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  1. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Die Preise sind VHB.
    Gerne auch Tausch, u.a. gegen CDs von meiner Suchliste.
    Preise gesenkt

    Teil I (im zweiten Post geht es weiter...)

    Neu dazu:
    Abinchova: Versteckte Pfade
    Adorned Brood: Asgard 2€
    Adorned Brood: Erdenkraft 2€
    Cresent: Cresent 5€
    Helstar: A Distant Thunder (Roadrunner 1988) 16€
    In Extremo: Sünder Ohne Zügel 2€
    Punchy: Just My Type 1€
    Redemption: The Origins Of Ruin 5€
    The Line: Auricle 1€
    TNT: Realized Fantasies 10€
    V.A.: Auburn Records 2007 Sampler 1€

    Aztec Jade: Paradise Lost 2€
    Bolan, Marc: Misty Mist 1€
    Cohen, Leonard: The Future 1€
    Creedence Clearwater Revival: Best Of (2008) 2€
    Fatal Opera: Fatal Opera (Massacre) 10€
    Night Ranger: Seven 4€
    Pentagram: Turn To Stone 6€
    Pride & Glory: Pride & Glory 4€
    The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: All Sensations 2€

    Brocas Helm: Defender Of The Crown (unterschrieben)
    Butterfly Temple: Veles 5€
    Dahl, Jeff: Leather Fankenstein 3€
    Foo Fighters: Wasting Light 1€
    Graveyard Rodeo: Sowin g Discord In The Haunts Of Man 4€
    Lemming Projekt: Hate And Despise (Century Media 1992) 10€
    Memory Garden: Verdict Of Posterity 5€
    Pentagram: Relentless (Super Jewel Case) 6€ (reserviert)
    Pentagram: Day Of Reckoning (Digi) 7€ (reserviert)
    Shut Up And Drive: Driven 18€
    Skin Yard: 1000 Smiling Knuckles 5€
    Sun'n' Steel: Writings On The Wall 16€
    Threshold: Critical Mass (CD + Single CD) 7€
    Vektor: Outer Isolation 7€
    Wrath: Insane Society (Medusa 1990) 12€

    Brian McDonald: Wind it Up 6€
    Fiona: Beyond The Pale 7€
    Demons And Wizards: Touched By The Crimson King 7€
    Grave Digger: Liberty Or Death (OVP) 5€
    Kix: Hot Wire 7€
    Pavlov's Dog: Third 8€
    Raven: All For One (Dissonance Productions 2017, 5 Bonus Tracks) 8€
    Raven: One For All (Non Nobis 2015, 3 Bonus Tracks) 6€
    W.A.S.P.: Helldorado 5€
    King Diamond:...Into The Darkness (OVP) 10€
    Seven Witches: Year Of The Witch (OVP) 6€
    Tierra Santa: Rumbo A Las estrellas (OVP) 7€
    Agent Fresco: A Long Time Listening 10€
    Kix: Blow My Fuse 7€
    Lee Aaron: Emotional Rain 5€ (reserviert)
    Pestilence: Consuming Impulse 8€
    Quiet Riot: Alive and Well 6€
    Victory: Voiceprint 8€
    zZz: Juggernaut 7€

    Annihilator: Never , Neverland (Roadrunner 1990) 5€
    Dead By Sunrise: Out Of Ashes 1€
    Motörhead: Iron Fist (Castle 1996, 5 Bonus tracks) 7€ (reserviert)
    Raven: Live At The Inferno 8€
    Riot: Born In America (Metal Blade 1999) 10€
    Samsas Traum: Tinoeidea 2€
    The Accüsed: Oh Martha 5€
    Angra: Holy Live (Century Media) 4€
    Debauchery: Germany's Next Death Metal (OVP in Folie, mit kleinen cut out) 5€
    Deceased: Up The Tombstones!!! 5€
    Split Heaven: Death Rider 10€

    CETI: Razism 10€
    Meliah Rage: Barely Human (DoCD) 7€
    Can: Ege Bamyasi (SACD) 8€

