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  1. The Sleeper

    The Sleeper Deaf Dealer

    Macht ihr eigentlich nur noch Vinyl-only VÖs? Oder wird es die Anael auch auf CD geben irgendwann?
  2. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Von der Anael wird wahrscheinlich ein US Label die CD Version raus bringen. Wir selber werden aber für die Zukunft wieder CD´s raus bringen. Aber halt nicht bei jeder VÖ. Für das YounA Album wird bald eine CD raus kommen.
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  3. Aietes

    Aietes Deaf Dealer

  4. Occultmetallum

    Occultmetallum Till Deaf Do Us Part

    wurde auch Zeit bei der Youna.
  5. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Wulkanaz ‎– Guþlekan Krapft 4x LP BOX
    +Misotheist – For The Glory Of Your Redeemer CD/LP (Smoke Vinyl & Black Vinyl ) PRE ORDER
    +The Ruins Of Beverast – The Thule Grimoires CD/LP PRE ORDER
    +Myling – Häxeri Hardbook CD
    +Ultra Silvam ‎– The Spearwound Salvation CD/LP
    +Malign ‎– Demo 1/95 CD/LP
    +Ofermod ‎– Pentagrammaton 2xCD
    +Shining ‎– Submit To Self-Destruction 7inch (White Vinyl)
    +Lifvsleda ‎– Det Besegrade Lifvet LP
    +Lifvsleda ‎– Manifest MMXIX LP
    +Abruptum ‎– Orchestra Of Dark MLP
    +Storm ‎– Demo ’82 10inch
    +Void Eater ‎– III-IIII LP
    +Beyond Dawn ‎– Revelry LP
    +Beyond Dawn ‎– Pity Love LP
    +Gespenst ‎– Forfald LP
    +Ghoul-Cult ‎– Ghoul-Cult LP
    +Draug ‎– Irreelle Sindelag LP
    +Virus ‎– The Agent That Shapes The Desert 2xCD
    +Virus ‎– The Black Flux CD
    +Virus ‎– Carheart CD
    +Virus ‎– Oblivion Clock CD
    +Void Eater ‎– I CD
    +Void Eater ‎– II
    +Of Feather And Bone ‎– Sulfuric Disintegration CD/LP(restock)
    +Elffor ‎– Unholy Throne Of Doom LP
    +Thecodontion ‎– Supercontinent LP
    +Guignol Noir ‎– Mantric Malediction CD
    +Moon And Azure Shadow ‎– Age Of Darkness And Frost LP/CD
    +Death. Void. Terror. ‎– To the Great Monolith II LP/CD
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  6. Occultmetallum

    Occultmetallum Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Nice, die the black flux CD triggert mich.
  7. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Forgotten Shrines ‎– Remembrance MC
    +Archaic Thorn ‎– In Desolate Magnificence CD
    +Sacroscum ‎– Drugs & Death CD
    +Insulters ‎– Metal Still Means Danger LP/CD
    +Morbid Flesh ‎– Rites Of The Mangled LP/CD
    +Morbid Messiah ‎– Demoniac Paroxysm LP
  8. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Cultus Profano ‎– Accursed Possession CD/LP
    +Akhlys ‎– Melinoë LP/CD
    +Akhlys ‎– The Dreaming I DLP/CD
    +Crimson Moon ‎– Mors Vincit Omnia DLP
    +Hulder – Godslastering Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry LP/CD
    +Malaphar – The Tapes 1991-1996 DLP
    +Malakhim ‎– Theion LP
    +Grabunhold ‎– Heldentod LP (black/white vinyl)// CD
    +Huoripukki ‎– Lopun Airuet 7inch
    +Nordkväde ‎– Demo Ett 7inch
    +Bloodtomb ‎– The Cavernous Ritual Temple CD
    +Vonülfsrëich ‎– Ylfsreälm Inguz CD
    +Vonülfsrëich ‎– Hyperborëan Hills CD
    +Monstraat ‎– Scythe & Sceptre CD/LP
    +Monstraat ‎– Monstraat LP
    +Vermisst ‎– Zmierzch Stalowej Ciemności CD
    +Ruho ‎– The Devout Thrum CD
    +Throneum ‎– The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon MC
    +Frozenland ‎– Majestat Zimowych Czerni MC
    +Vermisst ‎– Ciemna Grota, Zimowe Cienie MC
    +Huoripukki ‎– Voima & Barbaria LP
  9. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

  10. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Desaster ‎– A Touch Of Medieval Darkness DLP
    +Desaster ‎– Stormbringer DLP
    +Transilvania ‎– Of Sleep And Death LP/CD
    +Omegavortex ‎– Black Abomination Spawn LP/CD
    +Diocletian ‎– Amongst the Flames of a Bvrning God LP
    +Occult Burial ‎– Burning Eerie Lore LP
    +Malicious ‎– Deranged Hexes LP
    +Avlivad – Demo MMXX MC
    +Sépulcre ‎– Ascent Through Morbid Transcendence MC
    +Immortal ‎– Under The Banner Of Blashyrkh MC-BOX
    +Archaic Thorn ‎– Eradication MC
    +Vampire ‎– Rex MC
    +Vampire ‎– With Primeval Force MC
    +Ossuary ‎– Supreme Degradation MC (restock)
    +Ossuary – Cremation Ritual MC (restock)
    +Possession / Spite ‎– Passio Christi Part I / (Beyond the) Witch’s Spell LP (restock)
    +Spite – Antimoshiach LP (restock)
    +Malokarpatan ‎– Nordkarpatenland LP (restock)
    +Malokarpatan ‎– Stridžie Dni LP (restock)
  11. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    „Mare“ by ANAEL is finally out now! [​IMG]
    First things first: unfortunately the pressing plant we’re working with had a slight delay in production and the vinyls will arrive in approximately two weeks. We will start packing and shipping all pre-orders as well as future orders as soon as the vinyl arrives at our warehouse. We’re really sorry for that!!
    Active since 1999, ANAEL have seen ephemeral waves and trends come and go, by just sticking to their very own, unique way of forging their dark Metal arts. Epic, majestic, atmospheric at times, the fourth full-length "Mare" marks the final part of an album cycle dedicated to the four elements. Water is the central topic of this latest effort, having been recorded in December 2019 in
    FiveLakes Studio
    near Munich. Released by Into Endless Chaos Records on vinyl, it confronts the listener with archaic fears and undertakes a journey to unexpected places hidden in the mist of time and human consciousness...
    Cover artwork by Alexander Kavtea
    Layout by Harvest of Eyes

