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  1. HellAndBack

    HellAndBack Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Abattoir-Vicious Attack
    Abigor-Verwüstung/Invoke the Dark Age
    Abigor-Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)
    Agrypnie-Aetas Cineris
    Alcuna Wilds-Alcuna Wilds
    Alcuna Wilds-Murmuration Season
    Alice Cooper-Detroit Stories
    Am I Blood-The Truth Inside The Dying Sun (11 Tracks-Version mit "Supremacy Of Failure")
    Amon Amarth-Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
    Amphetamin-At The Dawn of Twilight
    Amphetamin-A Forest of Rainbows
    Andy James-Machine
    Andy James-In The Wake Of Chaos
    Andy James-Andy James
    Andy James-Exodus
    Andy James-Arrival
    Anneke Van Giersbergen-Everything Is Changing
    Anomalie-Between The Light
    Antimatter-Black Market Enlightenment
    Antzaat-For You Men Who Gaze Into The Sun
    A Pale December-The Shrine of Primal Fire
    A Pale Horse Named Death-Lay My Soul To Waste
    Arctos-Beyond the Grasp of Mortal Hands
    Arena-The Seventh Degree of Separation
    Arena-The Unquiet Sky
    Arena-Double Vision
    Asagraum-Potestas Magicum Diaboli
    Atlantean Kodex-The White Goddess
    Avenger-Blood Sports (In der 10-Track Edition mit "Too Wild To Tame")
    Avenger-Killer Elite

    Bathory-Twilight Of The Gods (Nicht die Version, wo drei Tracks zusammengefasst sind)
    Be'lakor-The Frail Tide
    Be'lakor-Stone's Reach
    Be'lakor-Of Breath and Bone
    Bewitcher-Under the Witching Cross
    Bewitcher-Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
    Billy Idol-Kings & Queens of the Underground
    Biscaya-Biscaya (in der 14 Track-Variante mit der EP)
    Blackfield-Blackfield (In der Version mit 13 Tracks, "Perfekt World", "Where Is My Love?" und "Clowdy Now"
    Black Horizons-Suicide Symphonies
    Black Horizons-A Dream's Funeral
    Black Soul Horde-Tales Of The Ancient Ones
    Black Soul Horde-Land Of Demise
    Black Soul Horde-Horrors From The Void (In der 10 Track Edition mit "Dragonfire" und "The Horde")
    Blind Fury-Out Of Reach
    Blitzkrieg-Back From Hell
    Böhse Onkelz-Böhse Onkelz
    Brocas Helm-Into Battle
    Bütcher-666 Goats Carry My Chariot
    Callisto-True Nature Unfold
    Candlebox-Into The Sun
    Candlebox-Love Stories And Other Musings
    Cirkeln-Kingdoms That No One Remembers
    Cirith Ungol-Half Past Human
    Cloak-To Venomous Depths
    Cloak-The Burning Dawn
    Cobra-Warriors Of The Dead
    Commander-The High n Mighty
    Communic-Hiding From The World
    Crippled Black Phoenix-Great Escape (In der 2-CD Version mit "Hunok Csatája" und "Uncivil War (Pt I & II)"
    Crush-Kingdom of the Kings
    Cryptic Forest-Dawn Of The Eclipse
    Cult Of Luna-The Raging River
    Dauþuz-In Finstrer Teufe
    Dauþuz–Die Grubenmähre
    Dauþuz–Des Zwerges Fluch

    Dauþuz-Grubenfall 1727
    Dauþuz-Vom schwarzen Schmied
    Dark Funeral-Where Shadows Forever Reign

