[Biete] Kreyson, Apollo Ra, Count Raven, Manilla Road, Pagan Altar, Talon, Reverend Bizarre, Artizan

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  1. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Die Preise sind VHB.
    Gerne auch Tausch, u.a. gegen CDs von meiner Suchliste:


    Neu dazu:
    Kreyson: Elixir Zivota 25€

    Apollo Ra: Ra Pariah (No Remorse) 14€
    Artizan: Ancestral Energy 8€
    Artizan: Curse Of The Artizan 8€
    Count Raven: High On Infinity (Hellhound) 5€
    Dio: The Very Beast Of Dio Vol. 2 3€
    Duke: Escape From Reality 1€
    Manilla Road: The Deluge (Underground Symphony) 10€
    Metalhead: Metalhead 3€
    Pagan Altar: Mythical & Magical (Oracle Records) 10€
    Talon: Neutralized (Top X Music) 8€
    Spartan Warrior: Hell To Pay 6€

    7-9-7 ‎– Get Me To The World On Time 4€

    A. O. K. - Dreilochbegehbar und herrenrundentauglich (OVP) 5€
    Abstrakt Algebra: Abstrakt Algebra 10€
    Acid - Maniac (Zeppelin Records) 7€
    Afterlife: Enter The Dragon 1€
    Agent Fresco: A Long Time Listening 7€
    Agnostic Front: Get Loud! 7€

    Alexey Strike (RUS): Время Полной Луны/Time Of A Fullmoon 5€
    Alpha Tiger: Identity 3€
    Altar Of Oblivion: The Shadow Era 16€
    Alvin Lee Detroit Diesel 7€

    Amos Lee - Mission Bell (OVP) - 6€
    Anarion: The Journey Begins

    Anciients: Voice Of The Void 8€
    Annwn: Aeon 5€
    Another Reason: Take Control 1€
    Anvil: Juggernaut Of Justice 4€

    Appearance Of Nothing: All Gods Are Gone 5€
    Arcana XXII: This Burning Darkness 2€
    Arctic Flame: Primeval Aggressor 5€
    Ard: Take Up My Bones (OVP) 14€
    Arkham Witch: On Crom's Mountain (2011) 8€

    Armageddon (Arch Enemy) - Embrace The Mystery (JPN edition TFCK-87234) 9€
    Armageddon (CYP) : Rev. 16:16 3€
    Armageddon (SRB): Egyptian Suite 3€
    Armed Forces: Take on The Nation! 8€
    Armored Saint: Nod To The Old School (limited , 2 CDs) 6€
    Arteria (RUS): Fly To The Light/Лети На Свет 4€
    Arteria (RUS): In Search Of New Life/В поисках новой жизни 4€
    Artizan - Demon Rider (OVP) - 8€
    ARYA – The Vision (CD + DVD) 10€
    Arven: Black Is The Colour (limited Digipack) 5€

    ASP: Per Aspera Ad Aspera (2 CD Box, CD2 springt) kostenlos
    Aspire: In Defiance Of Fortune 8€
    Assignment: Progressive Changes 6€
    At War With Self ‎– Torn Between Dimensions 2€
    Attacker: Giants Of Canaan 7€

    August Redmoon: Fools Are Never Alone (High Vaultage 2003) 10€
    Avatar: Feathers & Flesh (CD + DVD) 7€

    Backlash: Backlash (limited 500) 10€
    Balam: Balam 5€
    Balistik Kick: Destroy 7€
    Battlefield: Still And Ever Again 10€
    Beast: Dark City 5€
    Big Eden: Side By Side 2€
    Bishop Steel: Die To Live it! 5€
    Black Hawk: The Invasion 7€

    Black Wreath: A Pyre Of Lost Dreams 7€
    Blacksmith: Time Out Of Mind 10€
    Bloody Climax: Back To The Wall (327/700) 8€
    Body Count: Live & Alive 3€
    Bombus: Repeat Until Death 4€
    Bonfire - Freudenfeuer (2017) (OVP) - 9€
    Breaker (US): First Contact - Live In Bremen 2000 15€