    Emblem (CAN): Emblem 10€
    V.A.: Power Battle Vol. 1 1€
    Forgive-Me-Not: Perfect Innocence 5€
    Forgive-Me-Not: Tearfall 5€
    Orchid: Capricorn (Digibook) 8€
    Sony Tape HF 90 neu und originalverpackt 1€
    Ivanhoe: Systematrix 5€
    Ul Mik Longobardeath: Old Time Balabiott 5€

    3 Inches Of Blood: Here Waits Thy Doom 4€

    AC/DC: 74 Jailbreak 3€
    Aerosmith: Get A Grip 1€
    Afterworld: Dark Side Of Mind (Modern Music 1999) 3€
    Alyson Hell: Alyson Hell 8€
    Ancient Ceremony: Cemetary Visions (lim. Eigenproduktion, 3 Inch CD) 9€

    Andark: Regnant Aura 4€
    Anthenora: The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima 3€
    Apocalyptica - Reflections 1€
    Asmegin - Hin Vordende Sod & So 6€
    Aspire: In Defiance Of Fortune 10€
    Assignment: Progressive Changes 6€
    Astral Rising – In Quest 4€
    At Vance: Only Human 4€

    Babylon Whores - Death Of The West 4€
    Bad English: Greatest Hits 3€
    Ballard, Russ: The Seer 4€

    Battlefield: Still And Ever Again 10€
    Beardfish: The Void (limited Digipak) (OVP) 8€
    Bellybutton and the Knockwells: Blow Baby Blow 1€
    Biss: Face - Off 4€
    BitchHammer: Raging Hell Rivers 3€

    Black Widow USA: Soldiers From Hell 9€
    Bloodstained: Greetings From Hell 5€
    Body Count: Live & Alive 4€
    Braindeadz: Open Up Wide... 4€

    Caffery, Chris: Music Man 2€
    Catharsis: Ballad of Earth (Irond 2007) (EP) 3€
    CETI / Gregorz Kupczyk: W Imie Praw / Demony Czasu 10€
    Chevelle: La Gargola 2€
    China: All I Do Is Wait 3€
    Circle Of Silence: The Rise Of Resistance 4€
    Civil Defiance – The Fishers For Souls 3€
    Claymore: Lament Of Victory 4€

    Coldseed – Completion Makes The Tragedy 1€
    Contraband (Michael Schenker, Tracii Guns): Contraband 8€
    Courtyard: Refusal 4€
    Crash Museum – Crash Museum 2€
    Cromlech: Ave Mortis 5€

    Dacia & The WMD: Dacia & The WMD 1€
    Dark At Dawn: Oceans Of Time 8€
    Dark Mirror: Dark Mirror (Eigenproduktion 2005) 11€
    Day Housten: Sun Of A New Day (We Bite 1993) 1€
    Deaf Indians – Deaf Indians 3€
    Degree Absolute: Degree Absolute 3€
    Deine Lakaien: Kasmodiah 2€
    Deine Lakaien: Winter Fisch Testosterone 2€
    Deine Lakaien: Forest Enter Exit 3€
    alle drei Deine Lakaien: 5€
    Demians – Mute 2€
    Demon Bitch: Death Is Hanging + Demo '12 10€
    Denial Price: Farewell Within Remains 3€
    Destiny´s End – Transition 4€
    Destroyers (POL): The Miseries Of Virtue 7€
    Die Ärzte: ZeiDverschwÄndung 3€
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Adrenalin 3€
    Disgrace: Turku 3€
    Divine Regale: Ocean Mind 3€
    Doomsword: Doomsword 16€
    Dorian Gray – World Of Lies 6€

    Dorian Gray – Man In The Dark 4€
    Doro: All For Metal 3€

    E- Force – Evil Forces 3€
    Emerald: Forces of Doom 20€
    Endless Tears – Emotion 3€
    Energy Vampires: Energy Vampires 9€
    Etrusgrave: Tophet (OVP) 4€
    Expretus: Electro.Technic 1€
    Extrema – The Positive Pressure 3€

    Faith: Blessed? (Transubstans Records 2008) 4€
    Filter – The Trouble With Angels 1€
    Fission - Crater 2€
    Fjoergyn: Ernte Im Herbst 6€
    Frank, Hermann: Loyal To None 7€