    Dark Funeral-We Are The Apocalypse
    Dawn-Nær Solen Gar Niþer For Evogher
    Death Angel-The Ultra-Violence
    Death Angel-Frolic Through The Park (gerne in der 14-Track-Version mit den Bonustracks "Dehumanization", "Silent Killer" und "Witches Of Knave", die scheints aber kaum zu geben)
    Death In June-But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?
    Death Tyrant-Opus De Tyranis
    Décembre Noir-Autumn Kings
    Demon-Taking The World By Storm
    Demon-Better The Devil You Know
    Demon-Unbroken (In der MINDESTENS 12-Track-Version mit "Get The Hell Out Of Here". Es gibt auch eine 14 Track-Version, die nehme ich auch)
    Destroyer 666-Wildfire (In der 10-Track Edition mit "Deathblow")
    Dissection-Somberlain (In der 2 CD-Version)
    DoomSword-The Eternal Battle
    DragonForce-Valley Of The Damned (In der 10-Track-Edition mit "Where Dragons Rule")
    DragonForce-Sonic Firestorm (In der 9-Track-Edition mit "Cry Of The Brave")
    DragonForce-Inhuman Rampage (In der 9-Track-Edition mit "Lost Souls In Endless Time")
    Edge Of Sanity-The Spectral Sorrows
    Enforce-The Final Sign
    Enforcer-From Beyond
    Enforcer-Zenith (In der 12 Track-Edition mit "Breaker Of The Chains")
    Eternal Champion-Ravening Iron
    Exciter-Violence & Force (Die 10 Track-Version inklusive "Evil Sinner")
    Exciter-Kill After Kill
    Extreme-Saudades De Rock (Die 14-Track-Version inklusive "Americocaine")
    Falls Of Rauros-Believe In No Coming Shore
    Fen-Epoch (In der 10-Track-Variante mit "The Wind Whispers Of Loss" und "...From The Mists")
    Fen-Carrion Skies
    Funeral-From These Wounds (In der 8-Track-Version mit "Breathing Through You")
    Funeral-To Mourn Is A Virtue
    Funeral-Oratorium (In der 2-CD-Version)
    Funeral-Praesentialis In Aeternum (Unter Vorbehalt, da bislang noch keine vollständige CD-Version draußen ist)
    Geddy Lee-My Favorite Headache
    Ghost Bath-Funeral
    Ghost Ship Octavius-Ghost Ship Octavius
    Ghost Ship Octavius-Delirium
    Glacier-Glacier (In der 6-Track Version mit "Sands Of Time")
    Glacier-The Passing Of Time
    Grafvitnir-Obeisance to a Witch Moon
    Grafvitnir-Keys To The Mysteries Beyond
    Grafvitnir-Venenum Scorpionis
    Grafvitnir-Death's Wings Widespread
    Grand Magus-Hammer Of The North
    Grand Magus-Triumph And Power (In der 11-Track-Version mit "Blackmoon")
    Grave Pleasures-Dreamcrash
    Griffin-Flight Of The Griffin
    Grim Reaper-See You In Hell
    Grim Reaper-Rock You To Hell
    Groza-Unified In Void
    Groza-The Redemptive End
    Gygax-High Fantasy
    Hanker-In Our World (In der 12-Track-Version mit "Rain Of Death")
    Harakiri For The Sky-III: Trauma
    Havukruunu-Kelle Surut Soi
    Havukruunu-Uinuos Syömein Sota
    Havukruunu-Kuu Erkylän Yllä
    Heir Apparent-One Small Voice (In der 14-Track-Version inklusive "The Haunting", "Two Hearts" und "Alone Again" als Demo)
    Heretic-Breaking Point (In der 11-Track-Version inklusive "Impulse")
    Hittman-De$troy All Humans
    Hour Of Penance-Sedition
    Hyperion-Seraphical Euphony
    Ice Sword-Dragon Magic
    Impending Doom-Signum Of Hate
    Imperious-Godless Divinity
    Inexorum-Moonlit Navigation
    In Letter Form-Fracture. Repair. Repeat.
    Infinity-Enter Thy Labyrinth Of Hell
    Infinity-Non De Hac Terra
    Iskald-Revelation of Reckoning Day
    Iskald-The Sun I Carried Alone
    Jennifer Rostock-Ins Offene Messer
    Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus-Bloom
    Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus-Spirit Knife
    Katatonia-Tonight's Music
    Katatonia-The Fall Of Hearts (In der 13-Track-Version mit "Vakaren")
    Keen Hue-Ogre King
    Knorkator-Das Nächste Album Aller Zeiten
    Kontinuum-No Need to Reason
    Lake Of Tears-Moons And Mushrooms (in der 9-Track-Version inklusive "Is There A Better Way")
    Leatherwolf-Leatherwolf/Endangered Species
    Leatherwolf-Street Ready
    Lethe-When Dreams Become Nightmares
    Lethe-The First Corpse On The Moon
    Litosth-Crossed Parallels Of Self Refraction
    Lock Howl-Pareidolia
    Long Distance Calling-How Do We Want To Live?
    Lord Belial-Kiss The Goat
    Lord Belial-Enter The Moonlight Gate
    Lord Belial-The Seal Of Belial
    Lord Belial-The Black Curse
    Loudness-Thunder in the East
    Loudness-Shadows Of War
    Loudness-Hurricane Eyes
    Loudness-Soldier of Fortune
    Loudness-On The Prowl
    Lucyfire-This Dollar Saved My Life At Whitehorse
    Lynx-Caught in the Trap
    Magnitude 9-Decoding The Soul (In der 11-Track-Edition mit "Relay Torque")
    Make a Change... Kill Yourself-Fri
    Make a Change... Kill Yourself-IV
    Make A Change... Kill Yourself-Oblivion Omitted
    Malice-License To Kill
    Malteze-Count Your Blessings
    Mardom-The Path Of No Return
    Masters Of Disguise-The Savage And The Grace
    Masters Of Disguise-Alpha / Omega
    Medieval Steel-Medieval Steel
    Metalucifer-Heavy Metal Drill
    Metalucifer-Heavy Metal Chainsaw
    Midvinter-At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon
    Molly Hatchet-Beatin' The Odds
    Molly Hatchet-Take No Prisoners
    Mörk Gryning-Return Fire
    Mörk Gryning-Tusen År Har Gått
    Myronath-Into The Qliphoth
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  2. HellAndBack

