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  1. Kuno

    Kuno Deaf Dumb Blind

    CD's sind sehr gut verpackt angekommen, wie beschrieben im Zustand.
    Alles schnell, freundlich & unkompliziert - sehr gerne wieder.
    Quarterer gefällt das.
  2. Spike

    Spike Dawn Of The Deaf

    Hier auch alles top!
    Quarterer gefällt das.
  3. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Neu dazu:
    Lake Of Tears: Moons And Mushrooms (russische Lizenzpressung) 4€
    Mercy (S): Black Magic (aka "King Doom") 25€

    Poisonblack: Drive 6€
    The Lamp Of Thoth: Cauldron Of Witchery (gelochtes Backcover) 5€

    Diese CDs sind in einem ziemlich schlechten Zustand (ziemlich zerkratzt und/oder Booklet zerfleddert/vollgeschmiert o.ä.). Falls sie jemand möchte, würde ich sie bei einer Bestellung ab 10€ kostenlos mitschicken:
    Cemetary: Godless Beauty
    Damn The Machine – Damn The Machine (Backcover fehlt)
    Death: Symbolic
    Enigma: Le Roi Est Mort...
    King Diamond: The Graveyard
  4. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    So, ich habe es jetzt endlich mal geschafft, die Listen in den ersten beiden Posts zu überarbeiten.
    Jetzt ist alles alphabetisch geordnet und ihr könnt viel leichter die CDs finden, die ihr unbedingt braucht...;)

    Diese CDs sind in einem ziemlich schlechten Zustand (ziemlich zerkratzt und/oder Booklet zerfleddert/vollgeschmiert o.ä.). Falls sie jemand möchte, würde ich sie bei einer Bestellung ab 10€ kostenlos mitschicken:
    Cemetary: Godless Beauty
    Damn The Machine – Damn The Machine (Backcover fehlt)
    Death: Symbolic
    Enigma: Le Roi Est Mort...
    King Diamond: The Graveyard
  5. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Neu dazu:
    Avantasia: Angel Of Babylon 7€
    Ivanhoe: Systematrix 5€
    Sign Of The Jackal: Mark Of The Beast 4€
    Ul Mik Longobardeath: Old Time Balabiott 5€

    Diese CDs sind in einem ziemlich schlechten Zustand (ziemlich zerkratzt und/oder Booklet zerfleddert/vollgeschmiert o.ä.). Falls sie jemand möchte, würde ich sie bei einer Bestellung ab 10€ kostenlos mitschicken:
    Cemetary: Godless Beauty
    Damn The Machine – Damn The Machine (Backcover fehlt)
    Death: Symbolic
    Enigma: Le Roi Est Mort...
    King Diamond: The Graveyard
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 16. Januar 2019
  6. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard


    Kostenlos bei einer Bestelung (ab 5€):
    Day Housten: Sun Of A New Day (We Bite 1993)
    Santana: Compilation
    Vicious Rumors: Sadistic Symphony (ohne Booklet)
    V.A.: Heavy, Hell & Metal
    V.A.: Rock Music (2 CD) (Euro Trend Musik)

    Jackie Brown - Music From The Miramax Motion Picture
    In The Name Of The Father
    Strictly Ballroom
    The Saint
    The Matrix
    The Tarantino Connection

    Feast Or Famine 4
    Feast Or Famine 5
  7. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Neu dazu:
    Forgive-Me-Not: Perfect Innocence 5€
    Forgive-Me-Not: Tearfall 5€
    Orchid: Capricorn (Digibook) 10€

    Sony Tape HF 90 neu und originalverpackt 1€
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 24. Januar 2019
  8. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Neu dazu:
    Can: Ege Bamyasi (SACD) 10€
    Emblem (CAN): Emblem 10€
    V.A.: Power Battle Vol. 1 1€
  9. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Neu dazu:
    Ayreon: The Theory Of Everything (2CDs + DVD) 6€
  10. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Neu dazu:
    Brainstorm: On The Spur Of The Moment 5€
    Jag Panzer: Age Of Mastery 5€
    Psychotic Waltz: Bleeding (Bullet Proof 1996) 8€
  11. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Neu dazu:
    Blazing Eternity: Times And Unknown Waters 2€
    CETI: Razism 12€
    Meliah Rage: Barely Human (DoCD) 8€
    Napalm: Zero To Black 1€
  12. Guardian

    Guardian Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ist die immer noch zu haben?
  13. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Du hast eine Nachricht...
  14. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Ich brauche Platz, daher biete ich verschiedene CD-Pakete an.