    Gallow God – False Mystical Prose 4€
    Gallows Pole: We Wanna Come Home 6€
    Garden Of Eden: Búcsú Az Édentöl 4€
    Goat Of Mendes: Hagzussa : Riding The Fence 5€
    Godsmack – Awake 1€
    Gozu: The Fury Of A Patient Man 3€
    Graham Coxon: Love travels At Illegal Speeds 1€
    Guillotine: Blood Money (OVP) 10€

    Hammerforce (RUS): Access Denied 5€
    Hammerforce (RUS): Dice 5€
    Hang Loose: Radical Scavengers 10€
    Hattrick (CZ) (Ales Brichta): I.+II. 8€
    Havoc Mass – Killing The Future 6€

    Heavy Honey: Crushing Symphony 3€
    Hellraiser (RUS): We'll Bury you 8€
    Hellraiser (RUS): No Brain No Pain 8€
    beide Hellraiser 15€
    Jörg Hertel: Audio Anomalie - unplayable guitar pieces (Eigenproduktion 2004) 1€
    High Heeler (A): Force And Finesse (104 / 500) 8€
    Holy Dragons: Wolves of Odin 6€
    House Of Broken Promises: Using The Useless 5€
    House Of Lords: Sahara 6€
    Hundred Years – Skyhook 2€
    Hyborian Steel: Barbaric Mysticism 6€

    Idle Cure: Tough Love / Inside Out 10€
    Ignorabimus: Dab Da Zorp 2€
    Ikarus: This Is Life 2€
    Immortal Rites: Art Of Devolution 3€
    In Rags – A Brilliant Move 3€
    Infernal Majesty: Unholier Than Thou 7€
    Inner Strength: Shallow Reflections 7€
    Inquisicion: Metal Genocide 5€

    Intense: Second Sight 3€
    Iron Fire: On The Edge 8€
    Iron Mask: Black As Death 6€
    Ironsword: Overlords Of Chaos 9€

    Jesse Strange: Jesse Strange 7€
    Jester's Funeral: Shifting Skywards (OVP) 2€
    Judas Priest: Hell Bent For Leather aka Killing Machine (Audio Fidelity 2010 / HDCD, 24 kt. Gold-CD, limited, Nummer 1665) 32€

    Kammer Sieben: Unfinished Movies 2€
    Kane Roberts: Saints And Sinners 6€
    Katagory V: A New Breed Of Rebellion 6€

    King Heavy: Guardian Demons 7€
    Korpiklaani: Ukon Wacka 4€
    Kotipelto: Serenity (limited digipack) 3€
    Kr´uppt – The Spunion Field 5€
    Kraken (COL): I + II 12€
    Kraken (COL): IV + V 16€
    beide Kraken 25€
    Krashkarma: Paint The Devil 1€

    Lake Of Tears: Moons And Mushrooms (russische Lizenzpressung) 4€
    Lazy Poker Blues Band: Halsted 5€
    Leash Law: Dogface 1€
    Legion: Shadow Of The King (Eigenproduktion) 8€
    Lillian Axe: Psychoschizophrenia 8€

    Lonewolf: The Dark Crusade 5€
    Loonatikk – Bark´n´Bite 5€
    Lost Horizon: Awakening The World 4€

    LostSouls - Fracture 1€
    Lunatica: Fables & Dreams 6€

    Magnum: Escape From The shadow Garden 5€ (reserviert)
    Manilla Road: Circus Maximus (Black Dragon) 22€
    Manilla Road: Circus Maximus (Iron Glory) 10€
    Marathon: The First Run 8€
    Marshall Law: Warning From History (Neat 1999) 8€
    Martriden – Martriden 3€
    Master (RUS): Maniac Party 6€
    Master's Hammer: Vagus Vetus 10€

