The Gates Of Slumber - Ein Nachruf --> Wretch - die Nachfolgeband

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  1. Eddie

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  2. Deathdoomer

    Deathdoomer Till Deaf Do Us Part

  3. Hades

    Hades Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Manche Dinge sollen wohl einfach nicht sein.... :hmmja:
  4. RokketRider

    RokketRider Deaf Leppard

    Oh Mann, immer noch besser als eine Sterbeanzeige...
    Deathdoomer und StN gefällt das.
  5. StN

    StN Deaf Leppard

  6. Teutonic Witcher

    Teutonic Witcher Till Deaf Do Us Part

    :jubel: :jubel: :jubel:

    Ich bin komplett aus dem Häuschen!!! :)
  7. wrm

    wrm Redakteur Roadcrew

  8. SMM

    SMM Redakteur Roadcrew

  9. Teutonic Witcher

    Teutonic Witcher Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ich hoffe auf ein ausführliches Interview im nächsten Deaf Forever. :)
  10. Dr. Pepe

    Dr. Pepe Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Das kommt jetzt überraschend. Hab's leider nie geschafft, die live zu sehen (wollte 2013 nach Stuttgart, aber die Tour wurde ja gecancelt) und kriege dann jetzt ja offenbar doch noch eine Chance. Will sagen: HAMMER!

    Bin gespannt, ob da auch neues Studiomaterial folgen soll. Aber das wird sich ja zeigen. Erst mal freuen. :)
  11. Teutonic Witcher

    Teutonic Witcher Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ich schon. 2010 in Köln mit Cathedral. War eines der besten Konzerte meines Lebens! :verehr:
  12. deleted_5310

    deleted_5310 Guest

    Auf der Tour waren wir in Belfort in Frankreich, ein denkwürdiges Konzert das im Freundeskreis immer Mal wieder thematisiert wird! Es war ein absolut genialer Abend!:verehr:
  13. Wie geil!
    Da fahr ich hin!
  14. Doomchild

    Doomchild Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Sind jetzt immerhin zwei Jungs von APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE dabei. Die werden das mit Können und Würde hinkriegen.
    Siebi, El Guerrero und tobi flintstone gefällt das.
  15. caramon29

    caramon29 Deaf Dealer

    Ja die Tour mit Cathedral und Church of Misery haben wir seinerzeit im King Tuts in Glasgow gesehen. Gates of Slumber haben mich total weggeblasen
    Teutonic Witcher gefällt das.
  16. The Aftermath

    The Aftermath Deaf Dealer

    Neues Interview von Die Beschränkung auf die Songs von The Awakening und ... Like A Plague Upon The Land ist nachvollziehbar, aber dennoch eine kleine Enttäuschung. Andererseits ist so vielleicht besser, dann bleibt die Conqueror-Ära auch in Zukunft unzertrennbar mit Jason verbunden. Und wer weiß, vielleicht tauchen dann doch irgendwann ein "Angel Of Death" oder wenigstens ein "Iron Hammer" im Set auf. Und "The Jury", "Broken On The Wheel" und "The Executioner" sollten reichen, um die Konkurrenz wieder in den Staub zu treten.

    The Gates of Slumber Interview with Karl Simon

    First things first: How did the reunion come about? Did Hell Over Hammaburg bring the idea to you? What made you think this was the time to bring back The Gates of Slumber?

    Well, Wolf [Mühlmann] from HOH asked me a while back about TGoS playing, and I was not in a place to really deal with it. My mother had just passed after a long illness and Wretch was on hold due to drama in the band, so I said something non-committal about the whole thing and left it at that. I basically took a chunk of time and quit thinking about bands. I learned a bunch of songs arranged for an acoustic and just kind of played for myself. Last year I asked Dustin Boltjes formerly of Skeletonwitch, The Dream is Dead, Demiricous and all around raging dude to take the throne and we started working on songs for the next Wretch record. In the middle of that, I tore my Achilles and had to take months off. And Oli [Richling] from Church Within contacted me asking about The Awakening, I’d been trying to pitch the live LP from the The Wretch tour forever, and we got a deal worked out for the Live record, The Awakening AND Like a Plague Upon the Land — the last recorded stuff with that lineup. Chuck had come by a bit during my downtime and we’d been talking a lot. We had this deal where our records were going to come back out and the way I saw it it would be a dumb thing to not at least play a few shows to support it. Jason would have done it in a minute…. and it gave me an excuse to play those songs with Chuck again and just hang out with an old friend. And that’s that.

    How did the the lineup end up being you, Chuck and Steve? Was the fact that Chuck had been in Gates before a factor? Obviously they’re both in Apostle of Solitude now, but how did that all come together?

    We both wanted to take this chance for sure, TGoS had a decent profile and we wanted to ride the goddamn snake, but we did not want any stress. It’s all super laid back for a change. Steve fell right in because he could commit right away and he was into it. His gear was at Chuck‘s where we practice and we just went with it. It’s all been very chill and easy. Which is how we want it.

    It’s been nearly six years since the band first broke up. How do you feel about what The Gates of Slumber accomplished during its initial run? I know Wretch has played some Gates songs in the past, but how do you feel looking back on that material now that the band is going again? Has your appreciation for it changed at all?

    We’ve been relearning songs from that era that basically stopped when we fired Chuck in ’05… it’s been fun and in a dippy sense healing. We realized how destructive we were to each other back then and how insecure we were as people and players, at least I have been. As far as what Wretch will do, basically the only song from TGoS we do is the namesake, I see that as a rallying point for Wretch… the other songs are going to stay with TGoS… I mean maybe someday we’ll trot out “Scovrge of Drvnkeness” or something, but in Wretch we are focused on writing new songs.

    Do you have any idea of what you’ll play live yet?

    We’ll be focusing exclusively on songs from The Awakening era. Sorry if you’re a fan of the later stuff. This is going back to the beginning and we plan to play at least an hour and 20 min, focusing mostly on songs that never got played live. You’ll hear “The Leach” for the first time, “The Burial” will be back, along with “Dweller in the Deep” and a bunch of other stuff.

    It goes without saying that Jason’s legacy looms large in all things concerning The Gates of Slumber. The band initially quit when he left. How much is he in your mind when you think about what makes The Gates of Slumber what it was and is?

    He’s there constantly, you know. His shadow looms over TGoS and Wretch a lot. I’ve had a lot of time with death. And grief never goes away. It’s softens… it’s like, Wretch just played our first show in two years on his birthday. His widow and son were there. It’s a family thing.

    How far will this reunion go? Will you play other shows besides Hell Over Hammaburg? How will it affect Wretch, Apostle of Solitude and Devil to Pay? Will there ever be another Gates record?

    As far as folks want it to, if there is a demand we’ll play… it’s not going to effect Apostle of Solitude or Wretch or Devil to Pay. For me Wretch is number one. We actually leave for tour tomorrow May 2. So, dear reader, if you’re trying to ask some questions about this you’d best see me at the merch table, get it? Got it? Good.

    See you all soon!
  17. Hades

    Hades Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Dweller In The Deep.... :verehr:
  18. [​IMG]

    War gestern in der Post! :jubel:
    Habe ich günstig bei Discogs geschossen.
  19. Teutonic Witcher

    Teutonic Witcher Till Deaf Do Us Part

  20. Teutonic Witcher

    Teutonic Witcher Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Im Interview im neuen DF sagt Karl, sie werden bei der Reunion Show nur Songs vom ersten Album und der ersten EP spielen. Ich muss leider sagen, dass mir das doch deutlich die Vorfreude auf die Show nimmt. :hmmja:
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