Nekrothrash
    Witchblade – Fjärrans Krig

    Axecuter – Aggressive Extermination
    Black Sachbak – No Pay, No Gain
    Blade Killer – s/t
    Chalice – Demo anthology: Live and Rare
    Condor – Condor
    Forgotten Disciple – Last Train to Heaven
    Gentry Lord – Signals from the Mystiverse
    Gladius – Age of Barbarism
    Hot Fog – Secret Phantasies of the Dragon Sun
    Mania – Forces of Evil
    Mansion – We shall Live
    Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death
    Ordained Fate / Cryptic Axe – Demo Anthology
    Ovvl – Ovvl
    Paradox – demo Collection 1986-1987
    Skeptor – Together we stand…united we fall
    Starblind – Darkest Horrors
    Sudden Darkness / Economist – Fear of Reality: Anthology
    The Outer Limits –World Metal Domination
    Unsilence – A Fire on the Sea
    Vestal Claret – Bloodbath
    Vindicator – Sleeping with Evil

    Beer Poison – Poisoning the Priest
    Black Force / Frost Rot – Dungeon Depravity
    Curse – Spawn of hatred
    Decayed – Chaos Underground
    Delirium Tremens – Violent Moshground
    Extrakt – Extreme Brutallity
    Iron Dogs – Free and Wild
    Iron Dogs – Ripping Torment
    Knife for an Eye – Damnation Rock n Roll
    Maregrave – Acid Spell
    Morfin – Inoculation
    Raging Steel – Necromancer
    Rude – Soul Recall
    Savage Reign – Demo
    Segregates – Bullshit in Bristol
    Serpent Omega – s/t
    Slaughterday - Ravenous
    Slayer – Kill again
    Slayer – Butcher Babies
    Slayer – Bsides and Rarities
    Slayer - Obscure and Obscene
    Slayer – Captors of Sin
    Stalvargar – Stigma Diabolis
    Tailgunner – Tailgunner
    Vigilance – Steeds of Time
    Walpyrgus – Demo
    Warlust – Unholy Attack

    Deaf Forever #1

    Abigail – Tribute to Gorgon
    Barbatos – Broken Barbatos
    Death Strike – Fuckin’ Death
    Deathhammer – Logo
    Hellbringer – Logo
    Iron Curtain – Heavy Metal Strike
    Iron Maiden – Purgatory
    Ketzer – Triangle
    Master – Logo
    Minotaur – Power of Darkness Stripe
    Pagan Altar – Head
    Possessed – Old Logo
    Stallion – Logo shape
    Tank – Filth Hounds
    Tank – Logo
    Tiger Junkies – Dbeat Street Rock n Rollers
    Venom – Goat
    Whipstriker – Lucifer set me free
    Witchfinder General – s/t
  7. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

  8. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Distro update:


    Bölzer – Aura
    Iron Dogs – Free and Wild
    Speedbreaker – Built for Speed

    Bloodlust – Sex, Violence and Blasphemy
    Cobra – Grito en el Abismo
    Darkness – Death Squad
    Dark Quarterer – Dark Quarterer
    Fast Kutz – Burnin’
    Insane – Wait and Pray
    Iron Cross – Iron Cross
    Lobotomy – Satanic Speed Metal Ritual
    Lynx – Be wild
    Manilla Road – Crystal Logic
    Manilla Road – Gates of Fire
    Manilla Road – Atlantis Rising
    Miserycore – Get total Apart
    Necronomicon – Necronomicon
    Nuclear Fröst – Nuclear Winter Gloom
    Sabbat – Live in Malaysia
    SDI – Sign of the Wicked
    Steel Sentinel – Feel the Power of Metal
    Toxodeth – Demons Black Metal Demons
    Tyrant - Mean Machine
    Tyrant - Fight for your Life
    Vectom – Speed Revolution / Rules of Mystery
    Virgin Killer / Hammer / Caceria – Ritual de Destruccion
    Voltax – Hiding into Flames

    Crucified Mortals / Radiolokator – Split gatefold
    Power from Hell – Voices from the Grave
    Power from Hell – Voices from the Grave die hard
    Sabbat/Niadh - Split