    Candle: The Keeper's Curse 5€
    Cast Iron: Leather & Metal 7€
    CETI (POL): Razism 10€
    Champion Featuring Alex Machin: Champion (limited und nummeriert) 5€
    Catastrophe Ballet: Test Of Time 1€
    Charm The Fury - The Sick, Dumb & Happy (ltd. Digi, OVP) 4€
    Cinderella: Bad Attitude 3€
    Claymore: Lament Of Victory 4€
    Convixion - Metal Drinkin' Conspiracy 10€
    Corvus Corax: Cantus Buranus II (Digibook) 5€

    Corvus Corax: Sverker (limited Digi) 7€
    Coyote Kings Feelin' Lucky 5€
    Craig Goldy (Dio) - Better Late Than Never (Shrapnel 1995) 5€
    Cresent: Cresent 5€
    Crossroads: Hype 5€
    Cruachan: The Middle Kingdom (Digipack, 1 Bonus Track) 7€
    Crucifier: Cursed Cross 7€
    Crusader: Onward Into Battle 9€
    Crystal Myth: Digital Dreams 6€
    Crysys: Hard As Rock

    Damien Thorne: End Of The Game 7€
    Danny Joe Brown And The Danny Joe Brown Band: same 12€
    Dantesco: De La Mano De La Muerte 8€
    Dantesco: Venancio 7€
    Dark Lambency: Spectra (OVP) 4€
    Dark Mirror: Visions Of Pain 4€
    Darkest Era: The Journey Through Damnation 4€
    Dave Hole Working Overtime 3€
    Dawn Hawk - Judas (numbered edition, OVP) 12€
    DawnRider: Fate Is Calling I 5€
    Dazkarieh: Hemisferios (2 CDs) 5€
    Dead Lord: Heads Held High 5€

    Demon Bitch: Death Is Hanging + Demo '12 8€
    Desdemonia: Same 4€
    Diamond Plate - Generation Why? (OVP) - 8€
    DNME: Last Of A Dying Breed 8€
    Doctor Rain - …And The Knife Ran Away With The Spoon 4€
    Dogbane: Residual Alcatraz 5€

    Doogie White: As Yet Untitled 4€
    Dool: Sketches Of Summerlands (OVP) 2€
    Drainland - And So Our Troubles Began (numbered edition, Southern Lord 2011) 6€

    Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland: Reversing Time 2€
    Dreamstate: Beyond The Mirrors 10€
    Drivin N Cryin: Smoke 2€

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  2. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Economist: New Built Ghetto Status 2€
    Electric Ducks Back'n'forth 5€
    Elmsfire: Horizons 8€
    Elmsfire: Hour Of The Wolf 8€
    Empty Storage: Mortalitas 3€
    Energy Vampires: Energy Vampires 8€
    Epidemia (RUS): Elfiyskaya Rukopis 3€
    Epitaph: Crawling Out Of The Crypt 4€
    Exilia ‎– Unleashed (CD + DVD) 3€
    Exotherm: Project 47 2€

    Fair Warning - Rainmaker (JPN edition, WEA 1995) 9€

    Faith: Salvation Lies Within 5€
    Faktor Straha (RUS): Театр Военных Действий: Акт 1 4€
    Falconer: Chapters From A Vale Forlorn 3€
    Falconer: Falconer 3€
    Fallen Angel: Crawling Out Of Hell 7€
    Fatal Opera: Fatal Opera (Massacre 1995) 8€
    Father Merrin: All Is Well That Ends In Hell 3€
    Forces At Work: Straight 3€
    Frontkick: The Cause Of The Rebel 2€

    Gallow God – False Mystical Prose 4€
    Gallows Pole: We Wanna Come Home 6€
    Garden Of Worm: Idle Stones 5€
    Garrobos (MEX): Un Segundo Mas... 10€