    Death Metal Paket: 45€ inklusive Versand

    Carnal Forge – Aren´t You Dead Yet?
    Dawn Of Relic - Lovecraftian Dark
    Dark Suns: Swanlike
    Dark Suns: Existence (CD Maximum)
    Hollenthon: With Vilest Of Worms To Dwell
    Immortal Rites: Art Of Devolution
    Mendeed: This War Will Last Forever
    Night In Gales – Sylphlike
    Night In Gales: The Last Sunsets
    Nile - Ithyphallic (limited Digi)
    Scythe: Season Of The Tall Pines
    Submission – Code Of Conspiracy
    Worthless: Grim catharsis
    V.A.: Requiem: Morbid Symphonies of Death (Death Metal Sampler von 1993)

    Black / Thrash Metal Paket: 60€ inklusive Versand

    Act Of Defiance: Birth And The Burial
    Andark: Regnant Aura
    BitchHammer: Raging Hell Rivers
    Braindeadz: Open Up Wide...
    Courtyard: Refusal
    Fission - Crater
    Grabnebelfürsten - Schwarz Gegen Weiss
    Master (RUS): Maniac Party
    Mental Crypt: Extreme Unction (OVP)
    Nox Mortis: Im Schatten Des Hasses
    Our Souls: War For Nothing (Eigenproduktion 2012)
    Panic: Fact
    Pyöveli: Still Underground
    Sauron: Conquest Through Attrition
    V.A.: Blessed By The Night - A Dark Metal Compilation
    Venom: In Memorium
  15. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Doom / Stoner Paket: 55€ inklusive Versand

    Black Sabbath: Iron Man (Best Of)
    Faith: Blessed? (Transubstans Records 2008)
    Gallow God – False Mystical Prose
    King Heavy: Guardian Demons
    Memory Garden: Verdict Of Posterity
    Middian: Age Eternal
    Stillborn: State Of Disconnection
    Stillborn – The Permanent Solution
    The 11th Hour: Burden Of Grief
    The Lamp Of Thoth: Cauldron Of Witchery (gelochtes Backcover)
    Thee Plague Of Gentlemen: Primula Pestis
    Wartime: Volumen 1
    Witchsorrow: Witchsorrow

    Psychedelic / Blues / Hard Rock Paket: 70€ inklusive Versand

    Alabama Thunderpussy - Staring At The Divine
    Areknames: Love Hate Round Trip (Black Widow Records)
    Areknames: Areknames (Black Widow)
    Can: Ege Bamyasi (SACD)
    Day Housten: Sun Of A New Day
    Gozu: The Fury Of A Patient Man
    House Of Broken Promises: Using The Useless
    Lazy Poker Blues Band: Halsted
    Loonatikk – Bark´n´Bite
    Nocturnal (S): Nocturnal (Psychedelic / Blues Rock)
    Skull: No Bones About It
    Sleepy Sun: Fever
    Stone River: The Valley Of The Butterflies (Stone River Music 2009)
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 6. Februar 2019
  16. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Großes Hard Rock Paket: 43 CDs, 77€ inklusive Versand

    AC/DC: 74 Jailbreak
    Aerosmith: Get A Grip
    Aztec Jade: Paradise Lost
    Bad English: Greatest Hits
    Barnes. Jimmy (Cold Chisel): Flesh And Wood
    Bellybutton and the Knockwells: Blow Baby Blow
    China: All I Do Is Wait
    Dacia & The WMD: Dacia & The WMD
    Extreme: Pornograffiti
    Filter – The Trouble With Angels
    Godsmack – Awake
    Graham Coxon: Love travels At Illegal Speeds
    Guns N’ Roses - Live & Alive (89’)
    Heavy Honey: Crushing Symphony
    HIM - Join Me (Single)
    HIM: And Love Said No
    Ikarus: This Is Life
    Nickelback: Here And Now
    Ostara: Ultima Thule
    Palmer, Robert: Don't Explain
    Parmesan: Amok
    Pearl Jam: No Code
    Poverty Stinks: Another World
    Powersolo: Lemon Half Moon (E.S.P. Recordings)
    Pride Of Lions: Black Ribbons Ep
    Rainbow: The Best Of Rainbow (DoCD)
    Richard Marx – Rush Street
    Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow: Stranger In Us All
    Santana: Compilation
    Stone Temple Pilots: Violet
    The Jeff Healey Band: See The Light
    The Killers - Sam's Town
    The Line - Auricle
    The Poorboys - Pardon Me (Hollywood Records 1992)
    The Strokes - Is This It
    The Strokes - First Impressions From Earth
    The Strokes - Room On Fire
    Towers Of London: Blood Sweat & Towers
    Troopers: Märchenprinz
    Van Halen: The Classic Airwaves
    Van Halen: For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
    Von Groove: Test Of Faith
    Who Knows: At Last It's The First