    Megalomaniax – Information Overload 1€
    Mehida - Blood & Water 2€
    Mendeed: This War Will Last Forever 2€
    Mental Crypt: Extreme Unction (OVP) 4€
    Mercy (S): Black Magic (aka "King Doom") 23€
    Mind's Eye: Into The Unknown 5€
    Monomakh (RUS): Я Хотел Увидеть Ангела / I Wanted To See An Angel 8€
    Moon'Doc: Moon'Doc 11€

    Moon Of Sorrow: A New Dawn 3€
    Morgain (SK): Frostbitten Nakedness 4€
    Morgana Lefay: Sanctified 7€
    Mortal Whisper: Mortal Whisper 7€

    Natisk: Волчьи Слёзы 6€
    Nickelback: Here And Now 1€
    Night In Gales: The Last Sunsets 8€
    Night Ranger: Feeding Off The Mojo 5€
    Nightmare's End: Blackened Mystery 30€
    Nocturnal (S): Nocturnal (Psychedelic / Blues Rock) 4€
    Non Fiction – It-s A Wonderful Lie 5€
    Non Fiction – Preface 3€
    Nox Mortis: Im Schatten Des Hasses 2€

    Old Yron: Old Yron 4€
    Onslaught: The Force (Powerage 1996) 12€
    Ordalia: The Return Of The King 5€
    Orden Ogan: Easton Hope 4€ (reserviert)

    O.S.D.: Eyecolated 1€
    Ost+Front: Ave Maria (CD + DVD) 6€
    Ostara: Ultima Thule 2€
    Our Souls: War For Nothing (Eigenproduktion 2012) 4€
    OZ: Roll The Dice 8€
    Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin / No Rest For The Wicked 5€

    In The Name Of The Father 1€
    The Saint 1€

    P.O.S.T.: Pain (Cd Maximum 2008) 6€
    Palmer, Robert: Don't Explain 2€
    Parmesan: Amok 1€
    Para§raph 51: Non Compos Mentis 5€
    Pariah: Unity 30€
    Phantom Lord: Evil's Domain 4€
    Poverty Stinks: Another World 1€
    Powergod – Evilution Part III 3€
    Powersolo: Lemon Half Moon (E.S.P. Recordings) 4€ [Rock]
    Primus Inter Pares: Gerda 1€
    Pyöveli: Still Underground 5€

    Redrum Inc. – Selfish Blood 3€
    Reign – Exit Clause 3€
    Renaissance: The Death Of Art 3€

    Retriem: Lead To Your Destiny (Metalism Records 2004) 6€
    Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow: Stranger In Us All 3€
    Ritual: Think Like A Mountain 5€
    Rival – State Of Mind 3€

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  2. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Saint's Anger: Danger Metal (Mausoleum) 10€
    Samsas Traum - Endstation Eden 3€
    Sangara: Simfonija Zla (Metalism Records 2004) 6€
    Santana: Compilation 1€
    Saraya: Saraya 7€
    Sauron: Conquest Through Attrition 9€
    Savage: Holy Wars 14€
    Sculpture: Sculpture 2€
    Scythe: Season Of The Tall Pines 4€
    Sencirow: The Nightmare Within 5€
    Seventh Avenue: Southgate 10€
    ShadowKeep: Corruption Within 10€
    Shining Fury – Another Life 2€
    Shortino: It's About Time (Pulse Records, +5 Bonus Songs) 15€
    Sin After Sin: Useless Eaters (Eigenproduktion 1998) 5€
    Sleepy Sun: Fever 7€
    Solemnity: Reign In Hell 5€
    Souls At Zero: Souls At Zero 5€
    Speeed – Powertrip Pigs 1€
    Spock's Beard: Octane (DoCD) 7€
    Staya: Strana Ldov (Fono 2005) 6€
    Step Child – The Prayer 2€
    Steve Thorne: Emotional Creatures Part One 5€
    Stone Temple Pilots: Violet 3€
    Störte Priester: Deutschrock 2.0 6€
    Störte Priester: Menschenfeind 6€
    Störte Priester: Scheinheilig 6€
    alle drei Störte Priester 16€
    Stormhunter: Stormhunter 6€
    Storrmbringer: Among The Flames Of War (Eat Metal Records 2009) 5€
    Stream Of Passion: Embrace The Storm 5€
    Stump, Joe: Night Of The Living Shred 10€
    Submission – Code Of Conspiracy 1€
    Superior: Behind 8€