    Geinitz & Friends: Same (28/300) 6€
    Genesis: A Trick Of The Tail 5€
    Genesis: Three nights in Philly live (DoCD) 6€
    Genius - Episode 1: A Human Into Dreams' World (JPN edition) 10€
    Goat Of Mendes: Hagazussa 5€
    Goddo - In Goddo We Trust 3€
    Goethes Erben: Blau Rebell & Gewinn für die Vergangenheit (DVD) 8€
    Gonoreas - Outbreak (OVP) 10€

    Green Yeti: The Yeti Has Landed (Eigenproduktion) 8€
    Guardian Angel: Oblivion Seas 8€
    Guild Of Ages - One (JPN) 9€

    Halford: Live In Anaheim (Do CD) 7€
    Halford: Live At Saitama Super Arena 8€

    Hammerforce (RUS): Dice 5€

    Hammeron: Nothing To Do But Rock 5€
    Harbinger: Doom On You 5€
    Hattrick (CZ) (Ales Brichta): I.+II. 8€
    Heart Attack: Heart Revolution 4€
    Heaven's Cry - Food For Thought Substitute (Japanese edition) 11€

    High Tension: High Tension (aka "Masters Of Madness") 5€
    High Tension: Warrior (Top X 2013) 6€
    Houndwolf: Beware Of The Dog 10€
    Holy Dragons: Voskhod Chernoy Luny 4€

    Holy Dragons: Wolves of Odin 5€
    Holy Grail: Crisis In Utopia 5€
    Howe, Steve (Yes): Natural Timbre (OVP) 5€
    Humungus: Balls 7€
    Hundred: The forest Kingdom part One (Backcover fehlt) kostenlos
    Hunted: Welcome The Dead 4€

    Images At Twilight - Kings (OVP) - 8€
    In Extremo: Sängerkrieg (limited Discbox Slider) 4€

    Interceptor: Wise Is The Beast...But The Hunter Doesn't Know 8€
    Iron Fire ‎– Thunderstorm 5€
    Iron Fire: On The Edge 7€
    Iron Fire: Thunderstorm 7€

    Iron Savior: Megatropolis (limited Digi) 6€

    Jingo De Lunch: Axe To Grind 8€
    John Campbell: Howlin Mercy 4€
    Jon Butcher: Pictures From The Front 4€
    Judge Mercy: Protocol So Holy (limited) 8€

    Kalashnikow: Trug 3€
    King Heavy: King Heavy 5€
    Kipelov & Mavrin (RUS): Smutnoye Vremya 6€
    Krutch ‎– Whatever It Takes 4€
    Kula Shaker: K 1€
    Kultasiipi: Matkalla 10€

    Laine, Cleo: Wordsongs 8€

    La-Ventura - A New Beginning 5€
    Leslie West: Alligator 4€

    Lions From Alaska: Rebirth Of The Phoenix (aus Kulmbach)
    Lita Ford: Live & Deadly ( 934 / 1000) 14€
    Live: Throwing Copper 1€

    Loudness: Early Years Collection (Japan Pressung, inkl. OBI) 20€
    Loudness: Golden Best
    Lucifer's Fall: Lucifer's Fall 3€
    Lydian Sea: Invisible Reign 5€
    Lysergene - Critical Mass (Aesthetic Death 2008, ltd. 1000 copies) 2€

    Mac Beth: III (Signo Records 1994) 6€
    Macbeth: Wiedergänger 5€
    Madame Mayhem - Now You Know (OVP) - 7€
    Magdallan - Big Bang (Intense 1992) 5€
    Magnum: Wings Of Heaven 3€

    Malo: Malo 5€
    Mandrake (DK): Breaking Out 4€
    Marauder: Sense Of Metal (Rerelease 2005) 4€

    Martyrion: Refugium Exile 5€
    Masterplan ‎– Time To Be King (limited Digi) 5€

    Masterplan: MK II (limited Digibook) 3€
    Mayfair: Behind (General Inquisitor Torquemado's Releases) 5€
    McQueen Street: McQueen Street 8€