    Großes Metal Paket: 54 CDs, 112€ inklusive Versand

    Blazing Eternity: Times And Unknown Waters
    Napalm: Zero To Black €
    V.A.: Power Battle Vol. 1
    Afterworld: Dark Side Of Mind (Modern Music 1999)
    Anthenora: The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima
    Apocalyptica - Reflections
    Archetype: Dawning (CD Maximum 2003)
    Battlefield – Spirit Of Time
    Byrd, James (Fifth Angel): Flying Beyond The 9
    Caffery, Chris: Music Man
    Coldseed – Completion Makes The Tragedy
    Crash Museum – Crash Museum
    Degree Absolute: Degree Absolute
    Denial Price: Farewell Within Remains
    Destiny Dreaming – Water Breaks Stone
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Adrenalin
    Divine Regale: Ocean Mind
    Doro: All For Metal
    Dream Theater: Metropolis Part 2
    E- Force – Evil Forces
    Evil Masquerade: Fade To Black
    Extrema – Tension At The Seams
    Extrema – The Positive Pressure
    Hundred Years – Skyhook
    Ignorabimus: Dab Da Zorp
    Intense: Second Sight
    Jester's Funeral: Shifting Skywards (OVP)
    Judas Priest: British Steel
    Kotipelto – Waiting For The Dawn
    Krashkarma: Paint The Devil
    Leash Law: Dogface
    LostSouls - Fracture
    Mercury Rising – Building Rome
    Mehida - Blood & Water
    Moon Of Sorrow: A New Dawn
    Nerve – Cancer Of Choice
    Non Fiction – Preface
    O.S.D.: Eyecolated
    Powergod – Evilution Part III
    Rival – State Of Mind
    Savatage: Poets And Madmen
    Sculpture: Sculpture
    Shining Fury – Another Life
    Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
    Speeed – Powertrip Pigs
    Spirit Web – Spirit Web
    Step Child – The Prayer
    Treasure Land – Questions
    Trivium: Ascendancy
    Turbo Rexx: The Ancient Stories
    V.A.: Hellrules (Black Sabbath Tribute) (Agent Steel, Division, Steel Prophet, Tyrant u.a.)
    V.A. : Metallic Commandments Volume 1
    Veto: Carthago (Trend)
    Wastefall: Self Exile (Sensory 2006)
  17. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Neu dazu:
    Angra: Holy Live (Century Media) 5€
    Debauchery: Germany's Next Death Metal (OVP in Folie, mit kleinen cut out) 6€
    Deceased: Up The Tombstones!!! 5€
    Defleshed: Death...The High Cost Of Living 6€
    Mass: WAr Law 5€
    Pain Of Salvation: One Hour By The Concrete Lake 4€
    Pain Of Salvation: Linoleum 5€
    Pain Of Salvation: Road Salt Two 7€
    Sacred Oath: ...Till Death Do Us Part (OVP) 4€
    Saviour Machine: II 5€
    Split Heaven: Death Rider 11€
    Thunderhead: The Ballads '88-'95 (Japan Pressung, kein OBI) 4€
    Trancemission: Back In Trance II 10€

    Frank Schäfer: Heavy Metal - Geschichten, Bands und Platten (Reclam 2001) 3€
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 9. Februar 2019
  18. Der-Novalover

    Der-Novalover Deaf Dealer

    Das würde ich gern nehmen....
  19. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Leppard

    Recht umfangreiches Update...;)
    Hier erst einmal die blanke Liste der CDs.
    In den nächsten Tagen werden Preise, Informationen zu Pressungen u.ä. ergänzt undes kommen noch ein paar CDs dazu...