    Tafolla, Joey: Out Of The Sun 8€
    Takara: Eternal Faith 7€
    Talk Dirty: Never kick A Sleeping Dog 1€
    Tang Dynasty: Tang zhao 6€
    T.A.S.S. – Suck 1€
    The 11th Hour: Burden Of Grief 5€
    The Jeff Healey Band: See The Light 1€
    The Killers - Sam's Town 1€
    The Lord Weird Slough Feg – Twilight Of The Idols 8€
    The Loving Tongue: Temple Of Love 4€
    The Mustard Seeds – The Mustard Seeds 1€
    The Pineapple Thief - Someone Here Is Missing 5€
    Thee Plague Of Gentlemen: Primula Pestis 4€
    Theocracy: As The World Bleeds 5€
    Thomson, Steve: Steve Thomson 5€
    Tokyo Blade: First Cut's The Deepest 18€
    Tourniquet: Pathogenic Occular Dissonance 12€
    Towers Of London: Blood Sweat & Towers 1€
    Trance: Shock Power 13€
    Tribal – Cardboard Heroes 4€
    Trivium: Shogun (Japanese pressing 2012 / WPCR-14567) 20€
    Troopers: Märchenprinz 3€
    Tropa de Shock: The Other Side (Megahard 2001) 7€
    TSA: Heavy Metal World (Mausoleum) 9€
    Turbo: Last Warrior (Metal Mind 2009) 10€
    Turbo Rexx: The Ancient Stories 3€
    Tyrant's Kall: Gla'aki 6€

    Upwards Of Endtime: Upwards Of Endtime 4€
    Upwards Of Endtime: Sadly Never Fore 4€

    V.A.: Anti-Matter (Hardcore Sampler) 2€
    V.A.: Bangin' Forward (BMG Goes Rock) 2€
    V.A.: Beautiful Voices 1 (CD+DVD) 5€
    V.A.: Blessed By The Night - A Dark Metal Compilation 2€
    V.A.: Hard'n Heavy (DoCD) 3€
    V.A.: Hellrules (Black Sabbath Tribute) (Agent Steel, Division, Steel Prophet, Tyrant u.a.) 3€
    V.A.: Metallic Commandments Volume 1 2€
    V.A.: Requiem: Morbid Symphonies of Death (Death Metal Sampler von 1993) 5€
    V.A.: Rock The Bones Volume 2 (Frontiers Label Sampler) 2€
    V.A.: Rock The Nations II (DoCD) (Z Records) 2€
    Valdes, David : Imhotep 7€
    Van Halen: The Classic Airwaves 2€
    Vengeance: We Have Ways To Make You Rock (limited Edition / 9 Bonus Tracks) 18€ Venom: Black Metal (Castle 1992) 8€
    Von Groove: Test Of Faith 3€

    Walpurgis Night: Midnight Wanderer 5€
    Warchild: Open Fire 11€
    Wartime: Volumen 1 5€
    Wastefall: Self Exile (Sensory 2006) 3€
    Wetton, John & Downes, Geoffrey: Icon II 10€
    While Angels Watch: History & Heritage Vol. 1 4€
    Whiplash: Thrashback 10€
    Who Knows: At Last It's The First 2€
    Wilson, Ray: Live (DoCD) 13€
    Winter Rose: Winter Rose (2 CD) (James LaBrie) 10€
    Witchsorrow: Witchsorrow 4€
    Worthless: Grim catharsis 3€
    Wrathchild America: Climbing The Walls (cut out) 8€
    Wrekking Machine – Mechanistic Termination 4€