    HellAndBack Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Necrophobic-Death To All
    Necrophobic-Dawn of the Damned
    Netherbird-Monument Black Colossal
    Netherbird-The Grander Voyage
    Netherbird-Hymns from Realms Yonder
    New Model Army-Vengeance - The Independent Story
    New Model Army-Strange Brotherhood (In der 2CD-Version)

    New Model Army-High
    New Model Army-Carnival (Redux-Version von 2020)
    Obscure Infinity-Putrefying Illusions
    Obscure Infinity-Into The Vortex Of Obscurity
    Obsequiae-Suspended in the Brume of Eos
    Obsequiae-Aria Of Vernal Tombs
    Obsequiae-The Palms of Sorrowed Kings
    October Falls-The Streams Of The End
    October Falls-The Womb Of Primordial Nature
    October Falls-A Collapse Of Faith
    October Falls-The Plague Of A Coming Age
    October Falls-A Fall of an Epoch
    Oliver Magnum-Oliver Magnum
    Ostrogoth-Ecstasy And Danger
    Ostrogoth-Full Moon's Eyes
    Ostrogoth-Feelings Of Fury
    Overkill-Taking Over
    Paradise Lost-One Second (In der 16-Track-Version)
    Paralysed Age-Nocturne
    Pink Turns Blue-If Two Worlds Kiss
    Pink Turns Blue-Phoenix
    Pink Turns Blue-Ghost
    Pink Turns Blue-Storm
    Pink Turns Blue-The Aerdt - Untold Stories

