Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker - Out of the dark (VÖ 13.9.19)

Dieses Thema im Forum "ANGEL CITY - Hard Rock, Rock'n'Roll & Classic Rock" wurde erstellt von Captain Howdy, 13. August 2015.

  1. Atgerdian Kodex

    Atgerdian Kodex Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ahhh, klar! Das Plakat kann ich mich aber nicht erinnern.
  2. Jens

    Jens Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Allein der Mangel an Headlinershows in meiner Umgebung trübt den Eindruck.
  3. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Der Herr hat mittlerweile auch schöne Shirts mit dem Albummotiv. Da er sie aber aus Schweden verkauft, leider wg. Versand zu saftigen Preisen (mit Versand ca. 30 EUR für ein Tshirt):

    Jens gefällt das.
  4. Spatenpauli

    Spatenpauli Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Jau, echt sehr ansehnlich. Hoffentlich bringt er davon zum RHF ein paar mit.
    Captain Howdy gefällt das.
  5. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Der gute Mann ist glücklicherweise weiterhin produktiv:
    "...Writing songs and recording demos at this place these past few weeks. I'm trying a new thing. I work only office hours in the studio and I really like it. Next week I'll be traveling to a cabin I have in the south of Sweden and continue work on demos there..."
    Michael a.T. gefällt das.
  6. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Gute Nachrichten:

    I am very happy to say that recordings will start on Sunday!
    Jakob and I will be laying down the first drum tracks for album number three. Well, Jakob will be drumming and I will engineer and play some backup guitar for him to lean on. I would never have thought, recording the first album, that there would be a third one. I did not even know there would be the first one! I recorded 2 songs with my good friends Fred Estby, Thomas Eriksson, Nicke Andersson and Dolf de Borst in 2012 or something. I had "Serious" and "Falling into Darkness". We did them live with and then added some overdubs.

    I was between bands and thought maybe some label would like to put them out as a 7". That was the plan, nothing more, nothing less. My friends in the band Slingblade had recently put out an album I liked. I checked the label out, it was High Roller Records. I sent them the two songs, I did not send it to any other label. Just them. They replied, they liked it and wanted to hear more songs. I only had stuff recorded on my phone. I had nothing to lose, I just sent it. I got a deal for a full-length album. This was during a difficult time for me personally. My mother was very sick. I was halfway through the album when she passed. I swore I would finish it no matter what. It took me at least a year to do it. That first album is dedicated to her. I am so grateful for all the help I got from my friends making that album come to life. I could have never have done it without you.

    When the album was done I was exhausted. Working a day job and doing an album, under those circumstances, takes its toll. However, my friends told me loud and clear, I need to go out and play the songs live. I was reluctant. I always liked being stage left, playing guitar and doing backup vocals.

    The first person I asked to join was Joseph Tholl. Joseph and Peter Stjärnvind (from the band Black Trip, now VOJD ) wrote the song "Mesmerizing Shadows" from the first album. When I tried to sing it, I just could not do it justice. Joseph just sang it so much better. I was impressed. We got to know each other and I knew he also was a great guitar player. So when he was in, I thought to myself. Let's just start out with baby steps. Let's try and get a band together. Joseph knew a drummer, enter Jakob Ljungberg. Not only was he a great drummer, but also one of the nicest and talented drummers I had met! When it came to bass playing there was only one guy I wanted to ask. We had already been playing together for some 10 years in Thunder Express and Dundertåget. I was so happy to hear Jens Lagergren liked the songs and wanted to be in the band. Rock solid bass player and human being!

    To be continued...
    Perfect Stranger, Jens und Siebi gefällt das.
  7. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Mir ist grad durch Zufall aufgefallen, dass sich die Strophen von Robert Perssons Humbucker "Travelling through the dark" und von Dakotas "Runaway" schon arg ähneln. Nicht nur vom Gesang, sondern auch instrumental, selbst von den Betonungen.
    Nicht, dass ich dem Herrn Pehrsson was unterstellen will, das liegt mir fern. Aber zumindest ist es ein lustiger Zufall :)

    Hier mal der Herr Pehrsson:
  8. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy Till Deaf Do Us Part

  9. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Für die fb-losen:

    I know I should probably not say anything about how the album will sound (until it's finished). But I think this might be the one with most diversity so far. My fingertips need a vacation. For some reason, I play some bass on this album too. I felt I needed to get better at playing the bass, so I had a go at it. It's a lot of fun actually. Superglue is my new friend. Have a great weekend folks and don't forget to listen to Aerosmith (the old records).
  10. Jens

    Jens Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Was er so schreibt:

    Krachturm, Matty Shredmaster und tik gefällt das.
  11. Matty Shredmaster

    Matty Shredmaster Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Super, freu ich mich sehr drauf :jubel:
  12. Jens

    Jens Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Wielange mag denn so 'ne Warteschlange vor dem Presswerk sein?
    Captain Howdy gefällt das.
  13. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Warteschlange? Presswerk?

    Xplorer, Danzig, King Diamond und 4 anderen gefällt das.
  14. Jens

    Jens Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ich hatte einen anderen Output im Sinn. :cool:
    Captain Howdy gefällt das.
  15. Assaulter

    Assaulter Deaf Dealer

    Und ich dachte schon, dass es Neuigkeiten gibt.:hmmja:
  16. TheSchubert666

    TheSchubert666 Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Assaulter und Jens gefällt das.
  17. Jens

    Jens Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Das war wohl der Auslöser für meine Presswerkfrage. Gut, hätte ich drauf hinweisen können.

    Ansonsten hört sich das sehr fein an.

    Auf der Facebookseite von Robert Pehrsson gibt es auch folgenden Link auf ein Lied von Joseph Tolls Solo-Eskapaden:

    Leicht OT, dennoch: Da würde mich eine Platte durchaus interessieren.
    Assaulter gefällt das.
  18. Krachturm

    Krachturm Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Wer das letzte Album noch immer nicht sein eigen nennt, kann bei High Roller jetzt richtig rumschnäppeln.
    8,99 für das Vinyl.
  19. Jens

    Jens Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Sollte ich mir vielleicht mal ein zweites Exemplar kaufen.

    Weiß man wenigstens, was man hat.
  20. Thenervetattoo

    Thenervetattoo Till Deaf Do Us Part


    PORNÖSES COVER !!!!!!!!!!!
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