BLOOD PYTHON aus Norwegen - 2. Album "Thunder City"


Dawn Of The Deaf
BLOOD PYTHON: Sehr empfehlenswerter Occult Heavy Metal der guten alten - teils sakralen - 80s-Schule, erschien am 15. Sept. 2023.

Freunde von Kultcombos wie Angel Witch, Mercyful Fate und Pagan Altar bspw. werden das enorm eingängige Material schnell mögen, im besten Falle für immer lieben.

90 / 100
➤ "... the musicianship is endearingly raw, with almost whispered cleans that tend toward melodic overlays, gritty guitar work and occasional horror-score keyboards … in the emphasis on straightforward catchiness, one can even detect a hint of post-Ghost appeal style … the songwriting have a niche Metal charm that is hard to resist …"

01. Witch’s Brew 04:41
02. Omens 04:12
03. The Wolves Ain’t Far Behind 04:36
04. Conqueror 04:19
05. Empire 04:37
06. Swamp Sacrifice 07:14
07. Lord Of Night 03:51
08. The Gods That Fell To Earth 10:02

total 42:12
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