HRAUN - Black Molten Essence

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    ⸸ HRAUN announces debut album „Black Molten Essence“ ⸸
    Hraun channels the essence of 90s goth without its usual pathos, early doom death and black metal into something peculiarly unique.

    The two Germans’ debut full-length is special not only due to its crossover potential but also because it demonstrates traditional songwriting at its best, irrespective of genre. Fittingly, the duo tackles a broad thematic spectrum in their lyrics, ranging from extreme everyday situations to psychological scenarios. Whether addressing supernatural powers like in the opening video track ‘Occult Blood’ or insurmountable pain as in ‘Take Back The Light’, which harks back to My Dying Bride’s violin elegies: “Black Molten Essence” is both what the title suggests and much, much more.


    “Black Molten Essence” will be released 24.04.2020 on CD and Digital Download by FDA Records/ Soulfood Music.


    Track listing:
    01. Occult Blood
    02. Rituals
    03. In The Pouring Rain I Lie
    04. Seducing Voices
    05. Hamarinn
    06. Take Back The Light
    07. Through The River Black

    running : 39:29 Min

    Coverartwork by Rebecca Weik.


    HRAUN line-up:
    S.B. - Vocals
    M.S. - Instruments, Backing Vocals

    HRAUN online:
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  3. Reek-oh

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    Okkultes Blut - wirklich?
  5. Reek-oh

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    Deine Frage - echt jetzt ?
  6. SBS

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    Naja, wenn es da um Darmkrebsvorsorge geht, bitte. Gibt ja nicht mehr viel worüber man noch singen könnte.
    deleted_5835 und casta gefällt das.
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    Für Stuhlgang in sämtlichen Ausprägungen fühlt Gutalax sich ja bereits zuständig...
    SBS gefällt das.
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