    Megahera: Metal Maniac Attack 4€
    Mercury Fang: Ignition 2€
    Metalhead: Metalhead 4€

    Mick Clarke Band Roll Again 6€
    Midnight Chaser: Lion's Choice 8€
    Miles Beyond: Miles Beyond (Rock Revolution) 6€
    Misha Calvin - Evolution II (Majestic Rock 2004) 7€
    Molly Hatchet: Lightning Strikes Twice 8€

    Monsters (D): Riot In The Night 8€
    Morning Star: Weight Of The Hammer 6€

    Mortal Whisper: Mortal Whisper 6€
    Mountain Throne: Stormcoven 5€

    Myon - Ghost In Paradise (Crash 2005) 5€
    Mystic Prophecy: Fireangel (Digipack, 2 CDs) 7€

    Narcissus ‎– Crave And Collapse (OVP) 3€
    Nasty Savage: Nasty Savage (Canadian Pressing) 12€

    Natisk: Волчьи Слёзы 5€
    Nazareth 2 X S 5€
    Necrytis: Dread En Ruin 7€

    New Light Choir: Volume II 4€
    Nightmare - One Night Of Insurrection (DVD+CD, OVP) 9€
    No Fear: Our Saying 4€
    Nuclear Valdez: Dream Another Dream 1€

    Omen (HUN): Brutalis Tango (Hammer Records 2012) 14€

    Orden Ogan: To The End (limited Digi, CD + DVD) 7€
    Orden Ogan: To The End 5€
    Orissa: Resurrection 5€
    Outlaw Order - Dragging Down The Enforcer (ltd. metal box) 6€
    Outlaws ‎– Hittin' The Road Live! 5€
    Oversoul: Seven Days In November... (Brainticket) 4€

    P.O.S.T.: Pain (Cd Maximum 2008) 5€

    Paatos ‎– Timeloss 5€
    Painflow: Audio-Visual-Aids 1€
    Pan Ram: Rats 3€

    Parche: Son Of A Healer 3€
    Phoenix Reign: Destination Unknown 4€
    Pink Cream 69: 49 / 8 5€
    Popa Chubby Band Gas Money 6€
    Pretty Maids: Sin-Decade 3€
    Process Of Guilt: Faemin (limited 500) 7€

    Prong - Ruining Lives (ltd. digi, OVP) 9€
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  3. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Queen: Greatest Hits I-III, Platinum Collection (Remastered 2011, Pappschuber) 6€
    Quiet Riot: Condition Critical 4€

    Radiation 4 ‎– Wonderland 5€
    Rage ‎– Unity (limited Digi) 3€

    Railway - II (Metal Mind numbered digi, OVP) 9€
    Rammstein: Maximum Rammstein 8€

    Raven Black Night: Choose The Dark 9€
    Red Fun: same 4€
    Reptilian - Demon Wings 4€
    Retriem: Lead To Your Destiny (Metalism Records 2004) 5€
    Reverence: Gods Of War 7€
    Reverend Bizarre: In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend (2 CDs) 8€
    Revoltons: Underwater Bells 2€

    Richie Sambora: Midnight Rider 5€
    Ring Of Fire (Malmsteen, MacAlpine) - Battle Of Leningrad (OVP) - 10€
    Rob Tognoni Band Stones And Colours 5€

    Run Westy Run: Hardly Not Even 5€

    Sacred Oath: Sacred Oath 5€

    Saltatio Mortis: Manufactum III (limited Digipack, 2 CDs) 6€
    Sangara: Simfonija Zla (Metalism Records 2004) 5€
    Santana: Greatest Hits 1€
    Sarah Vaughan: Sarah Sings Soulfully 2€
    Savage: Holy Wars 10€

    Savallion Dawn: The Charge (Eigenproduktion) 6€
    Savatage: Live In Japan (Ear Music 2011) 6€
    Scarcrow: Beyond The Black Rainbow (OVP)

    Seasons Of The Wolf - Lost In Hell (Earth Mother Music 1999) 5€
    Septer: The God Key 5€
    Septer: Transgressor 5€
    Sergey Mavrin (RUS): Одиночество/Loneliness 3€