    AC/DC Highway to hell
    AC/DC Blow up your video
    AC/DC flick of the switch
    AC/DC Powerage
    AC/DC Who made who
    AC/DC The razors Edge
    AC/DC Hight voltage
    AC/DC Ballbreaker
    AC/DC Black ice
    AC/DC Live & alive
    AC/DC stiff upper lip
    AC/DC tribute highway to hell
    Alastis the other side
    Alligator Stew a first taste of alligator stew
    Armed Forces take on the nation
    Artillery by inheritance
    Astral Doors of the son and the father
    Axxis paradise in flames
    Bachmann, Turner Overdrive Not fragile
    Baind, Dan Fresh out of georgia live lika a satellite
    Bangalore Choir on target
    Beauvoir, Jean Chameleon
    Beck, Jeff you had it coming
    Berry, Chuck Greatest hits
    Billionaires Boys Glub something wicked comes
    Black Sabbath heaven and hell
    Blitzkrieg unholy trinity
    Bonafide Bonafide
    Boned up at the crack
    Bride silence is madness
    Bullet Heading for the top
    Byrd, James Atlantis rising
    Canned Heat rollin and tumblin
    Cash, Johnny American III: solitary man
    Cash, Johnny American IV: The man comes around
    Cash, Johnny American Recordings
    Cash, Johnny Unchained
    Chastain, David T. within the heat
    Coldsteel Freakboy
    Conception Parallel minds
    Conception Flow
    Conception the last sunset
    Conception in your multitude
    Cooper, Alice The last temptation
    Cooper, Alice Hey Stoopid
    Corrosion of conformity Blind
    Corrosion of conformity Deliverance
    Coyote Kings Feelin' Lucky
    Dangerous Toys Dangerous Toys
    Danzig Danzig II - Lucifuge
    Danzig Iluciferi
    Dead soul tribe A murder of Crows
    Def Leppard Retro active
    Dickinson, Bruce Accident of Birth
    Dickinson, Bruce Tyranny of souls
    Dickinson, Bruce Balls to picasso
    Die Krupps II the final option
    Dio killing the dragon
    Dirty Looks cool from the wire
    Dirty Looks gasoline
    Doc Holliday good time music
    Doomfoxx Doomfoxx
    Down Nola
    Dream Theater A change of seasons
    Dream Theater awake
    Dream Theater scenes from a memory
    Dream Theater when dream and day unite
    Dream Theater train of thought
    Earle, Steve we ain't ever satisfied
    Electric Ducks Backforth
    Enola Gay Pressure
    Enola Gay F.O.T.H.
    Evans, Dave Sinner
    Evans, Dave Judgement Day
    Exxplorer a recipe for Power
    Exxplorer symphonies of steel
    Freedom Call Eternity
    Frontline Against the world
    Frontline the state of rock
    Fight war of words
    Fifth Angel Time will tell
    Fields of the Nephilim Dawn Razor
    Galactic Cowboys Machine fish
    Gali, Sven Sven Gali
    Gammaray heading for tomorrow
    Gammaray Insanity and genius
    Glamour the mood
    Gotthard Lipservice
    Gun Barrel Bombard your soul
    Hambrigde, Tom Bang in' Roll
    Hambrigde, Tom Boogieman
    Hank Davison Band hard way
    Hardline double eclipse
    Headhunter a bizarre gardening accident
    Headhunter Rebirth
    Heavens Gate livin in hysteria
    Heir apparent graceful inheritance
    Helstar A Distant Thunder
    Hiatt, John perfectly good guitar
    Hiatt, John little head
    Hiatt, John slow turning
    Hiatt, John walk ony
    HIM Love Metal
    HIM Razorbade Romance
    Hitt Man Hittman
    Hitt Man Vivas Machina
    HOGJAW devil in the details
    Hole, Dave Workint overtime
    Hoth, Elias.T. Let sleepin demons lie
    Iced Earth the dark saga
    Iron Savior Iron savior
    Jackal vague visions
    Jackal a safe look in mirrors
    Jacobs Dream Jacobs Dream
    Jag Panzer ample destruction
    Kick Axe rock the world
    Kings of the Sun Frontal attack
    Lillian Axe Poetic Justice
    Liege Lord Master Control
    Little Caesar Little Cäsar
    Little Caesar influence
    Lizzy Borden Master of disguise
    Live Live
    Lovex Divine Insanity
    Lost Breed save yourself
    M.O.D. Rhythm of Fear
    Machine Head Burn my eyes
    Maniac Street Preachers this is my truth tell me yours
    Manitoba´s wild Kingdom and you?
    Manowar the triumph of steel
    Manowar louder than hell
    Manowar fighting the world
    Manowar Kings of metal
    Megadeth youthanasia
    Megadeth countdown to extinction
    Megadeth peace sells … but who's buying?
    Memento Mori rhymes of lunacy
    Mentors Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll
    Merzy Rock the blues
    Messiah´s Kiss Metal
    Miller, Larry Soldier of the line
    Ministry Filth Pig
    Mitchell, Kim Aural fixations
    Mitchell, Kim Kim Mitchell
    Molly Hatchet Greatest Hits
    Moore, Gary run for cover
    Moore, Gary Blues Alive
    Moore, Gary Wild frontier
    Moore, Gary still got the blues
    Moore, Gary after hours
    Morgana Lefay Grand Materia
    Morgana Lefay Knowing Just As I
    Morgana Lefay sanctified
    Mortal Sin face of despair
    Mr. Perfect fasten seat - belts
    Mud Slick into the nowhere
    Mud Slick Keep crawlin' in the mud
    Mystic Force the eternal quest
    Mystik the plot sickens