    XIII. Stoleti (CZ): Gotika 8€

    Zero Nine: Visions, Scenes And Dreams 8€

    AC/DC tribute highway to hell (Klone 53) 2€
    April Wine: The Nature Of The Beast / Power Play (DoCD) 8€
    Arcade: Calm Before The Storm 4€
    Ashton, Gwyn: Feel The Heat 4€
    Asia: Then & Now 2€
    Asia: Who Will Stop The Rain? (Single CD) 4€
    Ayreon: Universal Migrator 1 6€
    Ayreon: Universal Migrator 2 4€
    Bangalore Choir on target (Giant 1992, cut out) 9€
    Beauvoir, Jean Chameleon 2€
    Beck, Jeff you had it coming 2€
    Berry, Chuck Greatest hits 1€
    Boned up at the crack 10€
    Boysvoice: Boysvoice (EMI Electrola 1990) 5€
    Bullet Heading for the top 4€
    Cash, Johnny American III: solitary man 2€

    Collective Soul hints allegations and things left unsaid 2€
    Collective Soul blender 1€
    Collective Soul collective Soul 1€
    Corrosion of conformity Deliverance 2€
    Coyote Kings Feelin' Lucky 7€
    Danzig I luciferi 6€
    Doomfoxx Doomfoxx (Digi) 6€
    Earle, Steve we ain't ever satisfied 1€
    Electric Ducks Back'n'forth 7€
    Enola Gay Pressure 4€
    Enola Gay F.O.T.H. (Shark 1995) 4€
    Enuff Z'nuff: Animals With Human Intelligence 3€
    Fight war of words 3€
    Frontline the state of rock (Long Island) 7€
    Galactic Cowboys Machine fish 2€
    Gali, Sven Sven Gali 4€
    George Thorogood And The Destroyers: Maverick 3€
    Glamour the mood 2€
    Gotthard Lipservice 2€
    Gun Barrel Bombard your Soul 5€
    Hambrigde, Tom Bang in' Roll 3€
    Hambrigde, Tom Boogieman 3€
    Heartland: Bridge Of Fools 6€
    Heartland: Miracles By Design 6€
    HOGJAW devil in the Details 5€
    Hughes, Gary: Once and Future King Part I 5€
    Iced Earth the dark saga 4€
    Jackal vague visions 5€
    Jackal a safe look in mirrors 5€
    Kings of the Sun Frontal attack 3€
    Live The Distance To Here 1€
    Lovex Divine Insanity (Special Edition) 3€
    Mad Max: Night Of White Rock 6€
    Mentors Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll 6€
    Mitchell, Kim Aural fixations 2€
    Mitchell, Kim: Itch 2€
    Moore, Gary back on the Streets - The Rock Coolection 2€
    Morgana Lefay Grand Materia (limited Digi) 7€
    Morgana Lefay Knowing Just As I 7€
    Morgana Lefay sanctified 7€
    alle drei Morgana Lefay 19€
    Mr. Perfect fasten seat - belts 3€
    Night Train cold beer & friend baloney 3€
    Omen battle cry (Metal Classics Series) 8€
    Phantom Phantom 6€
    Phantom cyberchrist 6€
    Piledriver Piledriver (Status Quo Tribute Band) 2€
    Piledriver Piles of rock 2€
    Pink Cream 69 Thunderdome (limited Digi, 1 Bonus Track) 6€
    Pink Cream 69 in10city 8€
    Private Angel Selling off time in Wonderland 3€
    Puddle of Mudd come clean 1€
    Quireboys: Rock Champions 4€
    Rage Black in mind (limited DoCD) 6€
    Rebellion shakespeares Macbeth 5€
    Rebellion miklagard (limited 3D-Cover) 7€
    Rebellion sagas of iceland (limited 3D-Cover) 7€
    alle drei Rebellion 18€
    Reverend World won´t miss you (Charisma Records 1990 / cut out) 7€

