CRUEL FORCE - The Return!

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  1. TillManiak

    TillManiak Deaf Dealer

    H E L L A W A I T S

    It's about time to unveil the final artwork of the 7" single 'Across The Styx'
    For the cover artwork we decided to go back to the roots and join forces with Velio Josto ( again, who also did the now iconic artwork for our first full length 'The Rise Of Satanic Might' back in 2010.
    Please note that the 7" single is totally sold out in the meantime. A few labels and distros will get a handful of copies when the record is going to be unleashed.

    These are:
    High Roller Records:
    Iron Pegasus Records:
    Morbid Metal Records:
    Hell's Fire Records:
    Dying Victims Productions:
    The release date will be approx. at the end of summer. Further information will follow from time to time so keep an eye on this page.

    Thanks for your support so far.

    H E A V Y M E T A L D E A T H


    Goaty und Necrofiend gefällt das.
  2. Flammenkanonier

    Flammenkanonier Deaf Dealer

    Hat hier Warrant's "The Enforcer" Pate gestanden?
  3. Knipser

    Knipser Dawn Of The Deaf

    Vor der Arbeit:

    Bei der Arbeit:

    Nach der Arbeit:
  4. Heijohpheih

    Heijohpheih Dawn Of The Deaf

    Oh Yeaaah!
    Ich liebe es!
    I wear my sunglasses at night :cool:
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