    Bölzer – Aura
    Crucified Mortals- Converted by Decapitation
    Crucified Mortals – Crucified Mortals
    Decayed – Chaos Underground
    Stallion – Rise and ride
    Terminal – Heavy Metal Lokomotiva
    Vigilance – Steeds of Time
    Witchburner – German thrashing War

    Crimson Scarlet – Athens Cave Sessions MC

  9. kilmister666

    kilmister666 Deaf Dealer

    übrigens - bestellung war alles gut , metallica shirt is geil ,wenn auch etwas gross aber motiv is bombe - gruss
  10. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Top, demnächst wird das Metallica und weitere shirts wieder erhältlich sein.
  11. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    The time that Sir Serpent from Iron Kobra has helped out by sending out orders is over and the DVP headquarters are again fully under my command. Eternal thanks for the support.

    To celebrate this, every order over 30€ will receive a bonus until Monday next week:
    >30€ : a tape of my choice
    >60€ : a cd of my choice
    >90€ : a LP of my choice

    order here: http://www.dyingvictims.com/shop

    P.S.: as you can imagine there is still a lot to be sorted out, so please bear with me and allow some extra time if the order takes a bit longer to arrive, thanks!
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  12. Thenervetattoo

    Thenervetattoo Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Link funktioniert nicht. Fehlt glaub ich ein m.
  13. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

  14. Count Lokus

    Count Lokus Dawn Of The Deaf

    Sin die Patches gestickte oder gedruckte?
  15. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Die sind fast alle gewebt, ein paar Wenige sind gestickt. Gedruckt sind aber keine.
    Count Lokus gefällt das.
  16. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Distro update:

    Abigail - Intercourse and Lust
    At War - Ordered to Kill
    Children of Technology – Future Decay
    Deathroner - Death to All
    Katechon - Man God Giant
    Master's Hammer - Slagry
    Outrage - 1985 demo(n)s
    Stallion - Rise and Ride
    Violent Force – Dead City First Demo 1985
    Violent Force – Demo Collection. Velbert-Dead City 2, Dead City 3-The Night
    Voor - Evil Metal
    Wound – Inhale the Void

    Apokalyptic Raids / Farscape - Isn't War Great
    Apokalyptic Raids / Warhammer - Apokalyptic War
    Armour - No Heaven
    Raw Poison – Hellchild
    Sadistik Exekution / Doomed and Disgusting – Split Stallion - 24/7
    Stone Dagger – the Siege of Jerusalem

    Abigail Ultimate Unholy Death
    Abigail Sweet Baby Metal Slut
    Abigail Intercourse and Lust
    Ares Kingdom - Veneration Beer Pressure - The Four Drunkards Of The Alkökalypse
    Bulldozing Bastard - Bulldozing The Vatican Bunker 66 - Screaming Rock Believers
    Burstin Out - Hell Commands
    Cauchemar - Tenebrario
    Demonomancy - Throne of Demonic Proselytism
    Grave Upheaval - No Title
    Irkallian Oracle - Grave Ekstasis
    Iron Spell – Heavy Metal Witchcraft
    Katechon - Man God Giant Thrashera – For all Drunks

    Cult of Daath - Doomed by the Witch
    Exit Humanity – Undead Saviour
    Legio Occulta – The Cross turned upside down
    Turbocharged – Area666

    Metallica – Jump in the Fire
    Motörhead – Iron Fist
    Venom – Black Metal Massacre
    Darkness - Death Squad
    Deathwitch – Deathwitch
    Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac
    Exodus - Bonded By Blood
    Genöcide – Eye patch
    Gotham City
    Havok – Time is up
    Impaled Nazarene
    Insane – Logo Judas Priest – Eagle
    Possessed - Seven Churches
    Power From Hell - The True Metal
    Prime Evil – Evilution
    Slaughbbath – Praise Victorious Death
    Venom - Black Metal
    Venom - Here Lies Venom

    Witchcraft Magazine 4
    Witchcraft Magazine 5
    Witchcraft Magazine 6

  17. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    PREORDER: Dying Victims Productions presents some exclusive merchandise: http://www.dyingvictims.com/shop

    Iron Curtain – Logo Metal Pin
    This great Spanish band gets their tribute in metal, limited to 50 pieces. 6€.