    Porcupine Tree-Lightbulb Sun
    Psychotic Waltz-A Social Grace
    Psyco Drama-The Illusion
    ReVamp-ReVamp (In der 14-Track-Version mit "No Honey For The Damned")
    Rex Inferi-Like A Hurricane
    Rich Kids On LSD-Reactivate
    Rimfrost-A Frozen World Unknown
    Riot City-Burn The Night
    Riverside-Memories In My Head
    Ropes Of Night-Impossible Space
    Running Wild-Blood on Blood
    Rush-Clockwork Angels
    Ruthless-Discipline Of Steel + Metal Without Mercy
    Sabïre-Gates Ajar
    Sacramentum-Finis Malorum
    Scariot-Strange To Numbers (Also WENN jemand den Japanimport mit 13 Tracks hat, den würde ich ja schon nehmen...)
    Sentenced-The Funeral Album
    Sentinel Beast-Depths Of Death (In der 12-Track Version mit "The Full Treatment-Demo")
    Seth-La Morsure Du Christ
    Sinira-The Everlorn
    Shadow Warrior-Cyberblade
    Shadows Fall-Retribution
    Shining-V - Halmstad
    Shok Paris-Concrete Killers
    Siouxsie & The Banshees-Juju (In der 12-Track-Version mit "Fireworks")
    Siouxsie & The Banshees-Through The Looking Glass
    Stormwarrior-Stormwarrior (in der 12-Track-Version mit Heavy Metal (Is The Law))
    Sólstafir-Svartir Sandar
    Sólstafir-Ótta (In der 11-Track Version inklusive "Tilberi" , "Til Valhallar" und "Òtta(Elevator Mix)"
    Sólstafir-Berdreyminn (In der 11-Track Version inklusive "Svart Blóð" und "Samband Í Berlin")
    Sólstafir-Endless Twilight of Codependent Love (In der 11-Track Version mit "Hrollkalda Þoka Einmanaleikans" und "Hann For Sjalfur")
    Sonata Arctica-For The Sake Of Revenge (In der 16-Track Edition mit "San Sebastion")
    Soror Dolorosa-Blind Scenes
    Soror Dolorosa-Severance (In der 7 Track-Version mit "Lsd")
    Soror Dolorosa-No More Heroes
    Soror Dolorosa-Apollo
    Soviet Soviet-Fate
    Soviet Soviet-Endless
    Soviet Soviet-Summer, Jesus
    Spectral Wound-Terra Nullius
    Spectral Wound-Infernal Decadense
    Spectral Wound-A Diabolical Thirst
    Stortregn-Evocation Of Light (In der 11 Track-Version mit "Meanders Of The Nifht" und "GReeting Immortality")
    Stortregn-Emptiness Fills the Void
    Swallow The Sun-New Moon
    Tank-War Machine (In der 11-Track-Version mit "Dead Man Walking" und "Honour And Blood")
    The Cult-Love (In der 2 CD-Version)
    The Cult-Dreamtime (In der 13 Track-Version mit "Bonebag", "Sea And Sky" und "Resurrection Joe")
    The Jezabels-Dark Storm
    The Moaning-Blood From Stone
    The Other Side Of The Sky-Rorschach
    The Rope-Lilian
    The Shadow Theory-Behind The Black Veil
    The Spirit-Cosmic Terror
    Thor-Unchained (In der 18-Track Version mit der "Lightning Strikes Again EP")
    Threshold-Clone (In der 12-Track-Version mit "The Latent Gene (Uncut Version)
    Thrice-To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere
    Thrice-Horizons / East
    Throes Of Sanity-The Upheval
    Thy Primordial-At The World Of Untrodden Wonder
    Tierra Santa-Medieval
    Tierra Santa-Legendario
    Tierra Santa-Tierras de Leyenda
    Tierra Santa-Sangre de Reyes
    Tierra Santa-Indomable
    Tool-Fear Inoculum
    Totalselfhatred-Apocalypse In Your Heart
    Traitrs-Speak In Tongues
    Traitrs-Butcher's Coin
    Traitrs-Rites And Ritual
    Treat-The Pleasure Principle (In der 10 Track-Edition mit "Steel Your Heart Away")
    Treat-Dreamhunter (In der 11-Track-Version mit "Tush")
    Treat-Organized Crime
    Tröjan-Chasing The Storm
    Tygers Of Pan Tang-Crazy Nights (In der 12 Track Version)
    Tygers Of Pan Tang-The Wreck-Age
    Tygers Of Pan Tang-Burning In The Shade
    Tygers Of Pan Tang-Animal Instinct
    Tyrant-Legions Of The Dead (In der 17 Track Version)
    Tytan-Rough Justice
    UADA-Devoid The Light
    UADA-Cult of a Dying Sun
    Unanimated-In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead (In der 16 Track-Verison mit dem "Fire Storm Demo")
    Unanimated-Ancient God Of Evil (In der 11-Track Version mit "Storms From The Skies Of Grief" und "Outro")
    Valkyrja-Throne Ablaze
    Vicious Rumors-Digital Dictator
    Vinterland-Welcome My Last Chapter (Im 10-Track-Rerelease)
    Virtue-We Stand To Fight
    Voodus-Into The Wild
    Vultures Vengeance-The Knightlore
    W.A.S.P.-The Neon God: Part 1 - The Rise
    W.A.S.P.-The Neon God (Part Two) - The Demise
    40 Watt Sun-The Inside Room
    40 Watt Sun-Wider Than The Sky
    White Wolf-Endangered Species
    Windfaerer-Breaths Of Elder Dawns
    Witchwood-Before The Winter
    Wormwitch-Heaven That Dwells Within
    Worsen-Cursed to Witness Life
    Wytch Hazel-III: Pentacost
    Year of The Goat-Lucem Ferre
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  3. HellAndBack

