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    Machst du CD und/oder LP?
    Sol Records gefällt das.
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    FANTASTISCHES Coverartwork, Wahnsinn. Alleine deswegen wird reingehört....
    Danzig und Sol Records gefällt das.
  4. Sol Records

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    möglich ;)
  5. smgrth

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    Soso :D
    Sol Records gefällt das.
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    Sol Records is proud to announce the cooporation with the german atmospheric black metal act Flagras. The debut Album "Lohe" will be released by Sol Records on Digipack CD and Vinyl soon.

    Tapes already available by the band, check out here:

    In Meantime listen to the Song Útiseta:
    FLAGRAS - Útiseta

    Atmoshperic Black Metal from northern Germany,

    Expect more information soon.
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  8. Sol Records

    Sol Records Deaf Leppard



    FLAGRAS - Lohe Digipack CD

    You smoulder, you burn! FLAGRAS is a six-piece from Northern Germany whose promising EP "Glut" ("ember") from 2020, in retrospect, only cautiously announced what now manifests in their sophomore tier, the fittingly titled first full length "Lohe" (an old, Middle High German word for "flame").
    With fiery and febrile atmosphere the band hereon presents a multifaceted intense Black Metal experience, that is reminiscent of well-known German protagonists from atmospheric black metal and passionately unites the urging energy of a debut album with a fond vigour for detail and maturity - visualized masterfully also in the exceptional cover artwork by Benjamin "Aran" König @ Sperber Illustrationen.

    6-Panel Digipack with 8 sided Booklet, limited to 300 copies.

    Order HERE
    or Bandcamp

    Stream Full Album

    Tape Edition already available by the Band
    -> https://flagras.bandcamp.com/
    smgrth gefällt das.
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    Forhekset gefällt das.
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