Malignant Eternal "Tårnet" re-issue cd/lp/cs

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  1. SoulSeller

    SoulSeller Deaf Leppard

    We proudly present the official re-issue of;


    The 1995 Norwegian black metal classic finally re-issued!

    Originally formed in 1991 Malignant Eternal definitely left their mark on the nineties black metal scene. The now classic debut album “Tårnet” was self-released in only 500 units by the band and shortly after re-issued by the infamous Hot Records (Shagrath 004) in 1996. Now 24 years after its first release we present the album in full glory as digipack with booklet, noble gatefold lp on various colors vinyl and cassette. A T-shirt is being printed too. Comes packaged in a revamped layout with never before seen pictures and liner notes of founding member T. Reaper. To be released August 16th 2019; pre-orders will follow in July.

    Track listing:

    Into Twilight
    Vanished Winds
    Warriors of Dawn
    Dark Clouds

    Hugin gefällt das.
  2. peterott

    peterott Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Die Original Tårnet CD in Oslo in einem 2nd Hand Plattenladen anno 2000 gefunden. Völliger Glückstreffer...und coole Scheibe noch dazu.
    Hugin gefällt das.
  3. salamander81

    salamander81 Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Oh oh, da werden wieder Preise purzeln. Die einzige CD dieser Kapelle, die sich in meiner Sammlung halten konnte.
  4. Hugin

    Hugin Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Und ich war schon überrascht, als ich heute eine Hot Records Pressung von Discogs für läppische 120,- Euro angeboten bekommen habe. Kurz habe ich überlegt, denn es ist so ziemlich die letzte große Lücke, die ich in dem Bereich noch habe.

    Zum Glück fällt mir eben der Thread auf.

    Wir natürlich umgehend gekauft.

    Wie lang hab ich darauf gewartet.

  5. SoulSeller

    SoulSeller Deaf Leppard

    Hugin gefällt das.
  6. Hugin

    Hugin Till Deaf Do Us Part

    I already placed my pre-order some minutes ago.

    Actually this was one of my most ardently awaited rereleases of recent years and I've waited to come across that album ever since the latter half of the 1990s. I was on the verge of ordering a copy of the Hot Records version via Discogs just recently for 120,- Euros. Gladly I've waited some hours before deciding and meanwhile your news dropped into my inbox.

    Thanks for pulling off that rerelease.

    Great thing!

    Basically I guess it's really the last major 1990s Black Metal release from Norway that I've still been lacking.

    Thanks again!

  7. SoulSeller

    SoulSeller Deaf Leppard

    Thank you for ordering! I think it took about 8 years to get this one ready ha! But the result is fabulous!
    Hugin gefällt das.
  8. Hugin

    Hugin Till Deaf Do Us Part


    Can you already tell if you can more or less keep that "item will ship on or around July 8, 2019"-date mentioned on Facebook?

    It's not that I'd be impatient. I just can't wait.

  9. SoulSeller

    SoulSeller Deaf Leppard

    Where did you read that date?
  10. Hugin

    Hugin Till Deaf Do Us Part

    That's what bandcamp lists for the cd-edition:

    for the lp- and mc-editions it lists August 1st...

    I will patiently wait... but maybe you should update or correct that. There are always people out there complaining about everything...
  11. SoulSeller

    SoulSeller Deaf Leppard

    It was a mistake, it's already updated. Yup, people will always complain!
    Hugin gefällt das.
  12. Hugin

    Hugin Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Okay. Fine. Then I'll be looking forward to August. Thanks for clarifying!
  13. SoulSeller

    SoulSeller Deaf Leppard

  14. Hugin

    Hugin Till Deaf Do Us Part

    The digipak has arrived a couple of days ago. Great thing. Thanks a lot!

    Now looking forward to DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN.

  15. SoulSeller

    SoulSeller Deaf Leppard

    Great, enjoy!
    Dven new track and pre-orders go live this Monday!
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