    New American Shame new american shame
    Night Train cold beer & friend baloney
    O´Hora, Tony escape into the sun
    Omen battle cry
    Omen warning of danger
    Once and Future King Part I
    Paradise Lost symbol of life
    Pell, Axel Rudi Wild obsession
    Pell, Axel Rudi the masquerade ball
    Pell, Axel Rudi Nasty Reputation
    Pell, Axel Rudi Kings and Queens
    Pell, Axel Rudi Magic
    Pell, Axel Rudi Oceans of Time
    Phantom Phantom
    Phantom cyberchrist
    Piledriver Piledriver
    Piledriver Piles of rock
    Pink Cream 69 Games People Play
    Pink Cream 69 Thunderdome
    Pink Cream 69 in10city
    Pretty Maids Red, Hot and Heavy
    Pretty Maids Anything worth doing is worth overdoing
    Private Angel Selling off thime in wonderland
    Psychotic Waltz bleeding
    Psyco Drama the illusion
    Puddle of Mudd come clean
    Psycho Motel State of Mind
    Queensryche Promised Land
    Queensryche Queensryche
    Queensryche Empire
    Queensryche Operation mindcrime
    Queens of the Stone Age songs for the deaf
    Rage Black in mind
    Rage end of all days
    Reverend Play god
    Reverend World won´t miss you
    Rhino Bucket Who´s got mine?
    Rhino Bucket and then it got ugly
    Rhino Bucket no song left behind
    Rhino Bucket Pain & suffering
    Ritual Trials of Torment
    Romeo Dog Romeo Dog
    Running Wild rougues en vogue
    Sabu Between the light
    Sacred Reich Independent
    Samael passage
    Sanctuary refuge denied
    Sanctuary into the mirror black
    Saxon killing ground
    Saxon Unleash the beast
    Saxon a collection of metal
    Saxon denim and leather
    Saxon Wheels of steel
    Saxon solid ball of rock
    Saxon crusader
    Saxon Dogs of war
    Saxon wheels of steel + strong arm of the law
    Saxon Metalhead
    Scanner ball of the damned
    Selby, Mark Nine Pound Hammer
    Selby, Mark more storms comin
    Sentenced Amok
    Shok Paris concrete killers
    Skylad irrational anthems
    Slade Collection Vol. 2 79 - 87
    Smith & Harley Ride to live
    Smokewagon Deuce
    Snake strike!
    Snake Australia
    Solitude Through the darkest hour
    Son of crackpipe the benevolence of dogs and other evelutionary accidents
    Souldoctor Souldoctor
    Souldoctor Blood Runs Cold
    Souldoctor For a Fistful of Dollars
    Souldoctor Systems go wild!
    Souldoctor way back to the bone
    Spedding, Chris Hurt
    Stampede Queen stampede queen
    Stampede Queen A night at the cockfights
    Stanley, Paul Live to win
    Stormwitch War of The Wizard
    Stygma Hell within
    Sun´n´ Steel Writings on the wall
    Switchblade Rock´n Roll 4ever
    Testament The ritual
    The Alex Parche Project t he alex Parche Project
    The Bombers aim high
    The Codex The codey
    The Gathering Mandylion
    The Order Metal casino
    The Organization The Organization Limited Digipack
    The Poodles Metal will stand tall
    The Poodles Sweet Trade
    The rasmus Hide from the sun
    The rasmus Dead letters
    Thorogood, George Ride ´til i die
    Thorogood, George Boogie People
    Thorogood, George The hard Stuff
    Thorogood, George rockin my life away
    Thorogood, George Born to be bad
    Thorogood, George half a boy
    Thorogood, George Haircut
    Thorogood, George Maverick
    Thorogood, George i`m wanted
    Thorogood, George The dirty dozen
    Thunderhawks Thunderhawks
    Tipsy Wit Songs & Dreams
    Titan force titan force
    Titan force Winner/Loser
    TNT Realized Fantasies
    Trouble Plastic Green Head
    Type O Negative October Rust
    underground moon underground moon
    Unrest Back to the roots
    Unrest By the light of the moon
    Unrest watch out
    Van Halen Best of
    Vdelli Ain´t bringing me down
    Vicious Roumors Digital Dictator
    Vicious Roumors Soldiers of the night
    Vicious Roumors Welcome to the ball
    Vicious Roumors Word of mouth
    Victory Culture killed the native
    Victory temples of goldx
    Victory Instinct
    Victory fuel to the fire
    Victory Hungry hearts
    Victory You name it
    W.A.S.P. last cuts
    W.A.S.P. helldorado
    W.A.S.P. the crimson idol
    W.A.S.P. K.F.D.
    Waltari Big bang
    Warlord Rising out of the ashes
    Warrior Ancient Future
    Warrior fighting for the earth
    Warrior Soul Salutations from the ghetto nation
    Waysted Back from the dead
    Weissglut etwas kommt in deine welt
    West, John Earth maker
    White Lion The best of
    White Zombie Astro Creep 2000
    Whitesnake 1987
    Widowmaker Blood & Bullets
    Wig Wam Non stop rock´n roll
    Winger in the heart of the young
    Winters Bane Heart of a killer
    Wolf Black wings
    Worry Blast hit the gas
    Webb Wilder Acres of suede
    Webb Wilder Town & Country
    X-Wild Savageland
    X-Wild So what
    X-Wild Monster effect
    Zombie, Rob Hellbilly Deluxe
    ZZ Top recycler
    ZZ Top Afterburner
    ZZ Top Eliminator
    ZZ Top Antenna
    ZZ Top Rhythmen
    ZZ Top Greatest hits
    ZZ Top Tribute to