    Roh Was viele nicht zu singen wagten 4€
    Roh Wie krieg ich die Zeit bis zu meiner Beerdigung… 2€
    Roh Rohmantisch 2€
    alle drei Roh 7€
    Romeo Dog (Rose Tattoo): Romeo Dog 8€
    Sanctuary refuge denied (CBS 1988) 7€
    Selby, Mark more storms comin 3€
    Shylock: Welcome To Illusion 5€
    Smith & Harley Ride to live 4€
    Smokewagon Deuce 3€
    Snake strike! 8€
    Solitude Aeturnus Through the darkest hour 6€
    Son of crackpipe the benevolence of dogs and other evelutionary accidents 3€
    Stampede Queen stampede queen 2€
    Stygma IV Hell within (limitiert / nummeriert) 3€
    The Alex Parche Project The Alex Parche Project 5€
    The Codex The Codex (Mark Boals) 4€
    The Michael Schenker Group: Armed And Ready - Best Of 2€
    The Order Metal Casino 3€
    The Organization The Organization (limited Digipack, 4 Bonus Tracks) 6€
    The Poodles Metal will stand tall 4€
    The Poodles Sweet Trade 4€
    The rasmus Dead letters (Digi mit Slide Tray) 5€
    The Rasmus: Hide From The Sun 1€

    The Rods: The Rods (Southworld Recordings 2013) 9€
    The Rods: Let Them Eat Metal 11€
    Tipsy Wit Songs & Dreams 8€
    Twyster: Xplode 3€
    Underground moon underground moon 1€
    Unrest Back to the roots (DoCD) 7€
    Van Halen Best of 1€
    Victory Hungry hearts (Metal Masters) 12€
    Waltari Big bang 3€
    Warlord Rising out of the ashes 7€
    Wild Dogs: Wild Dogs (neu) 7€
    Wild Dogs: Born To Rock Forever 8€
    Worry Blast hit the gas 5€
    X-Wild So what! 9€
    X-Wild Monster effect 9€
    beide X-Wild 16€
    ZZ Top Greatest hits 1€

    Marshall Law: Metal Detector 8€
    Steel Dawn: Mirror Images 10€
    Killer: Thriller (Top X Music 2012) 7€
    Living Death: Metal Revolution (High Roller) 7€
    AOK Das Böblein wollt ein Mädel sein 2€
    Shylock: Pyronized 8€
    China: Go All The Way 4€
    Mass: Angel Power 4€
    Blackmore, Ritchie Rainbow Stranger in us all 2€
    Cold Truth do whatcha do (Eigenproduktion) 6€
    Damn Yankees Don't Tread 2€
    Dean, Paul Machine 3€
    Der W schneller, höher, weidner 4€
    Farmer Boys Countrified 3€
    Gotthard Anytime anywhere 1€
    Highlander Harleyluja 5€
    Highlander Highway Warrior 5€
    Kamelot the black halo (limited Digi, 2 Bonus Tracks) 6€
    Lynyrd Skynyrd vicious cycle 3€
    Mc Garvey, Ryan forward in reverse 8€
    Night Ranger: The Best Of 2€
    No Justice far from everything 2€
    No Justice No justice 3€
    No Justice 2nd Avenue 3€
    alle drei No Justice 7€
    North Mississippi Allstars Hernando 4€
    Outlook: We'll Rock You To Hell And Back Again 3€
    Randy Rogers Band Rollercoaster 3€
    Richthofen Seelenwalzer 2€
    Transit Catchfire 2€
    Armored Saint: Delirious Nomad ((Burrn! Legendary Masters, kein OBI) 18€
    Armored Saint: March Of The Saint ((Burrn! Legendary Masters, kein OBI) 16€
    beide Armored Saint 32€
    Artillery by inheritance (R/C Records) 28€
    Blitzkrieg unholy Trinity 30€
    Coldsteel Freakboy 10€
    Fist: Thunder In Rock (Long Island) 36€
    Heir apparent graceful inheritance (Black Dragon) 20€
    Hittman Hittman (Steamhammer) 15€
    Jag Panzer ample destruction (Barricade) 12€
    Mortal Sin face of despair (Vertigo 1989) 18€
    Mystik the plot sickens 15€
    Steamtrain: On The Move... 14€
    The Bombers aim high 17€
    Titan force titan force (US Metal Records 1989, kein Barcode) 20€
    Titan force Winner/Loser (Shark Records) 14€
    beide Titan Force 32€

