1914 Tour April 2023 - Abgesagt


Till Deaf Do Us Part
Von Napalm Events auf Facebook:

We are stoked to announce 1914's upcoming All Quiet On The Western Front Tour!
31.03.23 PL – Bielsko-Biala / RudeBoy Club*
01.04.23 PL – Krakow / Klub Zaścianek*
02.04.23 PL – Szczecin / CK Krzywy Gryf*
03.04.23 DE – Hamburg / Logo*
06.04.23 NO – Oslo / Inferno Metal Festival
07.04.23 DK – Copenhagen / Beta*
08.04.23 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
09.04.23 DE – Munich / Dark Easter Metal Meeting
11.04.23 DE – Essen / Don´t Panic
12.04.23 NL – Geleen / Muziekcafe De Meister
13.04.23 BE – Deinze / Elpee
14.04.23 NL – Den Haag / Musicon
15.04.23 DE – Kassel / Goldgrube
16.04.23 NL – Arnhem / Willemeen
19.04.23 DE – Hannover / Subkultur
20.04.23 CZ – Budweis / Fabrika
21.04.23 SK – Kosice / Colloseum

Der Support wird von dem Venue bekanntgegeben.

*Mit Katla
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Vom Ruhrpott aus ist Arnhem noch das nächste, und mit so viel Vorlauf könnte man das direkt zum Städte-Kurztrip ausbauen...
Hätte ich gern in München gesehen, bin aber zu langsam bei den Tickets gewesen. :hmmja:
von der Napalm Events Facebook Seite:

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, 1914 have cancelled their upcoming tour. At the moment it is impossible to obtain the necessary exit permits.
Dmytro from 1914 states:
Many of you may have noticed the recent wave of tour cancellations of Ukrainian bands in Europe. Unfortunately, 1914 is no exception here. It is with a heavy heart to inform you that we will not be able to play for our fans in April/May and have to cancel our upcoming tour.
There is still war going on in our country, and at this time it is impossible for men over a certain age to leave Ukraine. How were we able to travel last year? It was possible to get special permission from the state authorities for artists to leave the country and perform gigs and other activities to help the country and spread the truth about the brutal war started by Russia. There were some irresponsible people who used such permits to leave the country and never returned. After this became known, the state authorities stopped issuing special permits to artists, artificially complicating the process of obtaining all the necessary documents and expanding the list of required documents, making it impossible for bands to obtain the necessary paperwork. This affected many bands in Ukraine.
In the last few weeks we were constantly struggling with this new system, trying to show that we had a positive experience of returning home after touring abroad and that such tours are beneficial for our country. But no matter how hard we tried - we couldn't get through the system, which makes it impossible for us to play this time. We would like to apologize to our fans, other bands and promoters, but right now we are powerless here. We will work hard to make sure we can get to our other shows this year. Maybe the ice will melt and we'll see some relief in the future, but for now we've done all we can.
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