    Sacred Rite – Ritual
    Iron Savior – Megatropolis
    Black Sabbath: Tyr
    Black Sabbath: Eternal Idol
    Ion Vein - Reigning Memories
    Cradle of Filth Eleven Burial Masses (Digi)
    …and Oceans The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts (Digi)
    Nile Annihilation Of The Wicked (Digi)
    Dark Funeral Diabolis Interium (Digi)
    Dark Funeral The Secrets Of The Black Arts
    Immortal At the Heart of winter
    Immortal Battles in the North
    Immortal Blizzard Beasts
    Immortal Damned in Black (Digi)
    Immortal Sons of the Northern Darkness (Digi)
    Eisregen Leichenlager (Digi)
    Morbid Angel Heretic
    Desaster Tyrants of the netherworld
    Mayhem Ordo Ad Chao
    Wald The Lords of Chaos
    Accuser Scartribe
    Mayhem Mediolanum Capta Est
    Malevolent Creation The Will To Kill
    Malevolent Creation In Cold Blood
    Infinity The Arcane Wisdom Of Shadows
    Edguy Mandrake
    Sepultura Schizophrenia
    Slime Alle gegen Alle
    AOK Das Böblein wollt ein Mädel sein
    Roh Was viele nicht zu singen wagten
    Roh Wie krieg ich die Zeit bis zu meiner Beerdigung…
    Roh Rohmantisch
    Iced Earth The dark saga
    Iron Maiden The number of the beast
    Five Finger Death Punch The way of the fist
    Metallica Ride the Lightning
    Metallica ...And justice for all
    Metallica Master of the puppets
    Slime Schweineherbst
    Tiamat A deeper kind of slumper
    Bestial Warlust Vengeance War 'Till Death
    Böhse Onkelz Live in Vienna
    Goethes Erben Tote Augen sehen Leben
    Mithotyn King Of The Distant Forest
    Iron Maiden Fear of the dark