    Order „Mare“ here:
    – green/splatter vinyl (ltd. 100):
    – regular black vinyl:
    – digital download:
    Listen to „Odyssee“ on YouTube:
    Listen to „Anachron“ on YouTube:

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  12. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    AARKANNE – De Profundis MC OUT NOW!

    CHAOS 037 //

    „De Profundis“ is the debut demo of AARKANNE – a crude and hateful one-man project originating from Chile. Along to utterly nihilistic black metal which consists of hammering blast beats and sharp guitars wrapped in dense sound, AARKANNE provides you access to a tarnished mind filled with nothing but disdain for humanity and the world beyond.

    Professionally dubbed cassette & pro-printed J-card on blood red heavy paper. Limited to 150 copies. South-American version through Ars Negative.

    Get your copy here:

    Digital version here:

    Youtube here:


    grim. gefällt das.
  13. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Aarkanne – De Profundis MC
    +Lord Belial ‎– Kiss The Goat LP
    +Thou Art Lord ‎– Eosforos LP
    +Varathron ‎– Sarmutius Pegorus LP
    +Phlegethon – Mirage Myth 3xLP
    +Alkerdeel – Slonk LP
    +Doomentor – Opus Diabolae DIN A5 Digi CD
  14. Sulfura

    Sulfura Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Was seh ich denn da Feines:
    YounA – Zornvlouch LP(Black Vinyl) 2nd Press

    Ich pflüg später mal den Shop durch. Evt. muss ich mit Auftrag drohen.
  15. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    The long wait is finally over... The Anael LPs arrived at our warehouse today and all pre-orders will be send out coming Monday. They actually turned out pretty nice and especially the smoke green vinyl is a real beauty – not only for your eyes.

    In case you missed out on the pre-order, you still can order "Mare" here:
    – smoke green vinyl:
    – regular black vinyl:

    Listen to "Mare" on Bandcamp: –

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  16. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Wagner Ödegård – Om Kosmos och de Tolv Järtekn CD/LP (blue Vinyl)
    +Nahtrunar / Hesychia ‎– Nahtrunar / Hesychia LP/CD
    +Via Sinistra ‎– Silencioso Culto Do Abismo LP
    +Black Cilice – Curses and Oaths 3xLP wooden-boxset
    +Urgehal – Arma Christi MC
    +Urgehal – Massive Terrestrial Strike MC
    +Helheim – Av norrøn ætt MC
    +Helheim – Jormundgand MC
    +Gehenna – First Spell MC
    +Iætun ‎– Eitrkvikja CD
  17. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Vøidwomb – Altars of Cosmic Devotion MLP
    +Heresiarch / Antediluvian ‎– Defleshing The Serpent Infinity MLP
    +White Nights ‎– Into The Lap Of The Ancient Mother MLP
    +White Nights ‎– Solanaceae 10inch
    +Abythic ‎– Dominion Of The Wicked CD/LP
    +Ypokosmos – Secrets of the Pulse MC(restock)
    +Possession / Venefixion – Passio Christi – Part II Split LP(restock)
  18. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Limbonic Art ‎– A Dark Star Rising Tape Box
    +Cold Earth ‎– Your Misery, My Triumph LP (white vinyl)
    +Astride A Serpent ‎– The Hunt MC
    +Mylingar ‎– Döda Drömmar MC
    +Bræ – A Thousand Ways to End it All LP
    +Forbidden Temple ‎– Unholy Rehearsal 2019 MC
    +Walghinge ‎– Afgrondschemering 7inch
    +Wóddréa Mylenstede ‎– Collection 3xCD
    +Wóddréa Mylenstede ‎– Cwylmendéaþ CD
    +Wóddréa Mylenstede ‎– Créda Beaducwealm CD
    +Häxanu ‎– Snare Of All Salvation LP (restock)
    grim. gefällt das.
  19. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Distro Update
    +Blood Magic - Medieval Dark Arts CD
    +Obskuritatem - Pro Officio Mortuorum LP
    +Obskuritatem - Hronika iz mraka MC
    +Void Prayer - Relics of the Storm CD
    +Nigrum Ignis Circuli - Contra Mundum MC


    We added the "deadstock" of Coffin Filth Productions to our distro. You will get most of the records for 5€ or less. Even some copies of the sold out Division Speed MC are available, which was released by us back in 2016.
    Check out our shop at

  20. IEC Records

    IEC Records Deaf Leppard

    Tifo und Aietes gefällt das.
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