    This insane metalpunk horror band is in conspiracy with Dying Victims Productions to reprint two classic designs of theirs on black shirt. Officially licensed. https://www.youtube.com/embed/L57BrKk3mVE
    Preorder now. This is a print per order release, there will only be a limited run and only a handful shirts more printed than preordered.
    Sizes S - XXL

    Genöcide – Coffin Crew shirt
    Front Print plus Buzzsaw-Eye print on the sleeve

    Genöcide – Menace to Society shirt
    both sided print

  18. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Huge DISTRO UPDATE with TONS of Cds, many of them have been stored for the last 1 ½ years due to moving around. So be quick, there are many bargains and single copies plus a few DVP releases.


    Soothsayer – To be a real Terrorist

    Torment – Experience a new Dimension of Fear

    EPsMidnight Hellion – Hour of the Wolf

    Redimoni / Graveyard – The Procession of the Gravedemons/The ultimate Profanation

    Torment – Das Neue
    Torment – Sie kam zu mir am Morgen…
    Torment – Bestial Sex


    Abigail – The Lord of Satan
    Abigail / Sign of Evil – Reaper’s Night
    Abiotix – Straight to Hell
    Absu – Abzu
    Acheron – Lex Totalis
    Acid Speech/Pesticide – Corrosive Warfare
    Adrenicide – Pioneers in the Land of the Mad
    Alastor – Demon Attack
    Aggression – Viocracy
    Alta Tensao – Metalmorfose/Nigeria
    Alltheniko – Millenium Re-burn
    Ammit – Extreme Speed Satan Angel Butcher – 25 Years Bleeding Ears
    Angel of Damnation – Carnal Philosophy
    Angel Reaper – Angel Ripping Metal
    Anihilated – Scorched Earth Policy
    Antacid – Atomik Thrashing Metal
    Antacid/Hatred – Chaos around the World
    Apokalyptic Raids – The Third of the Storm
    Arachnid – Arachnid
    Archenemy – Violent Harm
    Ares Kingdom – Firestorm and Chaos
    Asphyx – Deathhammer
    Assaulter – Crushed by Raging Mosh
    Atomic Aggressor – Rise of the ancient Ones
    Atomizer – Grave Disturbances
    Attack – Warriors of Time
    Attacker Bloody Axe / Ejecutor / Anal Destructor – Split
    Axemaster – The Awakening 1985 – 1995
    Axemaster – Death before Dishonour
    Axevyper – Metal Crossfire
    Axevyper – Angeli D’Acciaio
    Axevyper – Axevyper
    Barbatos – Street Metal Gig in Jkebukuro!

    BarbatosWar! Speed and Power
    Battle Ram – Long Live the Ram
    Beast Petrify – Webbed in Living Hell
    Bestial Mockery – Sepulchral Wrath
    Bestial Possession – Duros, Ebrios y Lujuriosos
    Bestial Torture/Terrorist/Bestial Reviler – Split
    Black Hammer – Darker Days will come
    Blackskull – Death Deal
    Black Virgin – Sinister Sister
    Blindeath – Headshot
    Bloody Vengeance – In Conspiracy with Death
    Bombarder – Ima li jivota prije smrti
    Bonehunter – Turn up the Evil
    Bones – Bones
    Brain Dead – From the Ecstasy
    Breaker – Dead Rider
    Broken Bones – Fuck you and all you stand for
    Candlemass – Chapter IV
    Carrasco – Armageddon
    Cauchemar – La Vierge Noire
    Chainsaw – Hell’s burning up
    Chainsaw – Permanent Menace
    Charon – Sulphur Seraph
    Ciclon – Sol Naciente
    Coldsteel – Demo Anthology
    Comando Nuclear – Guerreiros da Noite
    Cremation – Black Death Cult
    Crux – Rev Smrti – Scream of Death
    Cultes des Ghoules – Häxan
    Cutthroat – Rape! Rape! Rape!