    Seventh Avenue: Between The Worlds 5€
    Shadowlord: Damien – The Son Of The Priest 7€

    Shexna (RUS): Вы завийте, витерочики… 4€
    Shining Fury: Another Life 1€
    Shooting Gallery - s/t (1992) 6€
    Shylock: Pyronized 7€

    Silver: Silver (Don Airey, Gary John Barden, Michael Voss) 10€
    Sinister Realm: The Crystal Eye 8€
    Sinner - Crash & Burn (OVP) - 6€
    Sinner: Danger Zone (Noise 1994, mit einer Unterschrift) 12€
    Sinner: Judgement Day 5€
    Sinner: The End Of Sanctuary 4€
    Skullview: Kings Of The Universe 3€
    Slade: Wall Of Hits 1€

    Slav Simanic ‎– Water Of Life (Japan Pressung, OBI, Sample) (OVP) 15€
    Small Faces ‎– The Definitive Anthology (Repertoire, 2 CDs, Papphülle fehlt) 7€
    Solstice: Halcyon (Godhead 1997) 10€

    Soul Cages - Craft (OVP) 4€
    Spiral Tower ‎– Mindkiller 4€
    Spiritbell: Guided By Evil Light 5€
    Splinter: Dreamers (CD + DVD) 8€
    Stalwart: Dive To Nowhere 4€
    Steve Thorne: Emotional Creatures Part One 5€

    Stiltskin: Inside (Single CD) 1€
    Stone Temple Pilots: Violet 5€
    Stonegriff: Prologus Magicus 4€
    Stormhunter: Stormhunter 5€
    Stormrider: Vengeance 7€
    Stormwitch: Shogun 12€

    Stratovarius ‎– Elements Pt.2 (plus Bonus Disc) 3€
    Strike First: Requiem For The Aftermath (OVP) 2€
    Stump, Joe: Night Of The Living Shred 7€
    Sudden Death: All Or Nothing (Golden Core 2020) 6€

    Suicidal Tendencies: The Art Of Rebellion 2€
    Superior: Behind 5€
    Swan Christy: Black Is The White Color 1€
    Swervedriver Mezcal Head 5€

    Sylvan: Presets 6€
    Symphorce - Godspeed (ltd. Edition with DVD) 5€
    Symphorce - Twice Second (ltd. Digi) 4€

    Tanzwut ‎– Live (DVD) 5€

    The 11th Hour: Burden Of Grief 4€
    The 69 Eyes - Universal Monsters (OVP) - 8€
    The Doomsday Cult: A Language Of Misery 5€
    The End - Within Dividia (OVP) 4€
    The Eric Gales Band Picture Of A Thousand Faces 5€
    The Exalted Piledriver: Night Of The Unpolished Turd 8€
    The Four Horseman Nobody Said It Was Easy 6€
    The Gates of Slumber: Hymns Of Blood And Thunder 8€
    The Human Condition: Pathways 5€
    The Mood Groove: The Mood Groove (Jeff Northrup) 2€
    The Moody Marsden Band Unplugged Live In Hell 7€
    The Poodles Metal will stand tall 4€
    The Poodles Sweet Trade 4€
    beide Poodles: 6€
    The Poorboys: Pardon Me 3€
    The Quireboys ‎– Ma
    sters Of Rock 2€
    The Quireboys: Lost In Space 4€

    The Quireboys ‎– Well Oiled (Cover beschädigt) 3€
    The Rolling Stones: It's Only Rock'n'Roll 3€

    The Soul Rebels: Unlock Your Mind 2€
    The Swill: Master Of Delusion / Thirst For Misery 6€
    The Urn: Smithfield Bargain 3€