    HellAndBack Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Absztrakkt-Das Buch Der Drei Ringe
    Absztrakkt & Cr7z-Waage & Fische
    Anneke van Giersbergen-The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest
    Antilopen Gang-Abbruch Abbruch
    Aviators-Dystopian Fiction
    Bat For Lashes-Lost Girls
    (BESTie)-(Hot Baby)
    Bleib Modern-All Is Fair In Love And War (Also WENN jemand die Sonderedition mit den Singletracks hat... aber die normale nehm ich auch)
    Bleib Modern-Vale Of Tears
    Bleib Modern-Antagonism
    Bleib Modern-Afraid To Leave
    Box And The Twins-Everywhere I Go Is Silence
    Box And The Twins-Zerfall
    Boy Harsher-Country Girl
    Boy Harsher-Careful
    Christina Perri-Lovestrong (In der 15 Track-Version mit "Backwards", "Black+ Blue" und "My Eyes")
    Dana Jean Phoenix-Drrty shooz
    Dana Jean Phoenix-Le Mirage
    Dana Jean Phoenix-Synth City
    Dana Jean Phoenix-PixelDust
    Dana Jean Phoenix & Powernerd-Megawave
    Danger Dan-Dinkelbrot & Ölsardinen
    Danger Dan-Reflexionen aus dem beschönigten Leben
    Daughter-Not To Disappear (In der 11-Track Version mit "The End")
    Dead Astronauts-Arms Of Night
    Der Blaue Reiter-Nuclear Sun - Chronicle Of A Nuclear Disaster
    Der Blaue Reiter-Fragments Of Life, Love & War
    Erotic Elk-Solitary
    Erotic Elk-Design With Circuitry
    Florence + The Machine-How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (In der 16-Track-Edition inklusive "Hiding" und "Make Up Your Mind")
    Florence + The Machine-High as Hope
    Futurecop!-Fairy Tales
    Gary Numan-I, Assassin
    Gary Numan-Warriors
    Gary Numan-The Fury (In der 14-Track-Edition)
    Gary Numan-Strange Charm (In der 13-Track-Edition mit "Survival")
    Gary Numan-Metal Rhythm (In der 15-Track-Edition mit "I d'ont Believe" und "Children")
    Gary Numan-Outland (In der 18 Track-Edition mit "Shame" und "Icehouse")
    Gary Numan-Pure
    Gary Numan-Jagged
    Gary Numan-Dead Son Rising
    Gary Numan-Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)
    Gary Numan-Savage (Songs From A Broken World) (In der 11-Track Version mit "As I Said")
    Gary Numan-Intruder
    GFriend 여자친구-LOL
    Girls' Generation-Girls' Generation
    Girls' Generation-Oh!
    Girls' Generation-Repackage Album GIRLS' GENERATION ~The Boys~
    Girls' Generation-GIRLS' GENERATION II ~Girls & Peace~
    Girls' Generation-I Got A Boy
    Glass Apple Bonzai-Glass Apple Bonzai (In der 13-Track-Version inklusive "I Can’t Stop Running" und "My Alliance (To Science!)")
    Glass Apple Bonzai-Night Maze
    Glass Apple Bonzai-In The Dark
    Gunship-Dark All Day
    Ingrid Michaelson-Human Again (In der 17-Track-Version mit "Live It With Love" und "End Of the World")
    Jessie Frye-Kiss Me In The Rain