    Death / Black / Thrash
    All Shall Perish: The Price Of Existence 3€
    Anomalous: Cognitive Dissonance 3€
    Beneath The Massacre: Mechanics Of Dysfunction 3€
    Brain Drill: Apocalyptic Feasting 3€
    Cephalic Carnage: Anomalies 2€
    Despised Icon: The Ills of Modern Man (CD + DVD) 4€
    Emeth: Telesis 3€
    Infinity The Arcane Wisdom Of Shadows (OVP) 8€
    Job For A Cowboy: Genesis 3€
    Psycroptic: Ob(servant) (CD + DVD) 4€
    Sodom: Partisan (OVP) 5€
    Textures: Silhouettes 4€
    Trigger The Bloodshed: Purgation 2€

    Split 7": Blood Thirsty Demons / Wytchkraft: Horror In The Grave / At The Satanic Mass (Metal Coven 2002, limitiert 525) 4€

    Dead Lord 1€
    Six Feet Under 1€
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 5. Juni 2019
  3. Metalizer

    Metalizer Deaf Leppard

    Habe Dir eine Nachricht geschickt !!!!
  4. zopilote

    zopilote Till Deaf Do Us Part

    alles da, tip top :top:
  5. -DMR-

    -DMR- Till Deaf Do Us Part

    hätte Interesse an:
    Bolt Thrower: Realm Of Chaos 6€
    Cannibal Corpse: A Skeletal Domain 5€
    Obscura: Cosmogenesis 7€

    Das sind alles CDs, oder? Schickst du mir bitte ne PN mit Zahlungshinweisen?

  6. -DMR-

    -DMR- Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Meine CDs sind topverpackt angekommen, vielen Dank.
  7. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Ich danke auch.
  8. FriendOfTheSuncross

    FriendOfTheSuncross Till Deaf Do Us Part

  9. Unearthly Grave

    Unearthly Grave Till Deaf Do Us Part

    CDs sind angekommen und einwandfrei.
  10. FriendOfTheSuncross

    FriendOfTheSuncross Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Hier auch angekommen, alles bestens! :top:
  11. Grand Markus

    Grand Markus Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Passt alles. :top:

    Lieferung zügig.
    Zustände wie beschrieben.
    An den Preisen gibt's nicht zu meckern.

    Wenn mein Konto es zulässt, bestelle ich gerne wieder bei @Quarterer .
  12. Dunkeltroll

    Dunkeltroll Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Mal als Feedback: ich habe @Quarterer ein halbes Dutzend CDs abgekauft, lief soweit alles unproblematisch und flott!

    Er hatte mir vorher noch den Zustand jeder einzelnen Scheibe beschrieben, und das durchaus zutreffend. Die CAGE hängt leider etwas, ist optisch aber einwandfrei - Shit happens, CDs halt...

    Einzig die Verpackung war nicht so dolle: vielleicht lieber mal 2 Stück Pappe drum tun, damit die CDs nicht im Umschlag verrutschen!
  13. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Verkaufe King Diamond Girlie, gut erhalten, minimal ausgewaschen.
    Angegebene Größe ist M, es fällt aber sehr klein aus, eher XS-S
    Preis: 5€

  14. Iced_Örv

    Iced_Örv Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Was heißt denn bei der Titan Force "leichte Mängel"?
    Spielt die nicht mehr richtig, oder sieht man halt dass die schon ein bisschen was erlebt hat?
  15. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    Die CD selbst ist in gutem Zustand, aber Booklet und Backcover haben einen kleinen Wasserschaden.
  16. comanche

    comanche Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Hast Du noch Vinyl vorrätig? Wenn ich halbwegs richtig lesen, handelt es sich um CD's. Bis auf die genannten sehr wenigen Ausnahmen. Danke.
  17. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    An Vinyl ist leider nur noch die Blood Thirsty Demons / Wytchkraft Split da.
  18. comanche

    comanche Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Danke und schade.
  19. AJPain

    AJPain Till Deaf Do Us Part

    @mightyravendark mein Bester...wenn du noch was an Geld loswerden willst...hier findest du bestimmt was...ich empfehle dir die "Europe - Out Of This World" ...ich hab schon öfter bei @Quarterer gekauft...und der hat immer nur Top-Ware :top:
  20. Quarterer

    Quarterer Deaf Dealer

    AJPain gefällt das.
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