    The Waltons Thank God … For The Waltons 7€
    The Wizar'd: Ancient Tome Of Arcane Knowledge 10€
    The Wizards: Rise Of The Serpent 9€
    The Wounded Kings: Embrace Of The Narrow House 8€
    The Wounded Kings: The Shadow Over Atlantis 8€
    Thee Plague Of Gentleman: Primuls Pestis 4€
    Thomson, Steve: Steve Thomson 5€
    Threshold: Extinct Instinct (Japan Pressung / kein OBI) 10€

    Thunder: Giving The Game Away (Tenth Anniversary Edition inklusive CD Single) 5€
    Thunder Lord: Prophecies Of Doom (OVP) 6€

    Thunderstone - Dirt Metal (OVP) 7€
    Thunderstorm: As We Die Alone 7€
    Timo Tolkki's Avalon: The Land Of New Hope (limited Digi, CD + DVD) 7€
    TNT: Realized Fantasies 6€
    Tokyo Blade: No Remorse 8€
    Tower City: All Or Nothing 7€

    Trance: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (World Of Trance) 6€
    Trance: Rockers (Mausileum 1991) 10€
    Troll Bends Fir: Hopheart 6€
    Troll Bends Fir: Karjalali 7€
    Tropa de Shock: Survivors 7€
    Tropa de Shock: The Other Side (Megahard 2001) 6€
    Trytan: Sylentiger 7€

    Trytan: Celestial Messenger (Clockwork Records 1993) 8€
    Turbo: Smak Ciszy 8€
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  4. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Ul Mik Longobardeath: Old Time Balabiott 4€
    Underdog: Rabies In Town 10€
    Unisonic: Unisonic (Digibook) 6€
    Unrest: Back To The Roots (2 CDs, inklusive "Watch Out") 8€
    Unsilence: A Fire On The Sea 4€
    Upwards Of Endtime: Sadly Never Fore 4€
    Upwards Of Endtime: Upwards Of Endtime 4€
    beide UOE 6€
    Used Records: Used Records (limitiert: 574 / 2000) 10€

    V.A.: Metal Massacre Vol. V (SPV Mid Price) 10€
    V.A.: Tom Cörry Vol.1 (Sampler der Interessengemeinschaft Rockmusik Langenhagen) 1€
    Vai, Steve: Sex & Religion 2€
    Valdes, David: Imhotep 5€

    Vanderbuyst: Flying Dutchmen(OVP) 5€
    Vatican: March Of The Kings 6€
    Vestal Claret: The Cult Of Vestal Claret 6€

    Victory: That's Live 5€
    Vince Neil: Carved In Stone 3€

    Waite, John: No Brakes (Japan Pressung) 10€
    Walpurgis Night: Under The Moonlight 3€

    Warchild: Open Fire 7€
    Warhead: Hour Of Death (mit Unterschriften) 8€
    Wartime: Volumen 1 5€
    Webb Wilder And The Nashvegans: Town & Country 4€
    While She Sleeps - You Are We (OVP) - 9€
    Widow: Nightlife 7€
    William Tsamis: Sea Of Tranquility 10€
    Wilson, Damian: Limehouse To Lechlade (neu) 16€
    Wilson & Wakeman: Stripped (OVP) 15€
    Wilson, Ray: Live (DoCD) 10€
    Wilson, Steven: The Raven That Refused To Sing 7€
    Winterborn: Cold Reality (Eigenproduktion) 9€
    Winterkill - Taming The Wolves (MTM 2001) 4€

    Witchcraft: Nucleus 5€
    Witchcross: Witchcross 5€
    Within Temptation: The Heart Of Everything 2€
    Witness: Witness (Arista 1988) 10€
    Wolf Counsel: Ironclad 7€

    Wolf Hoffmann (Accept) - Headbangers Symphony (OVP) 9€
    Wrathchild America: 3D 10€
    Wretch: Man Or Machine 8€

    Xiron: Awaking The Dead

    Zan Clan ‎– We Are Zan Clan ...Who The F**k Are You??! 4€

    zZz: Juggernaut 5€

    Алексей Страйк (Aleksey Strajk): Время Полной Луны 2€
    Ольви (RUS) ‎– Тьма и Свет 4€