    Deaf Dealer – Journey into Fear
    Deathhammer – Phantom Knights

    Deathhammer – Forever Ripping Fast
    Deathcult – The Test of Time
    Death Noize – Conquest War Famine Death
    Death Yell – Morbid Rites
    Decayed – Thus Revealed
    Decayed – 13 Candles of Doom
    Deceased – Surreal Overdose
    Deep Vein/Hypokras – Ancestral Death Metal Terror
    Deiphago – Filipino Antichrist
    Denim and Leather – Watch Out
    Denouncement Pyre – Hell’s Infantry
    Destroyer – Prepared for Discharge
    Disforterror – ep
    Dishammer – Vintage Addiction
    Dishammer – Under the Sign of the Dbeat Mark
    Dismantle – Enter the Forbidden
    Drünken Bastards/Rötten – Global Nuclearism
    Elm Street – Barbed Wire Metal
    Elvenstorm – Of Rage and War
    Endovein – Waiting for Disaster
    Endovein – Supreme insatiable Need
    Erazor – Erazor
    Evil Army – Evil Army
    Evil Madness – Rites of Blasphemy
    Fallen Fucking Angels – Italian Restaurant
    Flames – Merciless Slaughter
    Front Beast – Black Spells of the Damned
    Front Beast / Mephisto – In League with Evil Metal
    Fuck Off – A different Sacrifice 1987-1988
    Funeral Fog – Channeling ancient Shadows
    Gatekeeper – Prophecy and Judgment
    Germ Bomb – Infected from Birth
    Ghostrider – The Return of the Ghost
    Guerra Total – Nuklear Zombie Division
    Harbinger – Doom on you
    Haveri – Into the Crypts of…
    Headbanger – Ready to Strike
    Headbanger – Nuclear Devastation

    Leather Heart – Leather Heart
    Metal Inquisitor – Unconditional Absolution
    Metal King – Live in Lahnstein
    Metalmorfosis - …through Space and Time
    Metalmorphose – Nossa Droga e o Heavy Metal
    Metraliator – Satanic Machine
    Minotaur – God may show you Mercy, We will not
    Monolit – Deimos Tapes
    Morbider – When Darkness returns
    Morbid Macabre – Hell and Damnation
    Mortem – De Natura Daemonum
    Motorgoat – Obepfalz
    Natas – Deathcore 1985-1993
    Necro – Gore Ceremony

    Necrodeath/Ghostrider – Back to the Abyss
    Necrolisis / Demonthrone – Hellish Troops from the Underground
    Necronomicon – Construction of Evil
    Necronomicon Beast – Hell Thrash War

    Nocturnal Breed – The Tools of the Trade
    Nocturnal Breed – No Retreat…No surrender
    Nomed – Thrashing Insanity
    Nunslaughter – Demoslaughter
    NYC Mayhem – The Metal Days/The Crossove Days

    Obsessör – Blitzkrieg Battalion
    Obsessör / Storming Steels – Ultimate Thrashing Demons
    Omission – Thrash Metal is Violence
    Omission – Merciless Jaws from Hell

    Percutor – Tiempos Violentos
    Redrum – Power corrupts
    Released Anger – Faces of Fate
    Revenge – Vendetta
    Riverge – Raid for Riverging
    Riverge – Rebirth of Skulls
    Root – The Revelation
    Rötten – Thrash n Roll
    Ruler – Evil Nightmares

    Sabbat – Live in San Francisconslaught
    Sabbat - Live in ThailanDemonslaught
    Sabbat – Sabatical Blasphemous Gospels
    Sabbat – Satanasword
    Sabbat - …to praise the Sabbatical Queen
    Sabbat – Sabbatrinity
    Sabbat – Karmagmassacre
    Sabbat – Fetishism
    Sabotage – Hoka Hey
    Sanctifier – Demons
    Sanctum Regnum – Sanctaneum – Satan’s Flesh
    Sartan – Sepultando las lagrimas del Senor + en Vivo
    Satanic Rites – No Use crying
    Satanic Rites – Which Way the Wind blows
    Satanika – Metal Possession
    Satan’s Satyrs – Wild beyond Belief
    Sauron- Thrash Assault
    Sauron – Satanic Assassins
    Sentinel Beast – up from the Ashes
    Sex Gepard – S/t
    Shackles – Traitor’s Gate
    Shining Steel – Heavy Rockers
    Silent Death – Before the Sunrise
    Sixx – Sister Devil
    Skullface – Crypts of Death