    Audioslave out of exile
    Black Sabbath iron man
    Blackmore, Ritchie Rainbow Stranger in us all
    Blind Guardian the forgotten thales
    Blind Guardian somewhere far beyond
    Blind Guardian imaginations from the other side
    Boys Voice serenity
    Brainstorm Liquid Monster
    Children of bodom somethin wild
    Collective Soul hints allegations and things left unsaid
    Collective Soul blender
    Collective Soul disciplined breakdownz
    Collective Soul collective soul
    Collective Soul Dosage
    Could Truth do whatcha do
    Damn Yankees Don't Tread
    Dean, Paul Machine
    Der W schneller, höher, weiter
    Duarte Group, Chris vantage point
    EAV Neue Helden braucht das Land
    Farmer Boys Countrified
    Gotthard Anytime anywhere
    Highlander Harleyluja
    Highlander Highway Warrior
    Iced Earth Horror Show
    Iced Earth night of the stormrider
    Iron Maiden Powerslave
    Iron Maiden Brave new world
    Iron Maiden the number of the bast
    Iron Maiden the x factor
    Iron Maiden fear of the dark
    Iron Maiden Killers
    Kamelot eternity
    Kamelot the black halo
    Kiss Paul Stanley
    Lynyrd Skynyrd vicious cycle
    Lacrimosa Stille
    Mc Garvey, Ryan forward in reverse
    Metal Church blessing in disguise
    Monster Magnet Dopes to infinity
    Motörhead no sleep til Hammersmith
    Motörhead March or die
    Motörhead sacrifice
    Motörhead we are motörhead
    Motörhead another perfect day
    Motörhead ace of spades
    Motörhead bastards
    Motörhead snake bite love
    Motörhead 1916
    Motörhead inferno
    Motörhead kiss of death
    Motörhead overnight sensation
    Motörhead ace of spades (Masters of Rock)
    Motörhead on parole
    Motörhead Hammered
    MSG Classic Rock Series
    MSG the best of the Michael Schenker Group
    Muse Absolution
    Night Ranger feeding off the mojo
    Night Ranger Seven
    No Justice far from everything
    No Justice No justice
    No Justice 2nd Avenue
    North Mississippi Allstars Hernado
    Ohrenfeindt Rock'n' Roll Sexgott
    Ohrenfeindt Schmutzige Liebe
    Ohrenfeindt Mit Vollgas & Blaulicht
    Omar & the Howlers Muddy Springs Road
    Orlemans, Rob into the spirit
    Orlemans, Rob Libertyville
    Orlemans, Rob Highway of love
    Petty, Tom anthology through the years
    Primal Fear Black sun
    Primal Fear Primal Fear
    Rammstein Engel - Fan edition
    Rammstein Du hast
    Rammstein Sehnsucht
    Rammstein Herzeleid
    Randy Rogers Band Rollercoaster
    Rebellion shakespeares Macbeth
    Rebellion miklagard
    Rebellion sagas of iceland
    Reckless Kelly best of the sugar hill years
    Redroad crossing Medicine man
    Richthofen Seelenwalzer
    Scorpions Sting in the Tail
    Scorpions best of rockers n` ballads
    Status Quo in the surch of the fourth chord
    The 69 Eyes Devilsz
    Thorogood, George Maverick
    Thunderhead Crime Pays
    Transit Catchfirez
    Ugly Kid Joe America´s least wanted
    Van Halen balance
    Van Halen OU812
  20. Lycanthrop

    Lycanthrop Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Type O
    Goethes Erben
    Dead Soul Tribe

    würde ich gern reservieren. Welche Versionen sind die beiden OMEN?
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