    Justin Sullivan–Navigating by the Stars
    Katharina Nuttall-Turn Me On
    Koljah & NMZS-Motto Mobbing
    Korine-New Arrangements
    Korine-The Night We Raise
    Lebanon Hanover-The World Is Getting Colder (In der 16-Track-Edition mit "Loch Ness", "Brainless And Faceless" und so weiter)
    Lebanon Hanover-Besides The Abyss
    Lebanon Hanover-Let Them Be Alien
    Lebanon Hanover-Sci-Fi Sky
    Lunatic Soul-Fractured
    INVSN-The Beautiful Stories
    Maeckes & Plan B-!#?@$!
    Magic Dance-The Mirror Of Dreams
    Magic Dance-Vanishings
    Marina & The Diamonds-The Family Jewels (In der 15-Track-Version mit "Family Jewels" und "Seventeen")
    Marina & The Diamonds-Electra Heart (In der 16-Track-Version mit "Lonely Hearts Club" und "Buy The Stars")
    Maxthor-Another World
    Men Without Hats-Love in the Age of War
    Miss Anthropy-Seeds
    Molly Nilsson-These Things Take Time
    Molly Nilsson-Follow The Light
    Molly Nilsson-History
    Mr. Kitty-Life
    Mr. Kitty-Eternity
    Mr. Kitty-Time
    Mr. Kitty-Fragments
    Nina-The Beginning
    NMSZ-Der Ekelhafte
    NMZS & Danger Dan-Aschenbecher
    (OH MY GIRL)-Coloring Book
    (OH MY GIRL)-Windy Day
    Priest-New Flesh
    Prinz Porno-Zeit Ist Geld
    Roosevelt-Young Romance (In der 13-Track Variante mit "Teardrops")
    Sally Shapiro-Disco Romance
    Savlonic-Black Plastic
    Scooter-We Bring The Noise! (In der 13-Track Version mit "Am Fenster" oder als 2-CD "20 Years Of Hardcore")
    Scooter-Mind The Gap (In der 20 Years Of Hardcore-2CD-Edition mit Shinjuku, Suffix und Circle Of Life)
    Scooter-Music For A Big Night Out
    Scooter-God Save the Rave
    Sigur Rós-( )
    Sigur Rós-Valtari
    Siouxsie & The Banshees-The Scream (In der 2 CD-Version)
    Siouxsie & The Banshees-Hyæna (In der 13-Track-Version mit "Dear Prudence")
    Siouxsie & The Banshees-Superstition
    Syrian-Kosmonauta (In der 14-Track-Edition mit "Atomic" und "Vega Velocity")
    Syrian-Death of a Sun (In der 15-Track-Version mit "Midnight Run")
    Tesla Boy-Modern Thrills
    Tesla Boy-Tesla Boy
    Tesla Boy-The Universe Made Of Darkness
    Tesla Boy-Moses
    The Anix-An Illusion of time
    The Anix-Sleepwalker
    The Anix-Ephemeral
    The Midnight-Monsters
    This Cold Night-Enigmatic Individual
    This Cold Night-We of Like Minds
    Trevor Something-Synthetic Love
    Trevor Something-Trevor Something Does Not Exist
    Trevor Something-Death Dream
    Trevor Something-Ultraparanoia
    Trevor Something-Bots Don't Cry
    Twice-Page Two
    Twice-TWICEcoaster : LANE 1
    undertheskin-N E G A T I V E
    Vanessa Carlton-Love Is An Art
    Wolfclub-Just Drive Part I
    Wolfclub-Just Drive Part II
    Zugezogen Maskulin-10 Jahre Abfuck
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  4. Fire Down Under

