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    Today, Iron Bonehead Productions announces January 24th, 2020 as the international release date for Jordablod's highly anticipated second album, The Cabinet of Numinous Song, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

    It was but 2017 when Jordablod burst from the void, fully formed, with their bold 'n' visionary debut album, Upon My Creation Pyre, courtesy of Iron Bonehead. A seemingly simple goal, the Swedish trio aimed to assemble the finest fragments of music and noise from all corners of the world, resulting in a grand diversity, but always maintaining the deepest awe for the core elements of black metal and death metal in its thematic and lyrical aspects. And indeed did Upon My Creation Pyre accomplish that, and then some: a work written in fire and ash, delivered with innermost devotion and passion. It was the documentation of a journey through mystical experience, from the initial touch by the divine, through ritual and meditations, to the ultimate initiation that is the cremation pyre.

    Thus, if their debut was the death of the flesh but the liberation of the spirit, Jordablod find further resolution and wisdom within the spectral expanses of The Cabinet of Numinous Song. Duly titled, The Cabinet of Numinous Song weaves together fanciful-yet-frazzled threads of seemingly disparate frequencies, from hypnotically hovering black metal to sensually shimmering post-punk, from gnarled 'n' gnashing death metal to plaintive 'n' pastoral loner-folk. Far from a schizophrenic mess, Jordablod wield an elusive and profuse sort of magick - a sonic alchemy, if you will - that allows them to firmly/gently guide the listener across alien terrain, the album's seven songs each a landscape unto itself but comingling and coalescing into a grand tapestry that's truly Numinous Song. In fact, the album's 42-minute runtime reaches so deeply into the soul that you'd mistake this Cabinet for being both far shorter and far longer than that...

    From the opening "A Grand Unveiling" to the closing "To Bleed Gold," from "The Two Wings of Becoming" to "The Beauty of Every Wound," Jordablod successively expand the consciousness and celebrate the renewing powers of transformation. More impossibly dazzling than ever, eclipsing the definition of "bold" and going beyond it, here resides The Cabinet of Numinous Song.

    Enter the Cabinet with the brand-new track "The Beauty of Every Wound
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    Das Intro hätts jetzt nicht gebraucht.
    Danach tönts groß und vielversprechend. Klasse!
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    Ab der Hälfte finde ich den Track mega geil, davor eher so semi/10
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    Grundriff erinnert stark an "Born to be Wild"
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    Da fängt das Jahr doch super an!!! :jubel:
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    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 19. November 2019
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    We are so glad to say that Fuath, one-man band masterminded by the awesomely talented Andy Marshall (Saor) decided to release its sophomore album, simply titled "II", via Avantgarde Music, on April 17th, 2020.

    Here you can see the artwork, by Luciana Nedelea. More info will follow in due time.

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    Glaub ich erst wenn es wirklich veröffentlicht ist. Song ist ganz gut.
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    Ja das kommt schon jetzt. Das Album hat sich ja auch extrem verzögert, das ist eigentlich schon seit Jahren fertig.
    Der Song ist gut, klingt bisschen mehr wie alte Membaris und entlockt von mal zu mal Hören mehr Details.
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    Von Fluisteraars kommt im Februar was Neues!

    Cover ist zwar ziemlich beknackt (für ein Black Metal Album), aber Musik spricht mich wieder sehr an!

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    Sehr fein.
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