Morbid Catacombs Fest - nicht 2020

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  1. Ipp

    Ipp Till Deaf Do Us Part





    First of thanks to all of you for your patience, during the silence of the last months!

    We have been asked a lot how the current situation will affect this years MCF and if you look around what happend to the other great festivals and the whole live sector the cancellation hasn't been unexpected. However we had hope till the very last day that the fest can take place, thats the reason why we come up so late with this. Some hints and changes of the whole pandemic have fed our optimism to set it up but dryed it out in the end.

    Until know nothing has occured that would allow a fest in the well known, appreciated frame and our ideals. And a fest under the banner of "safety distance"(as useful and necessary it is in the everyday life) it's nothing that's worth to realize, so we hope to move over with the whole line up to the next year.

    But this depends heavily on our success to gain at least some part of the whole costs back which have been already spend for flights. We will keep you updated about that!

    For now break your fingers that we will meet again next year on the 28.-29.8.2021 when this whole mess will be hopefully over...

    Take care, stay healthy and keep your heads above the water!!!

    Es hätten gespielt:
    Thulsa Doom
    Of Feather and Bone
    Vomit Spell
    Slaughter Messiah
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 10. Juli 2020
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  2. Fire Down Under

    Fire Down Under Redakteur Roadcrew

    Das ist doch nichts für Dich, da spielen ja haufenweise Black Metal-Bands!
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  3. Ipp

    Ipp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Verdammt, dann gucke ich mir wieder nur den Soundcheck an. Danke für die Erinnerung!
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  4. Lant

    Lant Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Wir machen mit!!
    Church gefällt das.
  5. Weed Hunter

    Weed Hunter Deaf Dealer

    Veranstaltungsort is natürlich wieder die herrliche ZaO!

    Bands kommen demnächst...
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 10. Oktober 2019
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  6. Ipp

    Ipp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    We thought its about the time to expose the line up for this years Morbid Catacombs Fest slowly but steady!

    And we noticed that we've spared out the green and vital Ireland so far. Which is actually quite surpizing when you make yourself clear how much great bands are from and still around on the island!

    One of those bands is this Dublin based death quartet! Not green and vital but dismal and malignant!

    "Morbid Tales of the Macabre and Visions from the Darkside"



    Codex Perfida Demo '14
    Feraliminal Demo '16
    The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter EP '16
    Masque Full-lenght '19



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  7. Ipp

    Ipp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ich reich morgen schon mal Urlaub ein für den August.
  8. Lant

    Lant Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Bitte ZOM gleich mit in den Flieger setzen!!
  9. Ipp

    Ipp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    + Coscradh & Sacrilegia & Malthusian! Eine richtig bösartige "irische Invasion"
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  10. Barabas

    Barabas Till Deaf Do Us Part

  11. Wolf City

    Wolf City Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass die Band leider Geschichte ist.
    deleted_53 gefällt das.
  12. Lant

    Lant Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Sowas habe ich befürchtet....
  13. Weed Hunter

    Weed Hunter Deaf Dealer

    Ja, die Jungs machen zwar noch Musik aber wohl nur noch Punk. ZOM hätte ich auch gern nochmal live gesehen. Damals mit VENENUM (als se noch zünftig zu Werke gingen), glaub im Slaughterhouse war das, das war schon dickes Geholze!
  14. Albi

    Albi Till Deaf Do Us Part

  15. Damned

    Damned Deaf Dumb Blind

    Kennst du den Namen ihrer Punk Band?
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  16. Musti

    Musti Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Wie die letzten zwei Jahre: Ich lass mich überraschen.
  17. Weed Hunter

    Weed Hunter Deaf Dealer

    Werd ich mal in Erfahrung bringen.
    Damned gefällt das.
  18. Ipp

    Ipp Till Deaf Do Us Part


    From the sepulchre of bella Roma straight into Berlins ugly catacombs, we are glad to welcome this death dripping trio!

    Quite fresh but filled with the obscure lust for skin, bones and blood, Thulsa Doom will sacrifice you for the snake cult!

    So watch out!!!


    Realms of Hatred EP '18



    Eine Band, die schon seit längerem auf meiner Liste steht.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 11. Januar 2020
    Barabas gefällt das.
  19. Ipp

    Ipp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    While focusing on the soundscape of this severe and gloomy quintet from the throbbing center of Catalonia, you might feel like decending down into a cave!

    Everything around you, in this from time detached area, becomes darker step by step, the walls drawn near and will finally surround and overwhelm you with their sheer mass!

    Pitch-black death will brought up by Necroracle over this years MCF!!!


    MMXVIII EP '18




    Die Band ist mir bisher kein Begriff, aber das Logo kommt mir bekannt vor.
  20. Ipp

    Ipp Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Sacrilegia sind nun auch dabei...! Verdammt noch mal! S-A-C-R-I-L-E-G-I-A!


    Today we turn our focus back to the swampy green island in the northern west of europe!

    Where a trio of Irishmen has recently formed to celebrate a tremulous crossfire of shattering riffs, imbibed with tyrannical thunderous yelling whose are welded togehter by impetuous drums!

    Sacrilegia will strike out against the malodorous air within the catacombs with their glacial cyclone of blackened thrash!!!


    The Triclavian Advent Full-length '19


    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 21. Januar 2020
    Lant und Barabas gefällt das.
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