Rope Sect - Personae Ingratae (Post Punk/ Death Rock/ Gothic Dtl)


Deaf Dealer

Rope Sect is about seclusion.
Renunciation of society.
A dance on ruins.
A doomsday revel.
Naked spite.
Obedience. --------
Venerate the rope!
Fear the rope!

Tape out now on Caligari Records:

Inmesher - Guitar, Drums, Vocals & Additional Bass
Harbinger - Bass
Gaarentwynder - Additional Guitars

Production assistance by Damian Herring
releases April 14, 2017

"Revel in its driving pulse and its suicidal choruses; Rope Sect feeds upon your lifeforce. Hum along, nod in time, elated for the eschaton. Personae Ingratae is Rope Sect’s debut statement. Six tracks of sustained diminuendo. Something like gothic post-punk; something like erotic schadenfreude. Angular, inward, self-mutilating . . . this is Rope Sect’s sardonic petition for a final curtain call. Personae Ingratae is a dark and lonely heaven." - Caligari Records

Mein Review zur Scheibe:
Wäre interessant, ob man das Tape auch bei der Band bekommen wird...
Lohnen die beiden zusätzlichen Songs? Habe schon das Tape und bin mir noch nicht sicher, ob ich nochmal zuschlagen soll...
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