    Death / Black / Thrash
    A Gift Called Anger: The Rise, The Wounds, The Fear 1€
    Abythic: A Full Negation Of Existence 4€

    Acheron - Kult Des Hasses 6€
    Auberon - The Tale Of Black (Black Mark, OVP) 9€
    Automatic Self Destruct: Code Death Mission 4€
    Bethlehem: Bethlehem 7€
    Bethlehem: Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia 7€

    Betrayal: Renaissance By Death (Wonderland 1992) 8€
    Bloodtaste: Elinorak 5€
    Coldsteel Freakboy 10€
    Craven Idol: Towards Eschaton 4€

    Dracena: Infernal Damnation 8€
    Expulsion: Overflow 4€
    Fimbulvet - Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht (ltd. A5 digi, new and sealed) 10€
    Funeral (NOR): Tragedies / Tristesse (2 CDs, Firebox Records 2006) 14€
    Ghostorm: Frozen in Fire (Black Mark 1995) 8€

    Grave - Enraptured (DVD, OVP) 9€
    Hate Beyond: Bonded In Hell 8€
    Horns Of Hattin – De Veritate 6€

    Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches - Salem's Wounds (ltd. digi, OVP) - 9€
    Keen Of The Crow: Premonition 1€

    Kristendom - From Within (Osmose 2000) 4€
    Machine Head: Catharsis 4€
    Maveth: Breath Of An Abomination 8€
    Mitochondrion: Archaeaeon 5€

    Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus (ltd. Starpak edition, OVP) – 8€
    My Dying Bride - A Map Of All Our Failures (OVP) - 9€
    New World Depression: Plague 4€
    Nosferatos - Pandemonium 4€
    Rawradarwar / Deer Creek - RawRadarWar / Theriac 4€
    Sickening Horror - When Landscapes Bled Backwards (OVP) 5€
    Skinlab - Disembody: The New Flesh (Century Media 1999) 4€

    Skinlab - Revolting Room 3€
    Space Eater: Passing Through The Fire To Molech 7€

    Sudden Death - Infernal 8€
    Thorrent: Come On Darkness... 8€
    Tiamat: The Astral Sleep 5€
    Trivium: Shogun (Japanese pressing 2012 / WPCR-14567) 18€

    Tundra - The Burning Fanatism (OVP) - 7€
    United: Human Zoo 8€
    V.A.: Slave To Convention - A Tribute To Doom 2€

    Vintersorg: Visions From The Spiral Generator 3€
    Warbeast - Destroy 5€

    Blitzkrieg unholy Trinity 28€
    Coldsteel Freakboy 10€
    Emerald: Forces of Doom 20€

    Freight Train Jane: Hallucination 18€
    In Extremo: Quid Pro Quo (limited Deluxe Fan Box mit Unterschriften) 40€
    Pariah: Unity 26€
    Sardonyx: Majestic Sereniy (Retroactive Records 2007) 14€

    Satan's Host: Metal From Hell / Midnight Wind (Skol 2014) 18€
    Shortino: It's About Time (Pulse Records, +5 Bonus Songs) 15€

    Sun'n' Steel: Writings On The Wall 14€
    The Misfits: Beware 16€
    Tokyo Blade: First Cut's The Deepest 14€

    Trivium: Shogun (Japanese pressing 2012 / WPCR-14567) 18€

    Brocas Helm: Defender Of The Crown (unterschrieben)

    Advanced Tapes
    A.D.: And The Dead Will Rise
    Stillborn: Permanent Solution


    Deaf Forever:
    24 Hefte 16€ oder einzeln (1€):
    5, 10, 18, 20, 23, 24, 27, 29-30, 32-36, 40-43, 45-47
    49 kostenlos

    Classic Rock 04/2018 ("Die wahren 100 besten Alben der 90er") 1€
    Metal Obsession 19-24 (2€), alle 8€
    Fame Of Metal 3 1€

    Kostenlos bei einer Bestellung:

    ASP: Per Aspera Ad Aspera (2 CD Box, CD2 springt)
    Blackeyed Blonde: Liebe, Siege, Kriege? (leichte Mängel)
    Hundred: The forest Kingdom part One (Backcover fehlt)
    Kula Shaker: K
    Sarah Vaughan: Sarah Sings Soulfully
    The Soul Rebels: Unlock Your Mind
    Алексей Страйк (Aleksey Strajk): Время Полной Луны

    Maximum Metal 185
    Rock Hard Lauschangriff 26
    Rock Hard Lauschangriff 55
    Svart Sampler 2013
    V.A.: Wir Hören Nicht Auf Mit Der Scheisse Bis Die Scheisse Aufhört (ZSK, Rantanplan, Terrorgruppe, Kettcar...)

    Nur Booklet und Backcover, keine CD:
    Ensiferum: Victory Songs
    Fearless Iranians From Hell: Foolish Americans / Holy War / Die For Allah
    Oceansize: Effloresce

    Nur Booklet (vielleicht hat ja jemand die Alben und will sein Booklet erneuern):
    Nile: What Should Not Be Unearthed

    Diverse Poster aus dem Deaf Forever

    Einige CDs auch bei eBay (God Dethroned, Witchskull, Sabaton...):
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 26. September 2022 um 17:29 Uhr
  5. Mondkerz

    Mondkerz Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ist beim Debüt von Bodycount die Version mit Copkiller oder die mit Freedom oft Speech?
  6. Mondkerz

    Mondkerz Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Schade, hab ich mir bei dem Preis fast gedacht.
  7. interzone78

    interzone78 Dawn Of The Deaf

    An der "Violent Revolution" von Kreator und den beiden Forbidden hätte ich Interesse. Nur ne Frage dazu, sind die komplett ohne Case?
  8. Stahlprophet

    Stahlprophet Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Meliah Rage - Barely human
    Savatage - Japan Live

    Sind die noch zu haben? Bitte Gesamtbetrag per PN mitteilen, falls ja :)
  9. comanche

    comanche Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Mötley live und Ozzy live: sind beide noch da?
  10. dentarthurdent

    dentarthurdent Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Welche Auflagen sind die Guardian-Alben denn? No Remorse/Virgin/NB?
  11. dentarthurdent

    dentarthurdent Till Deaf Do Us Part

  12. comanche

    comanche Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Accept, Metal Heart, Oz und Cloven Hoof bitte.
  13. Ätsch of Sanity

    Ätsch of Sanity Deaf Dealer

    Hi, wie ist denn der Zustand bei der "hordes of Chaos" und der "tapping the beim"? Da hätte ich Interesse dran ..
  14. mosh666

    mosh666 Deaf Dealer

    Mad Butcher: Metal Lightning Attack 12€ noch da? Wenn ja, ist das die CD von No Remorse Records?
  15. minimeini

    minimeini Deaf Leppard

  16. HellAndBack

    HellAndBack Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Threshold-Clone (In der 12-Track-Version mit "The Latent Gene (Uncut Version)
    Threshold-Dead Reckoning (In der 10-Track Version mit "Supermassive Black Hole")
    Threshold-March Of Progress (In der 11-Track Version mit "Divinity")

    war ich noch am suchen. Trifft da was zu oder hast du nur die "normalen" Editionen?
  17. Greenman

    Greenman Till Deaf Do Us Part

  18. Dominik2

    Dominik2 Till Deaf Do Us Part

  19. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Ich sortiere gerade meine Sammlung aus bzw. höre mögliche Wackelkandidaten Probe.
    Das dauert irgendwie viel länger als gedacht - bis jetzt bin ich gerade mal bis C (Chroming Rose) gekommen...

    Wer möchte, kann ja mal einen Blick in meine Sammlung bei Musik-Sammler werfen (Link siehe unten).
    Falls dort etwas euer Interesse weckt, würde ich die entsprechenden CDs gleich testen, eventuell kann ich mich ja davon trennen....
  20. HellAndBack

    HellAndBack Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Das darfst du mir nicht zwei Mal sagen :D
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