NOVA SKELLIS • US Power Metal • The falcon flies high again …


Dawn Of The Deaf

• The glorious return of a real US Metal legend
• Timeless, classic, with power and quality in one
• Gripping vocalised & catchy songs like from one cast

Singer and bassist Edward Green has been carrying his musical ideas and visions around for a very long time, when he finally decided to form NOVA SKELLIS in 2018. The singer is silent about the exact meaning of the band's name. Thus, we can only assume that in addition to the phonetic euphony the adequate terms "new" and "skills" also played a role.

At the latest since the Phantom Reunion Show 2018 at the Legions Of Metal Festival, the vocalist of the US METAL band has tasted blood again. Almost at the same time, Phantom's "Cyberchrist" album and as well the new single "The Violence Of Twilight" were released on vinyl via Metalloscope Music.

"Life Amongst The Damned" contains ten tracks in the best US Metal tradition. In addition to typical powerful numbers like "Fall In Line", "Mother, May I?" and "Gods To Strike You Down" there are also other shades on the album. So "All The Comfort Of A Graveyard" is a fascinating dark and doomy track. "Something Wicked This Way Comes" carries a 1970s charm, while "Skull Full Of Bees" shows NOVA SKELLIS from a more speedy side.

Each song has its own face and makes sure that the debut album is a traditional, heavy and varied release.

With "Life Amongst The Damned" NOVA SKELLIS prove that neither spatial separation nor language barriers hinder when the thought of Metal unites!


9,5 / 10
➤ "... a classic American-style Metal album that sounds really hungry and is packed with joy of playing and frenzy ... no matter which song you choose ... the level is consistent ... straight power songs between fast, driving numbers and midtempo material and even doom ... Falcon Eddie hasn't forgotten anything ... a feast for friends of energetic, rough vocals ... full of hits ... a real highlight of the year ..."

9 / 10
➤ "The debut succeeds excellently ... lush and varied songs ... the guitars often set important accents ... the vocals of Falcon Eddie fit the music excellently at all times ... an album without lengths and major flaws ... have what it takes to shake up the international Metal scene ..."

8,9 / 10
➤ "A really great disc ... varied US Power metal that pulls out all the stops vocally and instrumentally. You don't stay in a comfort zone, but explore Speed Metal, Rock and Doom ... something glorious this way comes …"
(Time For Metal)

8,5 / 10
➤ "... especially on the second half of the album, one smash hit follows the next ... 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' is absolutely catchy ... concise, expressive vocals, formidably staged ... a thoroughly appealing release that should delight fans of Metal Church and consorts ..."

8 / 10
➤ "... celebrates the comeback of Edward Green, better known as Falcon Eddie from legendary New York Power Metallers PHANTOM ... fine, unique US metallic touch ..."

8 / 10
➤ "... really good US Metal in pure culture ... doublebass-crashers with high, powerful vocals in the best tradition ... everything from one cast ... the riffs bang without end, the high vocals are powerful ... everything was accompanied by a crystal clear, powerful production. If you like bands like Metal Church, Omen, Vicious Rumors or even Phantom, you can't miss NOVA SKELLIS."

➤ "... perfect US Power Metal in all its shades: driving, epic, speedy, doomy and hard-rocking ... everything fits together, always seems well thought out and shines both with great individual songs and in its entirety as a compact long player ... Edward Green has lost nothing of his voice and inspires with a fantastic performance ... like from the textbook ... immediately puts fans of Jag Panzer or Destiny's End in ecstasy ... formidable stainless steel ... one of the first really big highlights of the year 2023 ..."
(Metal Inside)

➤ "… start listening to the first chords and say .....ummmmm, this sounds great, Iron Maiden, no, this is Dio, no, but the sound is extremely close and incredibly captivating … the guitars are riding you to moments, places and perceptions with extremely positive sensations, incredible … I have the impression that Metal is more alive than ever …"
(Nada Hay Bajo El Sol)

➤ "Off the bat NOVA SKELLIS swings the title track into action, wielding the classic US Power Metal axe like never before … a perfect symbioses of classic Metal ingredients that is empowered by Eddie’s wonderful versatile vocals … is a trident of untied Metal forces … make sure to listen in and flex your neck-muscles. Tip for the Top!"
(Headbangers Lifestyle)

➤ "... a truly identifiable sound offers this band its own identity ... very varied ... without redundancy ... essentially a very enjoyable opus that seeks to prove that even after 30 years, the frontman is still capable of offering soaring albums that don't hesitate to move style codes."
(Metal In Veins)

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Wäre schon schön, wenn man nen neuen Thread aufmacht, vielleicht vorher mal zu gucken..ob es eventuell schon einen zu der Band geben könnte.

In diesem Falle mal wieder ja, es gibt schon einen.
Bitte einfach zusammenlegen....
Wäre schon schön, wenn man nen neuen Thread aufmacht, vielleicht vorher mal zu gucken..ob es eventuell schon einen zu der Band geben könnte.

In diesem Falle mal wieder ja, es gibt schon einen.
Bitte einfach zusammenlegen....

Wurde sicher nicht gemacht, um Dich zu ärgern.
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