    Fire Down Under Redakteur Roadcrew

    Bei ein paar Sachen könnte ich Dir aushelfen. Habe aber noch eine Frage, weil das nicht eindeutig aus dem Thread hervorgeht: suchst Du generell nur CDs oder auch Vinyl?
  5. Fire Down Under

    Fire Down Under Redakteur Roadcrew

    Alles klar, PM folgt, sobald ich mit Durchhören der betreffenden Kandidaten fertig bin!
  6. Vauxdvihl

    Vauxdvihl Till Deaf Do Us Part

    was bedeuten die roten CDs? Ich hätte sonst die AGUA DE ANNIQUE abzugeben.
  7. emskopp

    emskopp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Beim Gates Of Ishtar Debut hast du derzeit noch die Qual der Wahl zwischen Rerelease von VIC Records (Original COver) und Century Media (neues COver)
  8. Beermudda

    Beermudda Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ich gehe davon aus, daß die Liste aktuell ist. Ich drucke das morgen mal aus und trinke bei einer Plattendealerin ein Bier während sie wühlt. Die Wishmaster von Nightwish hat sie auf jeden Fall. Was das Zeug kostet weiß ich nicht. Aber gucken kostet nix :)
  9. Beermudda

    Beermudda Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Wir schauen die Liste mal durch. Dann reden wir weiter:)
  10. Impaler666

    Impaler666 Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Danke! Von den Bonus Tracks wusste ich bisher gar nicht.
    Gleich mal auf Apple Music checken.
  11. emskopp

    emskopp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    die Axehammer würde ich mal bei Discogs schauen (Preise ab 9 Euronen zzgl Porto). In der Bucht ist keine drin derzeit
  12. emskopp

    emskopp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    defintiv richtig. Aber ich denke mal, dass die Axehammer hier wohl weniger verkauft werden wird. Ich habe auf discogs bislang keine schlechten Erfahrungen gemacht.
  13. Stahlprophet

    Stahlprophet Till Deaf Do Us Part

    My dying bride - trinity

    Die könnt ich dir veräussern, leider fehlt der schuber
    Cd nur einmal von mir gehört
  14. Stahlprophet

    Stahlprophet Till Deaf Do Us Part

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    So siehts aus :)
  15. Sodom

    Sodom Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ich habe 5 Alben die ich verkaufen würde.
    Böhse Onkelz-Memento
    Primordial-To The Nameless Dead
    Running Wild-Resilient und Rapid Foray
  16. minimeini

    minimeini Deaf Leppard

  17. Guardian

    Guardian Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Die liegt hier in neuwertigem Zustand in meinem Aussortiert-Stapel... Wenn da also Deinerseits noch Bedarf besteht, schick mir kurz eine PM.
  18. Stahlprophet

    Stahlprophet Till Deaf Do Us Part

  19. FlameOfEternity

    FlameOfEternity Till Deaf Do Us Part

  20. HellAndBack

    HellAndBack Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Neu dazu:

    Anomalie-Between The Light
    Asagraum-Potestas Magicum Diaboli
    Bewitcher-Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
    Böhse Onkelz-Böhse Onkelz
    Cirkeln-Kingdoms That No One Remembers
    Cult Of Luna-The Raging River
    Dauþuz-Vom schwarzen Schmied
    Dark Funeral-Where Shadows Forever Reign
    Funeral-Praesentialis In Aeternum (Unter Vorbehalt, da bislang noch keine vollständige CD-Version draußen ist)
    Grafvitnir-Keys To The Mysteries Beyond
    Grave Pleasures-Dreamcrash
    Lethe-When Dreams Become Nightmares
    Lethe-The First Corpse On The Moon
    Litosth-Crossed Parallels Of Self Refraction
    Long Distance Calling-How Do We Want To Live?
    Make A Change... Kill Yourself-Oblivion Omitted
    Paralysed Age-Nocturne
    Pink Turns Blue-Storm
    Pink Turns Blue-The Aerdt - Untold Stories
    Sacramentum-Finis Malorum
    Siouxsie & The Banshees-Through The Looking Glass
    Treat-Organized Crime
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