    Slaver – Infected by Thrash
    Sobibor – Furia y Metal

    Sobibor – A un Paso del Abismo
    Sodom – Satan’s Conjuration

    Torment – Not Dead Yet

    Torment – Spermatized

    Torment – Tormentizer

    Twisted Tower Dire – Crest of the Martyrs

    Twisted Tower Dire – Netherworlds

    Vomitor – Devil’s Poison
    Wallop – Metallic Alps
    Walpurgis Night – Under the Moonlight
    Warhammer – No Beast so fierce
    Warrant – Ready to Command 2010
    Whipstriker – Never leave this War
    Whipstriker – Crude Rock n Roll
    Wild – La nueva Orden
    Winds of Genocide / Abigail – Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos
    Witchaven – Unholy Thrash Attack
    Witchburner – s/t + Blasphemnic Assault
    Witchburner – Incarnation of Evil + German thrashing War
    Witchburner – Demons
    Witchcurse – Heavy Metal Poison
    Witching Hour – Past Midnight
    Zarathustra – Heroic Zarathustrian Heresy
    Züül – Out of Time
    Zygoatsis – SKUD


    Blizzard Hunter – Conqueror of Destiny

    Cult of Fire – 20:11

    Heavy Temple – Unholy Communion

    Satanika – Nightmare

    Whipstriker/Germ Bomb – Midnight Parasites MC, Button, Shirt

    Winterhawk – Revival

    Anvil – Hard n Heavy
    Destructor – Maximum Destruction

    Exciter – Violence and Force
    Exorcist – Nightmare Theatre
    Gehennah – Decible Rebel

    ShirtsDemona – Metal through the Time

    Iron Dogs – Wrath of the Barbarian

    Iron Kobra – Dungeon Master

    Walpurgis Night – Ghost of Dublin

    Hellfukking Metal 4
    Thrash Attack zine 10

  19. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Out now:

    DVP 55 Iron Force – Dungeon Breaker MCD
    Newcomer from New York City ripping new holes with their thrashing speed metal. 5 track CD Ep.


    DVP 56 Whipstriker – Seven Inches of Hell CD
    26 tracks taken from loads of limited 7”s and splits. In total over 70 minutes of metalpunk.


    Iron Curtain – Logo Metal Pin
    Great pin to pay tribute to this great heavy/speed metal band from Spain. Limited to 50 pieces.


    Sound samples: https://soundcloud.com/dying-victims-productions

    order from: http://www.dyingvictims.com/shop
  20. Dying Victims Prod

    Dying Victims Prod Deaf Dealer

    Distro update:

    EPsAtomic Roar /Alcoholic Force - Atomic Drunkards of the Apocalypse

    Evil Army – I commander

    Mandragora – First Attack

    October 31 – Gone to the Devil
    Whipstriker – Midnight Crust

    Arrow – The Heavy Metal Mania/Master of Evil

    Axe Battler – Axe Battler

    Bloke – Demolicion

    Funeral Circle – Funeral Circle

    Hellion – Hellion
    Joel Grind – The Yellow Goat Sessions

    Johnny Touch – Inner City Wolves
    Massive Power – Massive Power

    Midnight – Complete and Total Hell
    Midnight – Satanic Royalty CD/DVD
    Mordred – The Demos 1986-1988
    Nigromante – Black Magic Night
    Night Demon – Night DemonPerversion – Storm of Evil
    Powerlord – The Awakening

    Retrosatan – Grito Mortal

    Slayer – Seeds of Horror: The Jeff Hanneman Demos
    Shitfucker – Suck Cocks in Hell

    Speed Night – El Mago

    Tankard – Alcoholic Metal

    Terminal Death – Terminal Death
    Vortex – First Bite of the Bats

    Zone Zero – The lost Legacy


    Abhorer – Rumpus of the Undead

    Bastard Grave – Demo 1
    Desaster – Divine Blasphemies
    Hellbringer – Dominion of Darkness

    Metal Grave – Journey into the Unknown Wastelander - Hibernation Sickness

    Darkness – Death Squad
    Exciter – Heavy Metal Maniac
    Venom – Triangular
    Venom – Black metal

    Non Metal
    Crimson Scarlet – Collection 2011-2014 CD
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