Fire For Effect (u.a. Ex-Malevolent Creation)

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    Daess-Meddel Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Fire For Effect sign with Agonia Records!

    Fire For Effect, the death metal band from New York City, notably featuring founder & guitarist Gio Geraca (ex-Malevolent Creation), vocalist Bret Hoffman (ex-Malevolent Creation), drummer Derek Roddy (ex-Hate Eternal, ex-Nile) and bassist Paul Mcbride (Ends), have signed a record deal with Agonia Records. Watch a video announcing the signing.

    The band is currently in studio recording what will become their debut album. Late 2018 is the planned release date.

    Watch the video on YouTube:
  2. Daess-Meddel

    Daess-Meddel Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Das Album erscheint wohl doch noch.
    Von deren FB-Seite:

    Well it's been a long time since i've been on here, somewhere around 9 months.
    Most of my friends and fans understand why. It was just to hard for me to keep answering questions about the Fire For Effect project that me and Bret Malev Hoffmann created together.
    It was a passion project for the both of us and when i realized we would not get to finish it due to Brets deteriorating health - i just let things go, completely go. During the time we got the call that he only had weeks to live i just couldn't bare the thought of even listening to the 7 songs me, Bret, Derek Roddy, Paul McBride and Eric Bukowski had put so much time into creating.
    I completely lost all and any ambition, motivation and inspiration to continue. I stopped coming to the studio to mix the songs, stopped corresponding just stopped caring all together, I spent the rest of the record labels money on bills until they threatened to drop us. Honestly at that time i just didnt give a fuck anymore. I was crushed, broken and in a state of confusion with Brets passing.
    I'm here to just give a big fucking apology to everyone involved especially my bros iv named above. I love you all and its time to release Brets final 6 recordings, they are fucking masterpieces and i know Bret wants the world to hear these songs. Derek Roddy has put so much work into the drums, recording and mixing of these tracks. With the help of Jim Nickles these tracks will be donated to a memorial for The Mighty Bret Malev Hoffmann. Stay Tuned
    abolesco und Crystal Mountain gefällt das.
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